So, I'm out of the closet to my parents now... It was a... memorable... moment. This is just about that I guess...

Coming out was terrifying,

But surprisingly,

You still love me.

Even though I can love a SHE!

I've heard the stories,

I made so many quarries,

Before I was sure,

I withstood the lure,

I didn't want to cry wolf,

I couldn't let myself engulf,

My emotions.

Because they are now flowing like tides of the oceans,

I can't stop them,

They are like my sacred gem.

I hide them away.

Anyone who wants to see must pay.

I was hurting for so long,

My emotions were rolling like a ping-pong,

Across the floor,

and I wished they'd roll out the door.

I know it's never been a big deal to you...

I love that, I really do...

But to me I feel strange,

I want my emotions to go back to the average firing range,

I sorry I'm not 'normal'!

I'm sorry I couldn't tell you in a formal way!

Formal Way...

Isn't that a funny phrase?

But this isn't a phase.

And I feel like crap,

I hate the 'love sick' sap,

Maybe something's wrong with me?

Because I so much so want to just BE!

And I'm glad you told me I never showed the 'signs'.

I guess that means you believed all the lies.

Lies I told you when I was five.

When I was first told I was not meant to live.

I'm glad you believed them.

If you didn't I would have to tell you of my gem.

My heart.

That is so hurt!

Hurt beyond help!

Beyond a yelp.

Beyond a cry!

Beyond a sigh!

But I'm not going to ever say 'goodbye'!

To my life.

My first girlfriend,

I never told you what happened,

When I decided to lend my gem,

That was like a sturdy stem!

Of a strong young oak!

But then my first girlfriend took a look.

Let's just say it used to be brighter,

I tried to be a fighter.

When I kissed her,

She screamed and hurt them,

Cracking my gem,

I haven't tried since.

Please give me lenience.

This isn't easy...

Easy is just what makes me queasy...

But you know what?

Life sucks.

But I have to say,

I'm okay.

And more importantly for me to do,

Is to say, thank you!

For still loving me,

And accepting me.