Weekdays Chapter 22

POV Hazel Young of Tuesday

After they had stopped at a small shop in Monday to buy clothes for the party at Monday's castle, they stopped at May's house to change. It didn't take them all very long just a slight bit of complaining from Abel and Destiny. Actually it wasn't all that slight. After that they were waiting by the door to leave. "I'm not wearing a dress!" Destiny shouts at Avisa who were currently having a war about what she was going to wear.

May sighs and walks over to them, trying to explain to Destiny that it was a royal ball and they were expected to wear dresses. Destiny sighs, and for a second I think she was going to throw her at May, but she takes the dress from Avisa and grumbles that it would take a while.

Sven is wearing all-white, which he claims makes him present an angelic aura. "We're leaving!" Tristan shouts up at Destiny. "Hurry up!"

Destiny takes at least five more minutes to finish before walking downstairs. "We're off!" Tristan beams brightly as they walk to Monday's palace. "It'll take less than fifteen minutes."

I look over at Sven and walk towards him. "So, tell me about Monday's royalty." I tell him, genuinely curious.

"They have two princes. One of them, Arnold is very arrogant, not the heir. The heir, Prince Aston is very kind and selfless, and will do anything to help his country. The King is very kind as well, but has fought in many wars . . . namely between Monday and Friday. The Queen is deceased." Sven says.

"Oh." I say. "That's sad. I take it Aston's your friend?"

"Yeah. It's rumored he has a big crush on the Princess from Thursday." Sven grins to himself.

I laugh, smiling at the road ahead. "That's cute." I say. "What's the Princess of Thursday like?"

"She's very intelligent and looks a lot like Avisa actually, and is very kind and will do anything for others. A very good friend of mine." He says plainly.

I nod, smiling a little bit. "What about the other places? What are their royalties like?"

"Friday is arrogant, mean and everything you'd expect from them. You've met Saturday's. Sunday's are extremely perceptive and intelligent. You've met me." Sven grins at me. "Wednesday's are a little creepy, but you get used to them. Thursday's are very kind."

I smile softly, liking the group as a whole, except for the first two. "Why can't their royalty be more like Quinn and Cris?" I ask laughing a little bit. "They're both from Friday and they aren't stuck up and arrogant."

"Yeah." Sven whispers softly and Cris chimes in agreement with a small smirk from behind us.

I shoot him a grin as Tristan tells Sven and me to go in front. "Go on." I tell Sven. "Time to crash a party."

Sven knocks on the massive door. It swings open, nearly hitting Abel and Jordan in the face. I can still hear Destiny faintly grumbling to Jordan about wearing heels. A girl with platinum blonde hair and green eyes flies into Sven's arms. "I'm so glad you came! I didn't think you would!" She smiles, stepping back a little bit.

I smile at them, waiting for Sven to introduce us. "This is Hazel, a personal friend of mine." Sven says, pointing at her. "And this is Ashley, the Princess of Thursday." He says.

"Hi." I grin, a tad shyly, and I hold out my hand for her. "I've heard a bit about you from Sven, it's nice to finally meet you."

"Nice to meet you too!" Ashley smiles brightly, shaking her hand. "Any friend of Sven's is a friend of mine."

I smile. "Looks like you've just gained a whole lot of friends." I joke, gesturing to the rest of the group.

"Oh!" Ashley says in surprise, grinning at the rest of them. "WE should probably get inside." She opens the door and holds it open for them.

"Thanks." I smile at her and enter, waiting for the others to be let in by the princess.

The others walk in after me and look around in amazement. "Oh dear." Ashley says, a fierce look turning her eyes almost from a bright green to a darker green, though it is probably my imagination. She averts her eyes as Cecilia struts over.

I chew my lip, not averting my eyes like Ashley, but I wasn't entirely jealous anymore. He likes me. I smile slightly, but I still fought a twinge of annoyance as she walked over.

"Sven! So nice of you to turn up!" Cecilia practically shouts in Ashley's ear. She has a long hot pink dress on and catches the audience of everyone in the room.

"Five feet." Ashley says, putting her hands on Cecilia's shoulders and forcefully moving her backwards and Ashley smiles a bit and takes a step back. "Or ten. Whichever you prefer."

I fight a smile, deciding that Ashley was nice enough. I walk over to her. "Stay outta the blast zone." I mutter quietly so only she can hear.

Ashley grins. "Can I have a dance?" Cecilia asks Sven, as if she hadn't heard the Thursday royalty. Sven fights a groan as he accepts.

I avert my gaze and look at Avisa, and then Garrett and then back again, raising my eyes questioningly.

Garrett asks Avisa to dance. "I'm an awful dancer." Avisa says, chuckling a little.

"I'll teach you." Garrett says, leading her onto the floor and we watch them step all over each other for a few minutes before Ashley says something.

"I'm not dancing." Ashley smiles.

I grin back at her. "What? There's no one you want to dance with?"

"Honestly? Yes. But I'm really bad so it's not happening." The princess chuckles.

"Who is it?" I ask curiously. "I'm sure they wouldn't mind teaching you."

"I don't wanna say." Ashley blushes horrifically. "I know you want to dance with Sven, it's obvious. It may take a while for him to pry away from Her Most Exceptional Annoyanceness."

I laugh and blush at the same time. "That bad huh?" I say and shrug. "He told me she'd be here, I was prepared for her to cling to him all night." I scrunch up my nose. "I've met her before."

Ashley grins. "You poor thing!" She simpers. "I'm sorry." She says seriously.

I grin slightly. "It was . . . something else." I say with a little laugh and I shrug a little. "It's okay, I know he isn't into her."

"Ah. Did you have an eventful night?" The princess winks.

I blush. "No, not like that." I say. "Why does everyone think that?"

"Did you kiss?" Ashley asks curiously, and if it were someone else I probably would've slapped them, but it was Ashley and she was probably just genuinely curious.

I blush. "Maybe a couple times." I mutter quietly.

"Oh my god!" Ashley exclaims. "If Cecilia finds out, you're dead. Dead girl walking!" Ashley shouts, pointing to me and trying to capture as much attention from anyone passing by.

I shoot her a glare. "I know." I say. "That's why I'm leaving them alone. And why I probably shouldn't be near him tonight." I look down and sigh. "It's so complicated."

"He obviously wants to dance with you!" Ashley whispers with a grin.

I smile. "Yeah, I want to dance with him to, but . . ." I look into Ashley's green orbs. "He could get into big trouble if people found out."

"I bet he doesn't care." Ashley mutters.

I smile softly. "But I care about him. I don't want him getting hurt, especially because of me."

"How are you girls?" Someone says, butting in. He looks exactly like Ashley, but in boy version. He has the same color of hair, but he is a few inches taller than his sister and their facial features are the same. Kind.

"Hi." I say with a smile. "I'm Hazel, it's nice to meet you."

"I'm Prince Lucian, you can just call me Lucian." He adds hurriedly with a kind smile.

I smile at him. "Sven's talked about you before." I say.

"Oh dear." Lucian sighs dramatically before flopping onto a chair beside his twin. "Don't believe what he says." Lucian laughs.

I laugh. "So you aren't nice and cool?" I pretend to think hard. "Hmm, that's too bad."

Lucian laughs kindly. "He actually said nice things about me! I'm shocked!" He looks at Ashley with wide eyes.

"Of course he did!" Ashley slaps him across the face lightly.

I hid a tiny grin, smiling at the siblings and wishing she had some to fight with, even though the slap seemed a little harsh. "I am hurt." Lucian says darkly, rubbing his face.

I tilt my head slightly, not understanding he was joking. "Do siblings do that often?" I ask, frowning slightly. "And are you okay, slaps hurt."

"I am fine." Lucian assures her before turning to his sister. "You're weak." He says with a teasing grin.

"Am not!" She hits his arm playfully.

I grin teasingly. "You guys are violent." I say.

Ashley stops talking at once and I sit down into a chair beside Lucian, and Ashley sits across from me in another. Sven plops down beside her. "I crawled away." He explains.

"What, are you a baby now?" Ashley says tauntingly which earns a glare from Sven. I grin.

Sven looks over at Lucian. "She's looking for you now." Lucian fake vomits, earning a few curious glances from Quinn, a girl with a tiny tiara and Yuna.

I raise an eyebrow and look at Ashley. "How come it's always the princes that have relationship issues?"

"I don't know." Ashley smiles. "I'm just glad it's not me." She mouths 'ask him' to me.

"Cecilia is looking for Lucian. I'm free." Sven says, his eyes lighting up with new hope. I grin at him before turning to Lucian.

I wince. "I feel bad for you." Then I frown slightly. "Wait, I thought she was after you Sven?"

"She likes to sink her claws into anyone she likes." Sven says. "And I just got away, so it's his turn."

I grin and lean over to flick his knee. "How does it feel to be free?" I ask jokingly.

"Fine. Want to dance?" He asks me and I feel my heart flutter.

I smile softly. "Won't people be curious?" I ask. "Could you get in trouble?"

"Who cares?" Sven grins at me and stands up. Ashley smiles at me and gives me a thumbs up. I smile back at her.

I look back at Sven. "Okay." I say. "But I've never danced before." I admit. "Unless you count jamming out in my room with a hairbrush dancing."

Sven chuckles slightly. "I'll teach you."

"Okay." I smile softly.

Sven leads me onto the dance floor. "Arms around me." He directs.

"Around your neck?" I ask hesitantly slipping my arms behind his neck. "Like this?"

"Yeah." He replies, putting his arms around her the same way.

"So . . . what now?" I ask, glancing around at the other people dancing.

"We start moving . . ." Sven says, grinning at me.

"Like . . . how?" I ask with a bit of a blush creeping onto my cheeks, because of not knowing how to do it. "Fast? Slow? Tango?"

"Whatever pace you want." Sven says, ignoring hateful looks from Cecilia, who was dancing with Lucian a few feet away.

"Um . . ." I say, chewing my lip, trying to ignore her as well as he was. "Can you lead?"

"Sure." Sven says, slowly moving around and I step on his feet more than the floor so far. I stumble around for the first bit but slowly get the hang of it.

"You're doing fine." Sven says encouragingly, leading us away from them.

"I've been stepping on your feet more than the ground." I say dryly.

"That happens." Sven smiles.

I smile back at him, getting into the movement. "This is fun."

"It is, but maybe we could try something similar?" He suggests.

"Like what?" I ask quietly. "And I apologize early for broken toes."

"Here. You put one hand on my waist." He grabs one of her hands and leads it gently to his waist. "And one hand in mine." He clasps my hand with his and sets a hand on my waist. I shiver a little, hoping that he didn't notice.

I look at him. "Do we sway?"

"A little." Sven laughs, shaking his head while grinning.

I smile. "I told you I can't dance." I say. "So, how do I move?"

"Like this." Sven demonstrates, leading me around. "One, two, three, one, two, three." He says, leading her around the room.

I try to copy him, but still stumble on my own and his feet. "Oh god." Sven whispers, seeing a lady that had light brown hair and looked exactly like . . . Tessa.

POV Yuna Wakahari (Wednesday girl)

I try to stay near the edges of the room, trying to hide in the shadows with my dark dress when I see that Hazel and Sven are leading themselves closer to Tessa and Friday. They switch partners. I look in confusion as Hazel puts her hand in Friday's.

I'm startled out of my thoughts by a low voice. "Hello." A friendly voice says, shocking me as I turn to face the mystery person.

"Who're you?" I ask, quietly trying to back away, not wanting to dance with anyone, despite his kind looks and strong appearance.

"I'm Prince Lucian of Thursday." Lucian smiles at me encouragingly. "Can I have a dance?" He asks. I gulp. A Prince? I can't dance with a prince. I search wildly for a way out.

"Okay." I cave in and put my hand in his, finding my own hand to be quite clammy as we waltz around. I see Hazel smile at Sven when he saves her from Friday, until Cecilia walks back up to them.

Lucian looks at me. "You're worried." He says. He's quite perceptive . . .

"Maybe a little." I say, trying to glance where Cecilia leads him away from the dance floor.

"I can honestly say there has been a lot of . . . talk about this mysterious quest. I don't find it quite shocking. I just wanted to know how you felt about it." Lucian says, and I try not to gasp when he puts a large hand on the side of my waist. I do the same to him.

"Well . . . honestly, it hasn't turned out very well so far. Not much has gone right." I say, biting my lip and trying to find a way out.

"Am I frightening you?" Lucian asks, his green eyes pressing mine in concern.

"No." I say, trying to keep a straight face. "I'm just worried."

"Okay." Lucian says warily. "Just tell me when you want to stop." We dance for another twenty minutes or more.

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