The desert, a foreboding, desolate place where the dead reside, few can stand the fluctuating, extremities of temperature in this place of death where the sun is the ruler of this forsaken hellhole, can there be any sufficient life?

The mountains that encircle this valley of fallen gods and mortals alike, are covered in thick foliage rare to the desert, while the peaks rise above the clouds and any paths into this valley are traversed intermittently due to their perilous nature. The valley itself covered in the bones of beasts and mortals, their weapons discarded and rusting. These mortals that dare to walk along the blood red sands are said to have been swallowed by it, bones spit out clean of both meat and marrow. It is rumored that the sand inherited its color from Set the Egyptian, God of chaos whose blood runs through it and makes it pulsate with thirst. Thirst so divine only blood and chaos may truly quench it. This desert is the beginning of all things and the end. The beginning of chaos. Horrific creatures that scream in the night sparking on the beginning of death.

Through the brush and the foliage of the green mountain side, one predator is visible, dark skinned, with thick canines, and skin that stretches thinly over dramatically pointed teeth. This thing of myth hunts through this desert, avoiding the swallowing sand and hunting those who dare traverse these mountains before the sand can reach them. This is a thing of pure anguish, set to stalk after its prey, and never leave it. This thing. This monster, is called The Parallax. Fast as lighting this thing leaps on poor beasts feasting on its on catch, and as the beast growls rolling onto its back crushing trying to crush the Parallax before it delivers a killing blow. Throwing the beast off it the monster scrambles to its feet as the beast lands bleeding slightly from a gash at its throat. They both charge each other the beast leaping into the air while the monster slides under raking his claws against the beast's unprotected stomach. The beast growls in pain landing on its paws but unable to support itself, and falling on its belly injuring itself more. The monster lunged on the beast killing it as he landed slicing its throat. He was the parallax. He would remain strong.