you got the features of all the selfless people i've known and seen
the shadows under your eyes and the reds besides your irises
and the absolute peaceful smile gracing your lips despite the wrinkles on your forehead
and it's not fucking fair you're wearing yourself thin
for people who glean, glean, glean and don't hold back
till your skin's lost its sheen and your shadow's bigger than all of them
and you still smile and say it's okay
as if you're not killing yourself with everything you're doing
(and are you still considered selfless when you don't see me sick with worry?)
and it's not fair, it's not fucking fair
(but does my voice reach you at all?
where i'm almost begging for your health
but you shake your head and grin
and put on this air of ignorance)
and i'd attempt to move the earth for you
(and i'm not jealous
i'm not jealous
i'm not jealous)
but you're too busy trying to move the earth for others
to notice

20/09/2014. Written by Waad.