The worst part of it all is I trusted you,

I didn't just love you,

that is simple.

I trusted you!

Which means you didn't

just break my heart…

You did so much worse than that.

You betrayed me.

You were so supposed to be…


Not perfect-

Never that,

I never thought that.

I never wanted that.

But i couldn't have ever thought

You'd be so….



How dare you think

YOU matter more,

I told you things

… Did you think that was easy?

Things I don't voice.

My first love,

My first heart break,

My first cut

My first broken moment.

My God…. I trusted you….

You were so selfish…

Well I am selfish too.

I am a Mean




I can cut you just as deeply.

I can cut me

Watch as it rips you apart

watch as the ecstasy on my face

completely destroys you.

I will make you eat your words

When you told me

Only the most beautiful people

Seemed to hurt themselves

Because they just didn't

Want to see it.

How you wished I could see

Me in your eyes.

But its not enough-

I'm selfish enough

to forgive you.

Not because it's okay-

What you did;

It's far from okay-

But I need forgiveness too.

I am so lost,

And hurt

And torn.

I make so many bad choices

I need so much forgiveness.

I will be selfish by forgiving you

So one day you will forgive me.