Chapter 1 : The tale of Ambrosia and Harold

The forest was dancing as the light from the moon glowed and enchanted the forest. A deer was eating by a tree. As it ate it started to glow as well. Suddenly, it fell to the ground as if an invisible force dissinigrated it from existence. However, it cried and screamed as it was being attacked by the so called invisible force. The truth was the invisible force was only invisible because it was camouflaged by the darkness. Blood splattering everywhere and the deers screams were the only sign that something horrific was happening. The deer stopped screaming and went limp after a while but the blood still splattered everywhere. Suddenlty the splattering stopped and a dark figure stood up.A hood was pulled down to reveal a nblood smeared face of an elegant woman with long black hair and dark eyes. At least the woman would have been elegant if her face wasn't covered in the gross red liquid. The girl turns to go when there is a snapping noise behind her. She leaps at it knocking the one who made the noise to the ground. "Who are you? What are you doing here! How dare you spy on me human! You are lucky I just ate or you'd be my meal!" yelled the woman

"Get off me you filthy vampire before I turn you over to the authorities, vampire." said the man his blue eyes were piercing no one could ever resist them.

"You truly think the authorities scare me! I've been around for a long time,human. Now I'm not going to say this again. Get out of here if you know what's good for you." said ambrosia. The man nods and turns to go and Ambrodsia runs through the woods heading back to her castle. Suddenly, there is another snap of twigs. "Don't get the hint do you.., stay away from me before I kill you!" yelled Ambrosia turning around. When she does turn around she sees angother vampire holding a cross bow pointed at her heart. "s o you were saying?" said the man smirking and grabbing hold of her wrist.

"Alphonse Bellemare you headless traitor! You are working with the humans and werewolves to kill us all. You give vampires a bad name." said Ambrosia spitting at him.

"It's nice to see you too, Ambrosia. Still living the perpetual life of a virgin I see. Why don't you find a nice guy and settle down. Stop killing poor innocent creatures like the Duke's nephew. " said Alphonse

"I was no where near the Duke's nephew. I only hunt forest animals. I'm thinking you killed him and you are framing me because I refuse to marry you. But you are not going to scare me into submission Bellemare I'd rather die that even think about being your mate and baring your children. " said Ambrosia kidking him in the face and sprinting away. The vampire leaps in front of her catching up. He then knocks Ambrosia to the ground tearing off her clothes. Ambrosia fought back with all her might but unfortunately the vampire was stronger than her. So she started to yell and scream. Harold the guy who had saw her earlier ran towards the noise and saw what was happening. He tried to pull Aplhonse off her but Alphonse knocked him er towards a tree. Harold got up and went Alphonse again. Suddenly, the man was holding a sword. "You want to fight for this woman. then let's fight for this woman." said Haro;ld. Alphonse let's go of Ambrosia and he starts to circle Harold amused that a human would stand up to him. He picks his his cross bow and shoots it at Harold who ducks then leaps at Harold who disappears and reappears behind Alphonse. He swings the sword towards him. Alphonse grabs the tip then flips over Harold and grabs his head about to twist it. "You may be a wizard but you won't get the best of me. This woman is mine." said harold about to twist. suddenly he let's go when he feels pain and sees the blood. Ambrosia then kicks him to the ground. Ambrosia looks at Harold. "You want to do the honors?" asked Ambrosia. Harold uses the sword and chops off the vampire hunter's head. the vampire melts into dust . "Thank you for saving me." said Ambrosia. "Thank you." said Harold. "I'm Harold… Harold Star. I'm sorry about earlier I was collecting herbs for a potion earlier." said ambrosia "I'm glad you were. I'm Ambrosia. "I'm sorry about earlier I get defensive after I eat. Anyway. I should go."

"Hope to see you soon." said Harold who disappeared in a cloud of purple smoke. Ambrosia ran and leaped so fast that as he started to gain height and flew over the trees and towards a castle in the distance. Ambrosia goes uinto a bed room and lays in a coffin sighing. Something about Harold just wouldn't go away. He was foolish to stand up to Alphonse but also very brave. Ambrosia fell as leep thinking of him.

The next night and for several nights after Harold would show up while Ambrosia was hunting. They would talk and walk around the woods together for hours. They found out a lot about each other. Ambrodsia discovered that Harold came from a very promoentinent wizarding family and Harold found out that Ambrosia loved nature and everything about it and she always wanted children. The more they talked the more they started to like each other and the liking slowly turned into love. Then one night during one of their walks Harold took them to the spot where they first met. He had used magic to make the place sparkle and shine . "This is beautiful." said Ambrosia "It still amazes me how much you can do."

"Nothing I can do is as amazing as you, baby. You are the most amazing woman I ever met." said Harold. He gets on one knee. "Ambrodsia will you marry me?"

"Yes I will." said Ambrosia hugging him.

About a year later Ambrosia and Harold were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Though their families did not approve of their life style and were very concerned that they had a child the families left Ambrosia and Harold alone. Unfortunately, as the months and years passed Harold too was getting very worried. Harold loved his daughter and his wife but the fact that there were two vampires in the house now truly started to bother him. He started to have nightmares about going to sleep and never waking up again because his wife and daughter would kill him. Because of this he started to spend as much time away from home as he night, when Alicia was about 2 years old,he came back from his day and stopped Ambrosia as she was about to go out hunting. "Ambrosia, we need to talk." said Harold

"Harold, what's going on?" asked Ambrosia

"I… I can't do this." said Harold

"Harold, I'm your wife whatever you have to tell me… whatever the problem is. I'll understand and I'll help." said Ambrosia

"You can't help. Ambrosia, I love you and I love Alicia you two are the best things that ever happened to me but I just keep thinking that one night I'll fall asleep and I won't wake up. I mean you're vampires. I just don't think I can be safe anymore. I'm leaving you. I'm sorry." said Harold

"You're sorry! You're Sorry! You're leaving me because of what I am! Because of something I can't change!" yelled Ambrosia "Am I hearing this correctly!"

"I met someone else. Some one I can be safe with. Someone I love very much." said Harold

"Congratulations! I hope you and your new slutty home wrecker are very happy together. I just hope she doesn't freak out when she discovers that you are a wizard with a witch/vampire daughter and a vampire ex wife." said Ambrosia

"Diana is a witch herself and I told her about you and Alicia. She is fine with it. Goodbye, Ambrosia and tell Alicia I said goodbye and I love her very much." said Harold

Harold then disappeared in a cloud of purple smoke. Ambrosia started to cry. Alicia who had been listening from the hallway came into the room hugging her mother . "When is daddy coming back?" asked Alicia

Ambrosia patted her daughter on the head and hugged her tighter.