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A class of twenty four secondary school girls sat quietly in their classroom, watching a movie about a French boys school choir.

They were all wearing an identical uniform; a maroon blazer, with the school crest -two black stallions leaping over the moon- on the right side of their chest's, a maroon skirt, black knee-length socks, black pumps, and crisp white shirt and a black tie.

It was their music class, and the teacher played the movie, announcing she wanted some exercises done after.

The students sat quietly, observing and enjoying.

They were entranced, so far deep in the spell of memorization, they failed to notice the soft knock on the door.

Their teacher, however, heard it and paused the movie. The girls groaned in dissatisfaction.

"Hush now," their teacher requested, making her way to the door and opening it.


There was an uproar from the girls. They screamed and ran at the guest.

He was a tall snow haired man, with sharp green eyes. His skin was lightly tanned, his accent American. He was clad in a black trench coat, black baggy, worn jeans, that had a chain hanging from one belt strap to another, and black dress shoes. Around his neck, was a silver chain, with a black locket in the shape of a heart.

His face remained expressionless as he stared at the girls, driving them even wilder.

"He's so hot!"

"He's so cool!"

"Hey! Are you single?"

He ignored them, feeling really bothered and annoyed.

Glancing up at the teacher, he decided to get to the point.

"Excuse me. I'm sorry for disturbing your class. Is Mirari Hunt here?"

Everyone froze. Jealousy tore through the girls.

"Why do you need her?!" someone spat.

"Yeah! Why not pick one of us instead!?" another hissed.

All the girls pouted, arms crossed and 'humph'ed in unison.

He frowned, his pierced, snow white, left eyebrow raised.

Ignoring them otherwise, he looked up at the teacher again.

She was looking at a girl who was staring at him in disbelief from the opposite side of the room.

"Mirari Hunt?" he tried, giving her a quick one over.

She wasn't visibly shocked, but looked like she was lacking emotions more than anything else.

She had lifeless, bright red, piercing eyes, that stared back into his own green ones.

He patiently waited his answer as she recovered and decided to respond.

She nodded slowly and solemnly. He nodded at her.

"I need you to come with me."

He broke free of the scowling mob and made his way towards the girl.

She was sitting in the far corner in the back row, on her own.

She rose warily from her seat, only to fall on her knees and grimace. He rushed towards her and knelt in front of her.

"Are you okay?" he asked, concerned. He took her cold hands in his big, warm ones.

She nodded, trying to ignore the eyes drilling holes into her forehead, and the pains in her legs.

She attempted to rise again, pushing off the table with her right hand. She failed and started plummet again.

She braced her body for the shock, that never came.

Opening her eyes, she realised she was in the arms of the man.

She looked up at him. Confusion was visible in his eyes.

His beautiful eyes. They were a forest green, but like leaves, had many different shades, depending on the lighting you saw them in.

Mirari stared at his face as he carried her bridal style towards the door.

She ignored the looks of hatred, jealousy and disgust on her classmates faces.

He missed them all.

They gave sickeningly sweet smiles as he passed.

" I'm sorry again go interrupting your class. Don't worry about Mirari's things, someone will collect them later. Thank you. Goodbye." he said bluntly, opening the door, while balancing Mirari in one arm like a baby.

"W-wait!" the poor, helpless teacher started, but they were already gone.

"Are you okay?" He kept his eyes on where he was going as he made his way down the stairs.

She grimaced, and shifted uncomfortably in his grasp. She kept her head down. Eyes on her hands that were slightly purple in places, and cut in others.

He frowned again himself.

"What's wrong? Speak up."

"It's...nothing"she whispered, quietly, brushing a stay strand of lilac hair behind her ear.

Her hair, as usual, hung loosely down her back, waves shaping around her of their own accord. She had a small side fringe, that was unkempt and roughly cut long bangs that hung out in front. Her hair was a bright lilac at the top, and the lower down you got, the lighter it got until it turned white for the last four inches.

She had red eyes that shone with love and passion when she was happy.

Right now, though, they were dull and lifeless.

"W-who..are..you?" Her small, sweet, yet raspy voice snapped him out of his thoughts.

He glared at her.

"If you don't know who I am, then why'd you let me take you?"

She shrugged.

He was enraged.

The girl he'd remembered, believed everyone had a reason to live and that everyone should value their life because of that.

She had once been bright, cheerful and positive.

He quickly brushed the anger away.

They were now in the school's main corridor, passing the principal's office.

The principal was standing in the doorway, scolding a senior year student.

He was mid sentence when he saw the man carrying the fifteen year old girl. His jaw hung low, as did the fellow student's.

"W-wait! Where are you going with Mirari?! Who are you?!" His voice echoed through out the corridor.

Nosey teachers and students pocked their heads through cracks in the doorway.

"Get back to your classes!" the principal bellowed, pointing a fat finger accusingly.

Students squealed in horror and teachers slammed their doors shut in surprise.

The tall snow haired man looked back to see the black haired man hobbling behind. He stopped and turned to face the short, chubby man. He looked down at the five foot four, rounded figure as he waited for the older man to catch up.

He was a short,round man with jet black hair and small beady grey eyes wearing a white shirt, with ketchup stains on it, black dress pants and black dress shoes. He had a rounded face because of huge cheeks, and a big, bushy, un-kept moustache that resembled the fur of a rat.

"W-who...a-are...y-you?" he wheezed, doubled over and panting heavily.

"Are you okay, sir?" A huge hand waved him off.

"Y-yeah, yeah. I'm fine thank you. Now," the bearded man dusted off his clothes and fixed them before continuing. "Where are you going with my-I mean -the school's lovely Mirari?"

The younger man raised a pierced left eyebrow.

"What do you mean, 'my lovely, Mirari '?"

The principal visibly paled.

"I-I didn't say my! Right Mirari?!" He looked desperately at the girl, who had little interest and shifted in the snowy haired man's arms, so that her back was to the small man.

The principal turned even paler, if that was possible and looked close to fainting.

The boy glared at him.

"I'll ask again. What did you mean, 'my lovely Mirari' ?"

Mirari's arms slid up his chest and around his neck. She pulled him into an embrace. They stayed like that for a few moments.

Mirari could feel the envy pouring from the small man behind her, despite his fear of the taller man.

She whispered something into the snow haired man's right ear, causing his eyes to snap open and shoot daggers at the dark haired 'teacher'.

Fury burned like a raging fire in his heart. His hair starting being blown up behind him by a sudden gust of wind.

"You despicable little man!" Green eyes turned a vibrant glowing crimson, the gusts of wind increasing.

Eyes widened in fear as their owner started to back slowly, only to trip over his own feet and fall on his ass. He started scuttling backwards towards the nearest door as the 6'0 figure loomed over him, eyes gleaming dangerously.

"You call yourself the principal of this school! You're supposed to protect the students of this school from harm! Not inflict it!"

"B-but, I didn't h-hurt her!" the little man squealed, back against a pale blue, windowless door with a stainless steel handle.

"Yes! You! Did!" the snow haired man roared, his hair starting to billow faster, his eyes burning brighter. "In more ways than one! I will never let anyone touch Mirari again!"

His grip on the small girl tightened as she kept her head nuzzled in his chest and her pale arms wrapped tightly around his neck.

His glare intensified before he calmed down. His hair returned to just clinging to the back of his neck and the sides of his angular face. He shifted Mirari to a more comfortable position in his arms. He turned and started walking towards the school's main exit.

Mirari lifted to her head and peered over his shoulder. Her eyes widened as she inhaled a sharp gasp.

A tanned hand brought her head back down to his chest.

"Don't look." he said, stroking her head. "That bad man will never harm you again, Mirari. I swear." Mirari absorbed his warmth and the sense of security she got from him as she desperately tried to forget the image that kept appearing in her head.

It scared her what he did by looking at the principal. You see, the principal, is now...

... a small lifeless corpse slouching against the pale blue door.

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