We owe to the Middle Ages the two worst inventions of humanity - romantic love and gunpowder

- Andrew Maurois

Ria looked through the scope from her position three miles out. She could clearly see the traitor shake hands with Vincent Vergo, the mob boss. King of the underground trafficking business, briber of half the city's politicians, and the man whose name was on her bullet.

"Come in Fox; have you got sights on the targets? Over," a broken voice came through the radio earpiece.

"Hound, I have visual. Over." She fixed the gun tighter to her shoulder.

"You will rid of the traitor, then Vergo. Don't bother with the guards. Afterwards you will proceed to the base. Am I clear? Over."

Ria rolled her eyes. They had stayed up all night hashing out the details, so she knew them like the back of her hand now. She needed to make these shots perfect—they were the keys to promotion. These shots couldn't miss.

"Clear as day. Over." She looked through her scope and found the targets head. Her ex-lieutenant looked calm as he spoke to Vergo. She wondered how long he'd been lying to them?

"Fox, wind is at 17 miles per hour. Distance is exactly 3.1 miles." There was a pause over the receiver as she waited for the orders. "Nail that bastard. Over."

Ria grinned as she took aim, adjusting the scope. She followed the traitor's head for a moment to make sure she had him. Inhale. Exhale.


Before his body could fall limp, she had sights on Vergo. The grin didn't have time to leave his lips before a bullet was traveling through his head.

She didn't have time to celebrate her victory—the guards were already jumping into their trucks. Ria threw the gun over her shoulder and quickly gathered her gear. Within seconds she was running back to the base.

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