Right! Hello people of FictionPress! I have travelled from to here to share the stories I have not concerning stuff that already exists. My first story I wish to share is the journey of my own character and my sister's - of course she wanted to have a say in everything I do. Credits for Mira and Soul go to the lil' sister watching over my shoulder as I type. If you like the concept and want to see a character of yours here, information is in the footnote. I welcome you, people of FictionPress, to Spirit Shifters!

A sky-blue blur through the forest, legs pumping like her life depended on it, brown hair flowing out behind her, she ran. Ran as fast as she could go, through the forests that were her birthplace and home.

The loud roaring behind her? Not welcome. At all.

I'll hold it off!

With a high-pitched screech to rival the pursuer's, Ibis flicked open his wings and began slashing with talons and beak to hinder the demonic beast on their trail. For a moment it averted its wild eyes from the girl and slashed at the agile bird, but he proved too fast. It gave an almighty bellow, rolling bloodshot eyes full of rage, and took off towards its target once more.

Ibis let out a startled screech and began clawing at the demon's back only to be flung away and into a tree where he lay limp over a branch. He barely spotted the silver blur hurtling across the forest floor. It was Soul!

With a howling war-cry the bullet opened its jaws and clamped down hard on the enemy's legs. This succeeded in halting the brute – leaving the human time to run and Ibis to regain her composure. As his talons gripped the branch more firmly, Ibis spotted two arrows diving in for the kill, embedding themselves in the demon's shoulder. Whipping around, he saw it was Mira!

Soul's strong wolf jaws clung tightly to the thrashing brute, never letting go. Blood darkened his silvery pelt as he twisted and writhed to get his teeth ever deeper, and Ibis spread his wings and took off. Gliding silently through the canopy, he landed with a shake of his wings on his friend's shoulder.

Shoot arrows! Mira's nearly got him! he told her, and in return she gave a nod. From around her shoulder she unhitched her beloved bow and quickly nocked an arrow to the string. Stretching the bowstring as far back as was necessary, Sierra released the arrow fletched with the discarded owl feathers of Ibis himself.

Mira's arrows whistled through the sky, striking the beast in its weak points, whilst Sierra's silent owl-feathered ones were more unpredictable yet held more power. With the enemy on its knees, Mira pulled out a throwing knife and lodged it into its skull. The demon was dead.

"Thank you, Mira..." Sierra huffed as she doubled over, exhausted from the running. Ibis shook his wings, irritated, and hopped onto the floor as his comfortable shoulder perch was tilted vigorously. Flicking one dappled reddish-brown ear tuft, the small owl sidled closer to his friend and plopped himself into her lap.

"That's no problem. As soon as Soul took off, I knew something was wrong. He never runs off like that without telling me unless he hears Ibis... you've got sensitive ears, haven't you boy?" she cooed, scratching her wolf on his scruff. Growling affectionately, Soul sank slowly down until he lay on his back. Mira dropped to the floor and began playfighting with him, exchanging friendly nips and yowling together. Sierra and Ibis watched on with silent, disapproving eyes. Both Sierra and Mira had a history together, growing up as sisters, but without their Spirits they wouldn't be who they were today.

They were Spirit Shifters.

There you go! Sorry about the length - the following chapters will be longer, I promise. Anyway, those who read this far might as well be wanting to get their character in my story... So I present to you the character form!

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Character Form

Full Name:





History: (What made them who they are today? When did they meet their Spirits? Add loads of detail please :D)

Clan: (I'll come to this later, but for now it's Fire, Wind, Shadow, Light, Life and Water. May change or update as the story progresses. Choose a clan name that fits the personality so it makes sense.)

Spirit: (Like Ibis and Soul. Cannot be Wolf, Owl or Red Fox and must be a creature native to a forested area. Must fit personality as much as the Clan, and I need a name and species.)

Clothing: (Anything related to the Clan's colouring. e.g. Fire = red, orange, etc, Wind = pale blue, white, etc, Shadow = all shades of black and grey, Light = white, yellow, etc, Life = green, brown, etc, Water = all shades of blue and some green. Stick to appropriate colours. This is set a looooong time ago, so no skinny jeans and halter tops please :P Otherwise anything suited to the time goes!)

Primary Weapon: (Well, they need to defend themselves! You may choose one medieval-style weapons - the first of which is the most used. Put it here!)

Secondary Weapon: (The backup weapon. Usually small like a dagger or throwing knife, maybe one of those pipe thingies with darts in them.)

Family: (Just put siblings, parents, others if relevant)

Anything you want to happen?: (Would you like a specific thing to happen to your character? If so, what? I'll do what I can.)

Gear: (What do they keep with them at all times, in a bag or just somewhere else?)

Extras: (If I missed something obvious that you want to point out.)

Spirits I'm looking for include Raven, Eagle, Wildcat, Deer, Wild Horse, and others native to northern foresty - type places.

Oh, and please submit via PM and not review!

Aaand there you go! Spirit Shifters! If you want to see anything from me, let me know via review. Hope you stick around and send in those characters! Thanks for reading, and if you want to support me please drop a review in that little box below :) See you next time!