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Chapter 1


The weekdays began about 300 years ago, when it was determined that people born on Fridays were much better than the rest. Coincidentally, the person that determined that was born on a Friday. The King set aside land for each of people born on the different weekdays. Friday was given the least land, but they were the wealthiest, and had the most money and food, and had no trouble with survival. Saturday was given the second least land, they were the second wealthiest country, they had little trouble with food. Sunday is the third least land, they were the third wealthiest country, some trouble with food. Monday is the fourth most land, and they are the fourth wealthiest country, they have troubles with food. Tuesday has the third most land, and they are the fifth wealthiest country, they have many troubles with food. Wednesday has the second most land and they are the sixth wealthiest country, they have a lot of troubles with food. Thursday has the most land and they are the seventh wealthiest country, and lots of them die of starvation.

Thursday has had many troubles over the years, and when the king of Friday determines that things were stolen by some kingdom across the seven Weekdays, Thursday is blamed. But, a team of fourteen people must be brought together, two from each of them, one boy and one girl.

POV Avisa White (Of Thursday)

I walk down the cobbled streets in the small town of Avena in Thursday. We have to get a large crop quota in by next Friday, or we will be in deep trouble with Friday. They say we are our own country, but it really isn't that way. Friday rules everything we do. Thursday sympathizes with Wednesday, Tuesday and Monday, but the other countries are almost dead to us. "Avisa!" I hear my best friend, Calix shout from a little ways behind me.

He has soot in his dirty blonde hair from working in the mines all day. As I stop and he walks forward, I dust off his hair with a flick of my hand. "Friday is mad at us Avisa, at Thursday for some stupid reason!" He says angrily.

"What is it? Are we being punished?" I ask in concern, because if we are, last time we had no food for a week from Friday, and a lot of us starved. Our population is extremely low.

"Their royal crowns are stolen. Yes, we are being punished, we have to do twice the quotas and are demanding two from each country will help them find them. They should find their own crowns. They probably just forgot it in their sixteenth bathroom." Calix says.

"Hey, it'll be alright, we got through the first one, didn't we?" I ask him and he nods.

We walk towards the houses by the river, mine is the first one and his is the second. They are small shacks, our house has a living room, a kitchen, and two bedrooms and a bathroom which is basically a luxury in Thursday. "see you tomorrow," I smile at him as he disappears into his house.

"Hi sissy!" My younger sister, and only sister, Cecilia shouts at me, she is only 6. My parents are sitting in the living room on the sagging couch.

"Avisa! How was work?" My mom asks, probably tired from her work day at the hospital.

"It was alright. We have a huge quota due by next Friday," I inform her and my mom nods, everyone expected it.

We turn on the news and the crown stealing is all over the news. "This morning, the crowns of King Ricardo and Queen Ivina were reported stolen. It can only be said that there was mud on the ground near where the crowns were stolen. Here is," It gets interrupted when my dad clicks off the TV and I realize that they have probably heard it already.

"Avisa. You should sign up to find the crowns," Cecilia says with a joyful smile on her face.

"I don't know, Cecy," I say carefully selecting my words. But my parents are thinking over it carefully.

"I think you should," My mom says, and I nod.

"It'll be fun! Like a mystery!" Cecilia says, laughing and holding my hands.


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