Warning: Excessive swearing.

"Why do I push away
When your welcome is overstayed
All I breathe is grey
but through the disarray
You're the emissary vein
to my left right brain."

-Dark Matter, Andrew Belle

The kitchen was chaos. And that was putting it lightly.

Near the sink, Danica Hart was reading Tasha Peters' palm and scaring her to bits with her fabricated superstitions. Danica wasn't necessarily gifted with premonition; rather, she had a satisfactory understanding about the people she talked to, which, paired with her keen observational skills and unusual fashion taste, led her to become a fairly adequate fortune teller. (Not that she would call herself a fortune teller. She preferred the term perceptive.) Meanwhile, Tasha was a very frightened and gullible person which made her easy prey for Danica's enthusiastic predictions.

By the stove, Maisy Kim was orchestrating most of the commotion as she made snacks and ordered Shelly Bishop to help her (even though Shelly claimed to be allergic to nearly all the ingredients that surrounded Maisy). To everyone's shock, however, the resident baker and hypochondriac were a surprisingly good pair when it came to anything involving kitchen appliances.

Sitting on the edge of the counter top was Jazlynn Reid who was arguing heatedly with Rocky Harrison about which player on their high school football team was cuter. Both of the girls stood out with their impressive heights and beautiful features. To everyone else in the room, it was obvious that they could have any football player's attention if either of them expressed even the slightest bit of interest.

Katya chimed in every now and then, but mostly she stayed silent, perched on the kitchen island in the middle of the room, as she watched everything unfold around her.

They always congregated at her house because her house was the biggest and emptiest out of all the seniors. But she didn't mind, she loved having everyone over. She loved hearing how loud everyone was.

"Hey Kitty Kat, why are you being such a sourpuss?" Rocky asked, her doe-like brown eyes cunning. She jumped off the counter top, straightened to her full height of five feet, ten inches, and pinned her with a sharp look.

Katya frowned at the nickname and shrugged, trying to ignore Rocky's goading tone.

"What? Cat got your tongue?" Rocky pressed with a shit-eating smirk, while flipping her dark curly hair over her shoulders. When she didn't tie her corkscrew curls back, her hair hung almost halfway down her back, and it made her look absolutely stunning.

"Shut the fuck up, Rocky. You know why I'm mad," Katya finally snapped, turning away from the girl and heading for the fridge.

"You could have done something, you know," Rocky pointed out before crossing her arms. Her teasing tone was replaced with an icy bite, that had Katya's spine stiffening.

She sighed, suddenly aware that everyone else had paused to listen to their conversation.

"It's not my fault they want to 'start a new tradition'. I tried my best," Katya argued stiffly, pulling out a carton of ice cream and handing it to Rocky.

Rocky merely passed the carton over Jazlynn, not willing to drop the subject.

"Did you really?" Rocky challenged, stepping closer to Katya.

"Just drop it, Rocky," Jazlynn cut in, pressing a placating hand to Rocky's arm. Her dark black hair was pulled back into a sleek French braid which complimented her rich, brown complexion, and she was just a few inches shorter than Rocky. Even when they were casually hanging out, Jazz looked striking.

There was a pregnant pause before Rocky finally muttered a soft, "Whatever."

Katya's teeth clenched in aggravation, and she abruptly slammed the fridge door when she realized it was still open. "Look, guys, I'm on your side. Always.I don't want this as much as you do."

Everyone, besides Maisy and Tasha, grimaced at her words.

There was another moment of silence before Tasha finally spoke up, her voice soft and timid, "We believe you."

At her words, everyone else seemed to relax. When Rocky finally sat down in a chair, Katya let out a breath she didn't know she was holding.

"Good," she grunted, shooting Tasha a grateful half-smile. She hated fighting with her friends.

It was then that Maisy chose to interrupt. "So what do you say girls? Shall we start the movies? We've got chocolate, marshmallows, and the popcorn's done― OH FUCK THAT'S HOT." Maisy yelped, dropping the popcorn bag onto the counter.

Whatever tension was left, quickly dissipated when she let out another colorful stream of swear words. Everyone laughed as Maisy waved and flailed her hands in an attempt to cool them. It looked as if she was doing a bad version of the Macarena dance.

Once Maisy calmed down, everyone gathered around the television in the living room, which was in equal disarray. Pillows and blankets and sleeping bags were tossed haphazardly over one another, creating a comfy and plush sanctuary. All seven girls changed into pajamas before cuddling with one another and sitting down to watch the movie.

"What are we watching?" Katya asked, settling down beside Maisy. Rocky followed her and laid down perpendicular to her, with her head resting on Katya's lap and her long legs sprawled out.

"Do you even have to ask?" Shelly quipped with a quirk of her brow, before settling on the couch behind all three of them, next to Danica and Tasha. In the dim light, Tasha's blue eyes and blonde hair stood out like a glowing halo. Jazlynn was a few feet away, curled up on a lone armchair, with a mountain of fleece blankets surrounding her.

Katya smiled as she saw the title Bring It On.

Perhaps not all traditions were bad.

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