Mickey Phinney: Just wrote this for no reason other than it came to me.

I'm a psychopath

no, a sociopath

maybe I'm just the path

you should take

I won't make you wait

I won't ever just take

I promise to make you long baths

and give you great hugs

the finishing trait I'll give are my back rubs

I'm crazy for you

Are you crazy for me too?

I'll watch and I'll wait

I will lend you my shoulder,

I'll never be late

I'm a boulder

In the way of your nemeses

I won't hold back, even if I come across as to in tune with my manliness

I am crazy for you

I want you to go crazy for me

I beg of you


accept me.

Without you; I am just a leaf in the wind

Without you; I am a fish waiting to be caught

I know we are two of a different mind

you chose right brain and I chose balance

I am now just in turmoil

like a plant reaching, waiting for the sun to hit it's leaves as it sprouts from the soil.

I know you have always waited to be sought


I have what you required

don't make me wait

when you call, just remember, I won't be late