(it's no longer a game between us, darling)

when your fingers are calloused against the apples of my cheeks
and your lips don't stain, like mine do, but you leave marks just as well
you don't whisper sweet nothings but you breathe beside my ear
and you never leave me hanging for those words, but you do

(oh, we've stopped playing long ago)

when i've never been kissed and you swear you'll be the first
and your hands are restless when my fingers trail the inside of your wrists
you breathe like you've been starved of oxygen for days
and i say nothing but goodnight, but i swear it's not for the sake of suspense

(no time-outs, no defaults, no withdrawal)

when you say you'll never trust me with my venus flytrap visage
yet you lay your head on my shoulder and say more than i've ever heard
and you might not hear my whisper of a gasp amidst your words
but the skip in your heartbeat means you must've sensed the shift just as well

(for you and i, baby)

when i've never been confessed to and you know
so you keep the words in the back of your mouth with my secrets
and you know i'm holding the reins for my confession with yours
but it's no longer a game between us

(we're playing for keeps)

07/03/2015. Written by Waad.