I woke up this evening around 2

I woke up just to think about you.

Its just driving me crazy

These voices in my head

Cause their getting louder

Screaming the things I wish I'd said.

Caraselle lover, i know you have tricks up

your sleeve,

Oh but do me a favor, and just let me sleep.

The plague running in my mind

I don't even blame in on you this time

I can't point a finger cause I know

what you do,

And I was the one who was okay with

being used.

If we could run-

Oh if we could run

I'd run away from it all.

Would you run away from me too?

I think you should.

Every time around the track

I get older and you get sad

This has to end

For real, this is it

And that's that.

Don't call me up because you're feeling low.

And if you see my name pop up

Just close down the chat window.

I want roots, and wings to fly.

I want shoulders that can hold me

when I need to cry.

I need more,

So much more

Than you are ready for.

Caraselle lover don't keep coming around

Caraselle lover, we only bring each other down.

Time to close down the ride,

Say its maintenance or just say its the changing time

Either way babe,

Say it….

Good bye.