Chapter 8: The Journey

Meanwhile back at the house Diana was far from giving up. In anger she herself changed into a giant fire and burned the house down around her. Even though she was in the body of a vampire the potion that Anatasia gave her insured that her magic would remain. When the house was nothing but ashes she started to move letting the wind push her towards the forest burning the trees down. Diana didn't care who she hurt. As long as Alicia was destroyed it didn't matter to Diana who else was destroyed with her. After about 100 miles of forest was in the process of burning to the ground. Diana stopped and turned back to normal. She snapped her fingers and dark shadows appeared it was clear they were dark hunter like figures. "Find her and kill her. I want her head on a platter! Do not return until you have Alicia's cold dead body." said Diana. The shadows obey her and disappear into the woods.

Alicia and Lucas were walking. Neither had said anything for a while. "So, what's your deal?" asked Alicia.

"I'm sorry what?" asked Lucas who was still a little uncomfortable about the situation.

"What's your backstory? why is the king of the werewolves after you?" asked Alicia

"Well, My mother and father lived in a cottage on the outskirts of town. My father was a merchant. He worked very hard but sadly no one ever bought his wares." said Lucas

"I'm so sorry." said Alicia

"Anyway. it was always difficult for my parents to pay taxes to the king. My mother finally got pregnant with me and it just made things worse. then the night I was born it happened. The king's guards imprisoned my mother and father. they begged the guards to wait as my mother was giving labor but they took her and my father anyway. we were locked away for several years. my parents both died in that prison and when I was old enough I was put to work as one of the servants and have been ever since trying to pay off my parents' debts. I couldn't take it anymore and I ran away." said Lucas.

"I am so sorry." said Alicia

"So, how about you?" asked Lucas.

Alicia started to tell the story about her life with her mom, her mysterious death, her servant life with her dad and stepmom, the truth coming out, the curse, and everything that happened happened. It was nice to have someone to tell her feelings to. "So, now I'm going off to find a cure." said Alicia

"And you don't know where you're going?" asked Lucas.

"It was a last minute trip." said Alicia

"I know an inn in town. People gossip there. someone there might know of a place where you could find a cure." said Lucas.

They keep walking and come to the street of the town. As they walk they come to an old sign that says "Gold horse inn". They go in and ask for a room. However, they are turned away when they have no money. They leave. However, Lucas doesn't want to give up so he runs to the back. "What are you doing?" asked Alicia

"We need a place to stay and you need answers. now you can wander around for god knows how long and maybe you'll get answers and maybe you won't or you can stay here and come up with a solid plan and a solid possibility. " said Lucas " you have magic so you can sneak us in."

Alicia snapped her fingers and they end up in an empty room. "OK now what?" asked Alicia.

"Now we rest and in the morning we can start planning." said Lucas.

"OK ." said Alicia changing into pjs and getting in the bed.

"What are you doing?" asked Lucas

"Going to sleep." said Alicia

"Why do you get the bed?" asked Lucas.

" you want the bed. ok. it's no big deal, your majesty." said Alicia bowing and then creating a sleeping bag and slept on the floor. Lucius made himself comfortable besides her. she put her arm around him and fell asleep. Lucas got into bed himself and drifted off to sleep soon after. Alicia and Lucas both tossed and turned with nightmares all night. Alicia had put a spell on the inn worrying that someone or something might follow them. so as long as they stayed there they were safe. However protection spells didn't stop the kids from tossing and turning from nightmares that night. They woke up to the sound of surprised screams the next morning. Lucius got up and started barking. Alicia got up and didn't realize her fangs were out. Lucas had gone to wolf form. They looked at each other and back at the woman who bolted out of the room. They each closed their eyes to calm down then alicia used her magic to follow the woman. "Ma'am…. I'm so sorry please let me explain." said Alicia

"I don't want an explanation. I want you out you , devil!" yelled the woman.

"I'm not a devil and I won't hurt you. My friend and I just needed a place to spend the night. Please ma'am. " said Alicia


Alicia nods and turns to go back up the stairs and get Lucas when she saw too older men talking and laughing. They seemed like your typical bar gossips. She overheard one of them say something that caught her attention. "Yea… with water that can restore anything to back…" said one of the men. Alicia snapped her fingers and shrunk herself into the man's pocket.

"You can't be serious." said one of the men in a white shirt and brown trousers.

"I sure am. They say the water is magical. no one has ever been back to prove it though." said the other man in a similar outfit to the first.

"If no one has ever been back how do you know that the story is true." said the first man.

"I have a nephew who swears he knows someone who got away from the demon of the lake." said the second man.

"Demon?" asked the first man.

"Yes. It is said to take the form of a beautiful woman. It lures anyone who tries to get the water to their watery graves." said the second man.

"Really? where is this so called lake with the so called demon?" asked the other man not convinced at all.

"It is in a land very far from here called Missti Seati. The lake is called Perdita. It is very far… so far some think it doesn't exist. Some think people just go crazy finding it and imagine the water demon. But I have faith she's out there. one day I will find it and I'm going to use the water to restore my rightful place as king." said the man.

"You were never king!" said the other man laughing in his face. Alicia disappeared and went up to the room. " come on we got to go. I know where I can find the curse we have to go to Missti Seati it is a land with a lake that has enchanted water that can bring my mother back." said Alicia

"Isn't that the legendary place with the water demon who guards the lake?" asked Lucas.

"Well yes but what choice do we have? I need to get my mother back to what she was and who she was. this water can do that. And honestly I don't care what happens to me." said Alicia.

"Damn, girl. you are determined. Ok. Let's go to Missti Seati. " said Lucas.

Alicia snaps her fingers and they are back on the road. She creates a ball of energy to lead the way so they know exactly where they are going. They keep walking and only stop to sleep a few hours at a time as their journey continues. Alicia started to notice that Lucas acted weird about roughing it. She thought a servant would be used to roughing it more but decided not to push him for answers. Suddenly they were both pushed to opposite trees by invisible forces. the shadows had been following them for days waiting for a chance. One held Lucas as the others surrounding alicia getting ready to break her neck alicia concentrates and starts to turn into fire knowing that light would make the shadows go away. as she predicted they let her go and disappear. dropping her to the ground. they kept walking.

Diana had been watching on her crystal ball. She threw it against the wall . She looked at the broken pieces that still showed Lucas and Alicia sleeping. She noticed something on Lucas's neck. Diana recognized it as the mark of werewolf royalty. Even though witches and werewolves did not get along she knew she could use it to her advantage. she snapped her fingers and ended up in the court of the werewolves. they growled when she came in. "Pardon, your majesties, I don't think we have ever been formally introduced. I am Diana Star. And I know where you son is." said Diana

"So do we. he was captured by an evil witch. we are making plans to get him back and kill the witch as we speak." said the werewolf queen.

"Then perhaps I could be of assistance. I know this evil witch well. She is quite manipulative and has been one giving us a bad reputation. I want her gotten rid of just as much as you do. They are currently in the forest of Mystery heading to the land of Missti Seati. The witch plans on drowning your son there by sacrificing him to the water demon. " said Diana.

"You will take us to them before they get there!" said the king.

"Of course. It will be my pleasure. Shall we go now?" asked Diana.

The king and queen nodded. the king called his guard together. Diana snapped her fingers and they were at the campsite that Alicia and Lucas had set up. They go into Lucas's tent and takes him Diana makes him disappear. Then she grabs Alicia. "It's time you were reunited with your spineless father. " she hissed making alicia disappear as well. Alicia wakes up in a jail cell. "HEY! Hey! Where am I? Why am I in here!" yelled Alicia. "What did you do to my friend LUCAS!" yelled Alicia. The only response was the echo of the name Lucas through the dungeon.