A/N: And hello to all who are reading this. Thank you for giving me another chance and coming to read my newest writings. I have been in a writer's funk for a while and have been working on a series I want to try to submit for publishing.

Unfortunately, I cannot seem to get past a part but I want to keep writing. And then it hit me: I just need other projects. And Tad-ah! This series came about.

Not going to lie, I love reading romance stories. (Not necessarily erotic, just romance... that may have a touch of naughty. But only like one!) so I figured, why not write more of what I have been looking for! Sometimes it is hard to find some good ones, so maybe I can put out some free good ones for others to read as well.

Here's to hoping it turns out well. Thank you for your time and giving it a try!

If you want, guess the cliché, and we'll find out if you're right!

It was not a glamorous job. Not in the least. But at least she liked what she did enough and enjoyed working with her boss. Being a Front Desk Receptionist seemed easy enough when people had talked about it, and when she read the requirements when applying, she believed she was very qualified – yet she kept getting turned down for the position. She had gotten quite a few "almosts" only to have another take it.

She had almost believed finding a job was hopeless until a month ago. She landed a position with a smaller doctor's office that wasn't necessarily looking for someone with previous medical experience. They were willing to train and were willing to teach someone the medical terms that tends to come with the position and what they relate to. She came in before most of the staff in the morning, and left with the last of them at night. She poured everything into making sure that she did the best she could, because she didn't want to lose such an amazing opportunity.

And it showed.

"Desiree," a voice from behind her called. Desiree quickly turned to find out who had called her, her ponytail whipping across her cheek.

"Yes," she answered, holding the files she was getting ready to scan in. She was wearing scrubs, per office dress code, even if she did not even do anything remotely medical besides handle prescriptions and referrals.

The lady smiled at her, noticing the files in hand. She had reached out gracefully to empty Desiree's hands and shook her head. "Girl, do you ever take a breather?"

Desiree just merely shook her head, wondering if she was doing something wrong. "No Chantel, I'm fine."

Chantel lightly laughed, her shoulders slightly shaking at the response that was given her. "Please, you don't have to worry about a thing. You're doing fine. In fact, more than fine. They're really happy with you you know," she stated, walking past Desiree towards the front office which also held the charts.

Desiree let out a sigh of relief as she followed, wondering why Chantel took the charts away from her. "I guess that's good to know. I was scared I wasn't picking it up fast enough."

"Then breath easy. In fact, they want to talk to you now. Go to Dr. Steven's office. He asked to see you."

Desiree froze. She knew that Chantel stated that nothing was wrong, but it still worried her. Just couldn't help shake the feeling that something was off and wanted to make sure she did her best. "Thanks," she finally managed as she headed off in the other direction. Chantel just laughed again, shaking her head once more as she put up the rest of the files. This new girl interesting for sure. They finally hired a good one.

Desiree took a deep breath before entering Dr. Steven's office with a smile. "Hello Dr. Steven. Heard you wanted to talk to me?"

The doctor looked up and grinned. "Yes, of course. Come on in Desiree. Have a seat," he said, motioning to the seat in front of him. He wasn't as old as many people expected for someone who had such a good reputation as he did. He was in his late 30's, but dedicated to what he did. It was because of his dedication to not only his work but the kindness he showed his patients that he was able to start these little offices. They had three so far in this area, and he traveled between them along with four other doctors.

Desiree respected him and could not help but wonder why she was called in. He was smiling, so it wasn't as if she did anything wrong. "Yes sir," she replied sitting down.

Dr. Steven finished writing something down, then put his full attention on her. "I have enjoyed having you here. You are doing well in learning our systems and have heard good comments about your from the patients. I think you'll do just fine."

She smiled. Oh, that was definitely good to hear. "Oh, thank you."

"With that being said, you can go home now."

She froze. "Wait, what?"

Dr. Steven laughed. "Sorry, I should explain. You have hit your maximum hours here. It has slowed down enough where we can handle the rest. It's just checking in a few people and some filing. The nurses are okay with handling the last few things. We don't want you to have overtime as well, so we're going to send you home." He chuckled. "Don't worry, just relax. You're doing fine. Go enjoy your weekend. We'll see you on Monday." He nodded, then went down to attend to another chart he was working on, looking between his notes and the chart he was writing on.

"Oh... okay. Thanks. Have a good weekend Dr. Steven." She was a little shocked, but she had to admit she was excited. She hadn't had much time with her boyfriend lately, and this was the perfect time to go see him! He should be home because he doesn't have classes on Fridays.

"You as well," he said as she left the room. She was grinning when Chantel saw her.

"Told you it wasn't anything bad. You should believe me more often," Chantel said, winking. "See you Monday."

Desiree nodded and waved to everyone and practically skipped out. Things are just going so well and it was quite a nice change to not have to deal with worry or anything right now. It was perfect. She debated if she wanted to go home first to get changed, but decided against it. Better to go surprise Scott now. She had some spare clothes at his place anyway, so even more reason just to stop by and see him.

She happily drove him, not noticing anything about the day around her. She was going to spend time with her boyfriend, and it will be quality time. Something they haven't been able to do in a while. With her job hunting and his work schedule, they haven't had a moment to just sit together, enjoy dinner and watch a movie. He always said he loves her cheese-stuffed chicken dinner so she was going to make that tonight. She planned on making a tomato sauce to with it and became very giddy.

Once she reached his place, she went to his floor. Desiree ran her fingers though her hair and got caught on the hair tie that was keeping her hair in a ponytail. She sighed, tired but happy that her work day ended early. She truly wanted to snuggle.

She quietly took out her keys so he wouldn't hear her. She wanted her early visit to be a surprise. The apartment was pretty quiet, and there weren't many sounds near her, so she figured he may have been in his bedroom. They had recently set up a TV and his games in there so even when she was visiting and had to sleep early, she could still be near him. As she got closer, she noticed a slight rustling sound, but she paid it no attention as it could have been anything. Maybe he was trying to sleep, or just adjusting himself comfortably while watching TV. She should have noticed she could not hear the TV as she set her bag down near his door in the hallway as she finished undoing her hair. She ran her hands through it making it feel more comfortable and allowing her honey brown hair cascade down past her shoulders.

The noises were getting rustling was getting a bit louder as she got closer to his door, but she did not think anything of it as she casually walked in with a smile.

And the sight that greeted her immediately erased it face.

She couldn't breathe and her hand flew to her heart. There was nothing that could erase the this sight from her mind. She was trying to move but felt rooted to the ground. All sounds were blocked as her entire body and heart focused was going on in front of her.

His lips were moving, probably saying her name. But all she paid attention to was the sheet near him and that something was moving beneath it- And him. Her hand moved from her heart to her mouth as she covered it in show, betrayal showing on her face and in her eyes. 'Oh my God,' she thought, the tears steadily streaming down her cheeks. 'The thing... it's a girl. There's a girl underneath him. Oh God. Oh God.'

She quickly turned around after the gasp had finally left her mouth. She was shaking as she started to run out of the apartment, grabbing her bad as she went. She hugged it close to her as she focused on getting out. She didn't hear him yelling in the background.

Except for "Wait! It's not what you think," he was saying as she slammed the front door. All that came to mind was the fact that her boyfriend – the one who supposedly loved her – was on top of a girl with a very thins sheet covering them. Unfortunately, the sheet did not hide what they had been doing.

Her mind was trying to blank it out until she ran into something very solid and fell back. She looked up from the ground and immediately regretted looking up. "Desiree," questioned the man she had just crashed into. He seemed quite surprised to see her that he had not yet offered his hand to help her up.

"I should have kept going," was all she managed to mumble and she tried to make a quick escape. She didn't want to- no, more like she couldn't – face anyone right now.

Especially her boyfriend's – well, she should start saying her ex-boyfriend's – brother.

"Not now Jeff," she said, trying to fight the even more tears from escaping. He gave her a look but she didn't even try to figure it out. All of her focus was on moving around him to run from the imagines that were flashing through her mind. And as hard as she tried, she couldn't erase them.

This just become one of the worst days of her life.