Division 47 The curse of Kali's Eye

By Joanna. E. Sears

┬ęThe Monster zoo

Author's Note. This tale inspired by the poem

There's a one-eyed yellow idol
To the north of Kathmandu;
There's a little marble cross below the town;
Where a broken hearted woman
Tends the grave of 'Mad' Carew,

Hayes 1911


He was running hard his breath came in short painful gasps, he knew the religious zealots were closing in. Desperate he ducked in through an open doorway then blinked. He was in some sort of Potter's Workshop. He looked around hopeful of spotting a place to secrete himself from the eyes of his pursuers but there were none. It was just an empty room with tables spread out in lines each one laden with a different form of newly created china in varying designs. An idea occurred to him a way to hide his precious burden until the heat was off. Hurrying he grabbed a drying statuette and turning it upside down in his left hand he pushed the gem into the still soft clay then replaced it back in its original position noting inwardly what the statue was and it's number in line He stepped back to the doorway the lane beyond was deserted. He dashed out and across to an adjoining alleyway. Halfway down it he saw the wooden steps panting and shaking with effort he sprinted up them as quietly as he could. At the apex was a shielded rooftop where he lay hidden for several hours. Finally judging it safe he crept down and scooted across to the Pottery to recover his prize. But to his dismay the room was no longer empty the tables of porcelain were gone and several men now occupied it. One glanced up and spotted him.

"Can I help you?" he asked in the local dialect. The felon regained his

composure and quietly said he was interested in one of the statues he'd seen earlier and hoped to buy it as a gift for his wife.

"I'm sorry sir but those particular pieces are for our American market. They have already been sent to our finishing factory in the USA." The thief acted disappointed then thanked him and withdrew, but once outside he smiled. He had been wondering how to smuggle the opal out of the country but fortune had smiled on him and done the job without any suspicion ever being aroused. He had only to return home and visit the afore-mentioned factory to reclaim it. Two hours later he boarded a flight for America.

Chapter One

"Heads up People!" Oliver barked as he strode out of his office holding a clipboard. "I have your weekly assignments," he gave an inward nod of satisfaction as he noted he had all of their attention, even that of his normally recalcitrant brother. "Martin you and your team are to continue working with the DEA on that Smuggling Case. Director Burleigh and I are in complete agreement. The solution does somehow lie with that ancient pirate legend of

Red Beard." Martin gave a quick nod of acquiescence and Oliver turned his attention to:-

"Rhys Tangle, I have a new mystery for you I want you two to take a long look at the old Thunderbird Story. Apparently there has been another sighting and

a number of sheep are missing in Missouri." He passed a slim brown case file to Rhys. Finally Oliver turned his attention to Tony. "Anthony I have a nice little mystery for you to work on."

"Oh yes?" Tony acted bored. Oliver gave him a very condescending smile

"It seems someone has taken a real dislike to Ceramics and is going around smashing any ornaments he finds." Tony blinked then half bristled.

"You want me to investigate a case of petty Vandalism?" he spat Oliver regarded him coldly.

"This so called Petty Vandal has been at it for nearly seven months and is very specific in his destruction. It seems he abhors Nursery Rhymes and is deliberately targetting Statuettes of Little Bo Peep!" Tony frowned Okay that was a bit weird but he was still annoyed at being assigned to a case, that should have been handled by an ordinary Rookie Cop. Oliver laid a second brown file on his desk then spun on his heel and began to walk back towards his office. Halfway there he paused and looking back added "And get your sailor friend on it too." For the fourth time in as many minutes Tony's mouth again dropped open. "How do you know about Jon?"

"I'd be a pretty poor Operation's Chief if I didn't keep abreast of my subordinates lives?"

"More likely he's just bloody nosey," Tony smothered his grin as he heard Tangle's voice in his head. Aloud he moved to get Jon some recognition and compensation for his efforts."

"If you want the services of Mr Foxe you'll have to pay for them?"

"You can claim a Hundred and Seventy dollars on expenses for a Research Assistant, but I want the case closed by Thursday." Oliver said over his shoulder as he resumed his walk back towards his office. "George fill out a requisition form for my brother and bring it to me to sign by eleven," Oliver disappeared into his office and closed the door. Tony didn't quibble about the amount $170 for three days was $85 a day an adequate amount he reckoned but the fact that Oliver didn't even question the demand slightly unnerved Tony it implied there was more to the case than his brother was letting on.

"On the bright side!" Tony inwardly mused "At least I can work at home." He much preferred his opulent mansion to Oliver's cramped, cold office and of course he'd be able to relax and work more freely at home than in the office where Oliver would be forever demanding updates on his progress or tedious status reports.

"Jon?" Tony called out as he let himself into his house. "You home Jon?"

At the far end of the hallway the door that led into the Annex opened and the wheelchair bound sailor appeared.

"Watcha mate," Jon greeted "Didn't expect to see you much before seven this evening I know how that brother of yours like his pound of flesh." Tony gave a half laugh then sombre and said.

"Well don't be too happy I have some bad news for you."

"Bad news?" Jon's face grew anxious. Tony noted this and quickly moved to relieve his friend's fears

"You're on the Tyrant's payroll for the next two days?" Jon relaxed a bit then frowned

"Me? On the Payroll? Why?" Jon was puzzled.

"Oliver is paying you a hundred and seventy dollars to assist me on a case."

"That doesn't sound like him what's the catch?"

"We only have two days."

"To do what exactly?"

"Would you believe he's using us to solve case of a mindless Vandalism?"

"You're joking?"

"And he's even paying me?"

"Weird eh?"

"Maybe he's having a mid-life crisis?" Jon joked making Tony laugh then say.

"I doubt it no self-respecting crisis would even dare approach Oliver." He shucked off his jacket then went to make some coffee in the kitchen.

Ten minutes later both men were comfortable ensconced in Tony's warm lounge, he'd helped Jon from his chair into a specially adapted recliner that both

cushioned and supported his shattered spine while allowing him to sit up. Once they both had coffee and were settled Tony opened the file Oliver had forced on him and extracted the silver computer disc from within. He slid it into his player and then flicked on his huge plasma screen. He gave a small self-satisfied grin

knowing Oliver would probably go green with envy if he ever saw it. The one

in his office was less than half the size and had been playing up for weeks. Tony was certain that any replacement his brother got would still be far inferior

to his massive fifty inch, top of the range, $4000 dollar baby. Then Jon using the remote tuned the Plasma into Tony's computer so they could review the case file together.

The first recorded instance of vandalism had happened exactly seven months

before. A hooded man had rushed into a bank and grabbed a small ornamental

Statuette of a little Shepherdess from the top of an Enquiry's Desk then before

the astonished bank staff could react he'd ran outside and smashed the figurine

on the ground. After which he'd vanished into the crowded thoroughfare.

Jon read the account twice then looked at Tony.

"This just sounds like some kids playing a prank."

"I'm inclined to agree," Tony replied. He thumbed the remote and the screen

scrolled down to the next incident. It had occurred three days after the bank heist but this time it was a small independent gift shop that had been targeted. A man matching the description of robber from the bank had burst into the shop snatched three identical Shepherdess figures from a display shop and ran out only to hurl the ornaments to the floor of the mall. This time several surprised witnesses reported that the thief was seen to crouch and poke at the shattered remains. "Sounds like he was looking for something?" Jon voiced.

"That would seem to be the most likely scenario," Tony stroked his chin "and the reason why he's only interested in one particular thing. I'm guessing he hid something of value in a batch of Bo Peep statues at the time of their manufacture and is now trying to retrieve it."

"It would have to be something small," Jon said. "A Diamond maybe?" again Tony agreed with his assessment. The third attack did not involve a commercial

Institution, it was a private dwelling that was burgled. The Master of the house reported to the police that the burglar had bypassed several very expensive items and simply stolen a $10 statue that his wife had bought from a mail order company a month earlier, but the curious thing was the thief in his haste to get away had dropped the item in the garden."

"The attack happened at night," Tony observed "So there wouldn't have been anyone around to see if the Perp stopped to examine the broken shards."

"I'm betting he did!" Jon said

"No doubt about it." Tony replied then he sat up and arched his back. "How about some lunch I'm famished?" Jon grinned and nodded

"Good idea my innards have been growling for an hour." Tony grabbed a couple of microwave ready meals from his freezer they were quick to prepare and like Jon his empty stomach was making its wants known. While they ate the two men switched the Plasma over to an ordinary television network. It was showing a Documentary about the strange desecration of an Asian Idol nearly a year before. Jon frowned as the journalist described the theft of a rare Opal from

the eye socket of the obscure Indian Goddess.



"Where were the Bo Peeps made?" his friend glanced round at him a look of

slow amazement dawning on his face. Then Tony shook his head.

"No way! It's just a coincidence?"

"You sure? Don't you think that maybe we should check?" Tony consulted the files but there was no mention of where the smashed figurines were made. He flicked the Plasma back to his computer and ran a google search on all the places that sold the Bo-Peep statuettes. It soon became apparent that Jon's hunch was right. The original batch came from a factory operating in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas. It was situated in a village less than a mile from the temple housing the mutilated statue of the Goddess Kali.

"Holy cow!" Tony murmured then he sat up "I'd better call Oliver," he reached for his Cell phone then paused and grinned at Jon. "One more day isn't going to make any difference and this way you'll collect full pay." He chuckled and replaced his phone on the table. Jon smiled his appreciation but did think they should work a little more.

"Just so he can't say I didn't earn it lets see how many of the Bo Peeps we can track down? I'm betting the thief hasn't got as much access to the tracking of these objects as us. He was right. The original batch had consisted of fifty figures. Jon added up the total number listed as stolen.

"So nineteen have been reported destroyed. That leaves thirty one for us to find first." Tony nodded then loudly hoped

"That's assuming he hasn't found the Opal yet."

"I don't think he has the latest theft was only a week ago."

The next afternoon Tony walked back into the main Bullpen of Division 47

Oliver looked at him and queried.

"How much progress have you made?"

"Quite a bit actually," Tony remarked he was unable to keep the smug look from his face as he handed his brother back his file and then a sheaf of papers detailing his and Jon's investigation. Oliver had only read halfway down the

First page when his eyebrows shot up and he raised a stunned face to look at his younger sibling.

"The Eye of Kali? He's searching for The Eye of Kali?" Tony nodded and

Directed Oliver's attention to the second page.

"There is no doubt about it. The Perp gouged the Opal from the Goddess then fled. It is likely he was pursued and had to find a convenient hiding place sharpish. He was doubly fortunate in both escaping the Thuggee priests and inadvertently getting someone else to smuggle the gem out of India and across

to the states."

"But he didn't have time to mark the actual statuette," Oliver concluded for him. "And so his only recourse is to painstakingly track everyone until he

finds the Eye."

"Looks that way." Oliver turned to the third page and was pleased to note Tony and his paraplegic friend had managed to locate all the outlets that had bought the statues wholesale. He regarded his brother then grudgingly said

"Good Job I'll get onto the Director. This is now the purview of a Criminal Investigations Unit," he shuffled the papers back into their proper order then

turned to George and said.

"Have you written up the Banker's Draft for Jon Foxe."

"Yes Sir!"

"Good! Tony collect it on your way out."


Exactly one week later there was an article on shown on all the main News

Networks. It showed the American Ambassador to India at a minor Temple presenting the Head Priest with a glistening jewel on a velvet cushion. The newscast then showed the magnificent Opal being reverently placed back

into the empty eye socket of the huge Kali statue.

Oliver was quietly pleased. His team had effectively solved the case and the

glory of the ceremony would reflect well on his lowly department for a long time to come. Director Burleigh was equally delighted and again saying he'd made the right decision in assigning Tony to the Division. Oliver hadn't hesitated to give his brother the credit for doing the hard work but Burleigh was now expressing interest in the crippled veteran too.

"You must make provision to have him enrolled in your squad as a consultant," he ordered. "Not only is he smart his former position as one of this country's military heroes will look good for the FBI as a whole. Especially if it becomes known we employed him on such a high profile case it could enhance the Bureau's standing both here and abroad?" Jon was astonished when Tony told him the news but secretly pleased. Although he would always be grateful to Tony for taking him in and giving him a safe comfortable existence. He was conscious that he was little more than a charitable cause. If he had a real job he'd at least be able to contribute something towards his own upkeep? Tony didn't demure when Jon said he wanted to pay a little towards the household bills. He could understand how hard it was for the guy to accept he would always be dependent on others for his survival.