Mickey Phinney: :P

Continue to run
Continue to dash away
Continue pretend

Act like you hate me
Because you see, I hate me
I'm suicidal

Don't say you care now
I wrote my notes and made beds
I say this for you

Don't say help is here
You know that my end draws near
My life has been death

Do, come to my place
Do see all my notes and beds
I made most for you

The bed I slept in
Now holds the stench of my life
I hope you care now

You said 'I love you'
To me today, but you're late
I have my rope now

It is in the lie
The lie of 'I love you', lies!
I saw that girl's face

Because I know you
and I loved you too, I die
I won't be the last

But this time, you learn
breaking a hurts much more
than just your conscience

I would have killed you
but then I saw your child sleep
my death will hurt more

Though I'm gone, I'll keep
My heart open to change and
forever living

I'll keep saying those
Lies you told me one thousand
times, because, Honey
I love you too