Except it wasn't night yet. Desiree was upset when she looked outside and saw the sun still shining. That's right, she thought. I got to go home early... the bastard did in in broad daylight! It only made her more furious. He didn't even have a worry in the world did he?

Oh no, he was dating the world's biggest idiot! How would she know? She is at work and never noticed the signs! Desiree cursed herself out mentally and the knocking was hard on her door. It brought her back to where she was for a moment.

"Come on girl! I can hear you in there! I made him go away, you don't have to lock your door! I can hear you stomping," her friend said through the door. "Please, let's talk-"

"I can't!" Desiree flopped onto her bed and put her head in her hands. "I am just so upset! I mean, I – he- come on!"

Angela paused for a moment. "That doesn't quite make sense-"

"Are you seriously going to do this with me right now."

"Look, I'm sorry that this happened. You're right. Matt's a dick. He's a fucking bastard and we need to go chop off his balls, but before we plan how to do so, we need to be calmer and focus and make sure you are mentally okay. And you may just have to wait a bit for that."

Desiree opened her door, upset. "I won't be able to do that if I am 'mentally okay'. I'll back down. I'll probably say it isn't his fault, I wasn't there enough for him-"


Desiree looked at Angela surprised. Angela wasn't one to fully yell and cut her off like that. Angela can get loud, but there was a difference between yelling at someone and getting loud. At least there was for Angela.

"You heard me. Bullshit," Angela repeated. "You weren't there for him? Even you know that is ridiculous. You guys were both in bad spots financially and somehow you pulled it together. You have a steady job now with good income. Ignore his using and abusing and just move on from here. Just be glad you found out his true self now rather than later. Imagine being stuck with a that jerk for life."

Desiree looked down at the ground. She knew what Angela said was right. "But it just isn't that easy," she mumbled.

"If it was easy, everyone would be doing it," Angela commented. "That is why there are some people in some messed up relationships. And now you will not be in one of them. You are not going to let yourself become a victim or some sort of person to pity. You're better than that. And with that said, I have to go get ready for work. Girl, be glad for what you have. I need to go waitress now. The good dinner rush is coming up and then I need to prepare for the truckers that come in after hours. You know they can give the best tips. I just have to prepare myself for their stories."

Angela got up shaking her head, and went to enter her room. She paused and looked back in the doorway before entering. "Hey, though, I'm really sorry you had to deal with this. If I could, I'd stay-"

Desiree gave a weak laugh, "Yeah, I know. Go get ready."

Angela quickly got ready as Desiree managed to get herself up and grab something to snack on. She looked in the fridge to find some cut up fruit cups that Angela always seemed to buy but couldn't find any. Then she searched the cabinets and located banana chips when Angela came out. Fully dressed. She saw Desiree having her snack and smiled. "See, having healthier snacks around is always better than having something full of fat and-"

Desiree finally gave a true smile as she waved off Angela's speech. "I know I know. So I am not tempted to snack on empty calories, I gotcha. I might rebel and grab some of those Chocolate on Chocolate Ice Cream Cones from the novelty section of the frozen isles."

Angela rolled her eyes. "Face it, your taste buds have changed for the better!"

"Or I have been sneaking snacks when you're not around!"

"You wouldn't-"

"And you need to hurry. Don't want to be late," Desiree sang as she tossed a banana chip into her mouth. Angela glared at her but straightened out her uniform and held a finger to Desiree.

"You better go out and do something. Fresh air is good for you!"

"I might go out and get a movie I couldn't watch before-"

Angela gasped, "A porno?"

Desiree dropped the chip she was snacking on. "No no no! I meant a chick flick! A CHICK FLICK."

Angela laughed. "Damn, I thought you'd finally do something totally out of your comfort zone. Whatevs. Have fun."

Desiree laughed at her roommate. She was like her best friend. In fact, she probably was. But once Angela left, the feeling of loneliness started to overwhelm her. Her heart started to feel as if it was being grasped in her ex-boyfriend's hand. She shook her head, realizing how pathetic it sounded. Yes, she definitely needed to do something. She wasn't one to weep and be all emotional over something.

But this one someone she spent years with. She dedicated a good chunk of her life to him. And he had to go betray her. She had the right to cry and moan about it damn it!

And she had the right to go out, get a whole bunch of chick flick movies and cry about how they end up with the right guy and she is now guy-less.

Life just doesn't seem right, and some how making herself miserable with happy ending movies seems like the right thing to do.

With that decided, she went into the bathroom to see if she was at least presentable to the world and gasped at the sight that met her. She had some dark circles under her eyes, and her eyes seemed to be bulging just a bit. Oh, not a good start, but her skin was also looking like she just avoided sun for days rather than just one afternoon. This will not do. But then again, did she really care? She felt good that she still had enough mind to make sure she didn't scare away the world, by adding some cover and foundation to hide some of this disaster. She wasn't going to do anything else to her face she decided as she put up her hair in a sloppy not really a bun thing and convinced herself that it was enough. She would not be some woman who is displaying herself to the world that they should feel bad for her. No. She was going to do that in the privacy of her apartment.

She kept her comfy clothes on and left, making sure she had keys and her wallet. She knew where a good movie store was – even though most of them had shut down – and she wanted to walk. Get some exercise in her to do that whole "Your body creates chemicals that makes you feel better" crap in attempt to somehow bring her out of this deepening mental hole that she seems to have built.

Desiree looked around as she walked and the sights only upset her. Why does it seem like there are couples EVERYWHERE now that she was not part of one? They were all lovely dovey and allowing themselves to become part of this illusion of a happy relationship. They should realize that this is all fake and that they were all doom. Dooooomed.

"Holy shit, I'm such a downer," she muttered, realizing how angry minded she was. She didn't want to be so-so...

"Happy movies, here I come," she muttered, finally reaching her destination.

She almost was drawn to the horror section, kind of wanting to see others as miserable as herself, but knew that it wasn't going to help. Plus she was never a horror fan. That was more of her boyfriends -excuse me, EX-boyfriend's – thing. He always seemed to want to watch them and since she refused to watch them, he would do it while she wasn't around. There were times when she came home that one of those would be on and she'd avoid sitting beside him until it was over. It was an unspoken agreement between them.

Damn, really? Her mind went into memory mode so easily, that she didn't even try to stop it at first. She shook her head and went to the so proclaimed 'Rom-Com' section. This was more like it. First one to catch her eye: Forgetting Sarah Marshal. She picked it up, and read the back cover. Yeah, this one could be good. She kept it and looked through the other ones. There seemed to be so many. She didn't want stuff like The Notebook or The Vow. But How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and The Break-Up seemed to be decent. She was trying to decide if she wanted a fourth movie when something caught her eye that made her freeze in shock.

Desiree literally felt her heart stop. The silence seemed to absorb her as her eyes could see nothing else. That fucker is here! She thought. He actually had the gall to come out after doing that to her. She angrily turned back to the movies and blindly grabbed another one and turned to escape when she bumped into someone.

"I'm sorry I just-"

"No, not your fault I just-"

The voice that started apologizing made her freeze. Oh fuck, seriously? She couldn't help to think. She seemed to not only pick up on cursing in her mind a lot more, but she seemed to have the most rotten luck.

"Desiree," the voice questioned from above her. She kept her head down and quickly picked up her movies. She was half tempted to drop them and run out, but she seriously wanted to watch something tonight! It is a Friday night and this was going to be her party! She refused to look up and walked around him. Seriously, running into Jeff was beginning to piss her off.

She pretended to not hear him, when another voice came. "Did you say Desiree," another voice asked. Damn, damn, damn. That was Matt. The ex. Figures he would be here with Jeff. She was about to be exposed and caught and just be all sorts of emotions. Her breathing started to speed up as she shook her head trying to figure out what to do. Her hands started to shake and she almost wanted to dash for the door when something she never would have expected happened; Jeff stepped behind her to block her completely from Matt.

"Nah man, my bad. I thought I saw her, but I was wrong," he quickly covered up. Desiree lifted her head and couldn't help but freeze, looking at him with shock. She was staring at the back of his head, waiting for some sort of bomb to drop.

"For real? Man, I can't of wanted to talk to her," Matt's muffled voice stated.

Oh seriously, that prick wanted to talk to her? Oh he-

Her thoughts were cut off by Jeff's voice. "Not a good idea. I don't know what you did, but you fucked up big time."

It was odd seeing Jeff like this. Usually he was the calm, fun brother who always made her laugh, and to see him tense up as if he was holding back from saying something was not something she would have expected. Lying to his own brother while blocking her wasn't something she would have expected either.

"Well, I just need to explain myself."

"Well, first you need to tell me what the hell happened. She won't even talk to me, and I want to know what hurt her so badly," he stated. He glanced over his shoulder, and she realized he had said that for her to hear. She just merely shook her head, letting him know not now.

"She's just over reacting," Matt replied.

Desiree's eyes grew huge at his response. She tightened her lips, holding back anything she wanted to say. She wanted to be more rational when she spoke to the bastard.

Jeff shook his head, looking back at his brother. "I have a feeling that isn't completely true you know," he stated, as he motioned for her to make her getaway. She didn't need him to repeat it and quickly left while Matt appeared distracted.

She was a bit confused at Jeff's reaction, but still kind of pissed at him for still hanging out with his brother when Matt clearly hurt her. She knew that logically that was stupid, but she didn't care. She plopped the four movies down and noticed the forth one she had grabbed: He's Just Not That Into You.

She scoffed. Perfect. She paid for her rentals and left. She clearly did not need to be here right now. So she quickly and quietly left the store to start trying to make herself somehow feel better about the years she had wasted on one guy.

Psh, as if that was going to happen. At least not tonight.

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