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What did he just say?

Those words spat out as he walked away?

He insulted my integrity

saying I had issues



I would ask him why

but then I thought

I guess he thinks I'm sitting at a market waiting to be bought

when people like him come around, people like me just sigh

We sigh because we know his lie

we know he's an ex or a one night stand

thinking we'll understand

if only he torments us

abuses us

missuses us

and kills us

Being Bi has never been easy

everyone thinks you're easy

and thirsty

I dare you to tell my mom that

she might just laugh

but I bet she'll just sigh

hang her head and move on

just as she dances to her disappointed song

I'll dance to my upbeat freedom voice

because my voice is to heard

my voice causes people to see with eyes of a bird

did you know birds see more clearly and vibrantly than we humans ever will?

did you know when a baby bird is killed

the mother tries to bring it back?


we humans, kill when we want

throwing dead bodies into the sack

nameless numbers daunt

our namesake

we kill so often just to feel alive

the bullies think by being rude

they can get their stuck up prude

parents to pay attention to them

they are sewing a hem to high

setting their eyes on the sky

wondering one day if they might make them happy

if they might make the world a better place

but not me

I gave up

because in my case

I don't have anyone to impress

I can't 'miss dress'

I can attract whoever I want

but not whoever wants me

because you see

I am free

I don't worry about rape

I don't go running from giant apes

I am my own person

I am also my own prison

so don't you tell my I have issues

or try to change me

because unlike you

I will forever be

free of charge

I make my one hundred percent

If you did too maybe

you could so the wonder and beauty

of the rest of the world go by

as you just sat there and sighed

at least I'm trying to make a difference

Fighting those without common sense

so fuck you

for trying to change me

from being free