Chapter 2

Orenji smiled as she sat in her kitchen, looking at the spider like object in her hand. She would pay a visit to the Diao residents the next day. So she had to be happy about that. "It's obvious that something is up with her, it's just odd it took be becoming a demon to notice it..."

Orenji continued to stare at the object in her had, she wondered about something, something completely random. She squeezed the sharp object until her skin broke, and blood sprayed onto the eye.


The thing shook.


It started to twitch.



Orenji couldn't even speak as a think purple mist devoured the room, It seemed like some sort of poison, but it had little effect on Orenju, but rather it felt her surroundings change. As if the very world around her was breaking apart.

It was obvious that the girl wouldn't be in the same area for long.

A grass field at night, not a single soul was about, as Orenji walked through it. Confused and dazed at what happened. One minute she was in her house examining the spider like object, next she was outside in the middle of nowhere.

Orenji stared up at the moon, as she closed one of her eyes. The strange object had something to do with it, if she got a chance she would have to talk to that strange man again. Orenji looked around the tall grass. The wind was blowing to the south, as she let out a chill.

It seemed being a demon didn't protect her from being cold as she grumbled, first she was killed, then she was taken to the oddest place possible. It really was a rather irritating series of events as Orenji got a rather familiar feeling in her stomach.

"I'm hungry, I guess..." The brown haired girl frowned, the hunger she was feeling probably couldn't be cured with a steak, she would need to devour or drink living creatures blood and flesh to be satisfied. Thinking about it, it probably didn't even need to be human to satisfy her.

"Ah, but humans probably taste the best anyway,"

"It's probably like those old possession stories I heard, you see a beggar walking down the street, and you imagine how funny it would be to shove knives into his eyes, it's my natural progression," Orenji hummed to herself, even if she was halfway across Japan, she could probably get back to her house in five days.

"Ah, but first things first, I need to find someone to eat..." It was night, so finding someone who would be alone should be easy, there was a forest nearby. Perhaps there would be a town past the large trees. Orenji headed into the deep forest, only the pale moon lighting her way.

The first thing Orenji notice was a smell, a smell that stunk of power that she hated. Whatever the reason Orenji couldn't imagine other demons in the area. Which was a good thing, she didn't want to compete for food at the moment. Though she doubted that she would find another demon anyway, since they are pretty rare in the modern time.

As she walked through the empty woods, she found her first target of the night. A girl in a rather odd outfit, it seemed to be dated by hundreds of years. She seemed to be about sixteen. Maybe a festival was being held at the moment, either way Orenji couldn't pass such a moment up.

"Hey~" Orenji smiled as she put her hands behind her back, she crept form behind the tree as the teenage girl nearly jumped.

"Oh-oh, hello," The girl gave a small bow, it was pretty funny actually, most people only did that to seniors. Either way, the girl in front of was rather polite.

"Well, I just wanted to know what you are doing out here so late, don't you know it's dangerous?" Orenji smirked as the girl looked towards the ground with a red tint on her face. No doubt she was embarrassed.

"W-well yes, but the priestess in our town prevents such things from happening, with that said..." The girl scanned Orenji clothing, they no doubt seemed odd to her.

"You're not from around here right? Why don't you pay a visit to our town, you're really close and we are always welcoming visitors!" The girl seemed rather cheery, perhaps it was because her town didn't get a lot of outsiders. Orenji couldn't help but grin.

"Ah...why have only one meal, when I can devour the entire town, I'm still going to eat the girl now though!" It was a logical choice of action, the town wasn't that far, and Orenji needed the energy to eat everyone there.

"That's nice, now...why don't you come a little closer..." Orenji's eyes flashed for a moment as the girl in front of her twitched. It seemed that she was caught as she slowly shuffled her feet towards the demon. The girl was only inches away from Orenji, who simply stroked the girls hair way from her neck. Orenji bared her fangs. No doubt this would be her first meal of the least that is what she thought.

"Demon...isn't that cruel, even for your kind?" Orenji froze as the spell on the girl broke, she feel over as the voice gave a rather harsh command. "Run if you value your life!" The girl didn't hesitate as she ran from Orenji, who bit her lip.

She felt so exposed, like someone caught her naked, perhaps it was because she was actually sane at the moment, but she really hated being interrupted while eating. She turned around to face the person,

It was a woman in her mid twenties, her brown hair cut short. A scar across her left eye, the sleeves on her kimono was large as a sword hung loosely around her waist. It seemed she was either a cosplayer or some sort of freak. "You got some nerve doing something like that...ah it's making me so angry, I want to take you apart!" Orenji snapped as she punched a nearby tree, it snapped like a twig, breaking in two. The woman simply sighed at the sight.

"You know, I'm not feeling very well, so if you runaway, I probably won't chase you." Orenji eyes twitched, for some reason it was insulting, it was insulting for someone to give her permission to runaway, she was a demon now. She no longer followed the laws written by a human.

"Ah, but that would be a shame right? Once a cat corners its prey, letting it live would be wasteful, so...why don't you come a little closer..." Orenji smiled as her eyes flashed the woman grumbled at the such a spell before speaking.

"How worthless, such a weak spell...can not effect me," Orenji gritted her teeth, her eyes no doubt blood shot red from sheer anger. Not only her meal was ruined, but someone was insulting her pride. A human none the less.

"Fine, fine, fine, I'll break you!" Orenji nails entered the ground as she ran towards the woman, she split her in three, the brown haired girl unleashed an upward swing, but the woman simply dodge such a blow by jumping back.

It was odd, while it was certainly possible for most humans to do such a thing, but no one should have the training to do such a thing. Not with that get up at least. "Aw, it seems that there is no way around...fine, I'll dance with you for awhile," The woman took out her sword, it was long and sleek. It was the real deal, not a prop of anything of the sort as Orenji laughed to herself.

"Pointless, even if she had a gun she probably wouldn't be able to match me...but still," Orenji had an uneasy feeling, that she probably should have ran away.

Orenji once again rushed the woman, her claws aiming for her neck, but in the end it was pointless as the woman simply ducked the blow. Orenji wanted to scream, but she didn't want to embarrass herself.

Orenji continued to attack non stop, but the woman always anticipated the next move. It shouldn't be happening, Orenji reeled back her fist for a punch. It was the most barbaric of attacks as the woman halted with the dull edge of her sword.

"Hmm, if you were any faster I would be in trouble, your attacks are predicable...even with the speed of a demon, if you don't have any skill it can only get you so far...well either I think this dance is over..." At that point Orenji hand was pushed away, and with the sound of cutting wind.

"!" Something was stuck in Orenji collar bone, something sharp as the woman grumbled.

"Odd, I can't cut through you bone, it seems that you're tougher than you look," Orenji wanted to cry, her heart raced as the woman pressed against the sword. It seems that she was reeling back her sword, it would be impossible to cut the bone, but the muscle and skin was doable. It was odd, it felt like a chainsaw.

With two swift motions, the woman cut of Orenji right arm and left a large gash across her chest.

The demon wanted to fall, she wanted to simply die right there, there would be no point in going on. Her arm was simply lying in front of her and a woman with a sword hadn't even been touched, Orenji was completely at her mercy.

"Aw well, you won't be able to live long like that anyway," The woman sheathed her sword as she hummed. "You can continue for a while longer until the void takes you," The woman stained with Orenji blood walked away, was it in pity? Or perhaps boredom as Orenji wondered if she should count herself lucky, or hide in shame.

She moved her feet, as she picked up her arm, her movements were slow as the giant gash continued leaking blood. "I...guess I can't complain," Orenji staggered through the woods, she a trail of blood. Never ending trail of demon blood, she probably looked pathetic.



Anger was filling Orenji mind, with each step, her clothes got more red, it was mind numbing



Disgusting, vile, worthless, worthless, worthless such a worthless situation she was in. That why she hated it so much


Hate you,

"Hate you, I'll pay you back, the moment where I cut open your eyes, crush your skull and spread you brains like butter of the trees. I'll pay you back, you wrench!"

And so, Orenji who did not know where she was, nor did she know who the woman was. She promised vengeance in the worst possible way.

"I will..."

The sound of rushing water, it seemed that Orenji fell into a river or stream, her left hand twitched, she was still clenching her severed arm. The wound on her chest was still leaking blood, it wasn't stopping, it just kept bleeding. She tried to open her eyes, but they were so heavy, it seemed Orenji was really close to death.