Tales from the Monster Zoo

Pigloff's Glory

By Joanna Sears

Dated: 04/ 11/2012

(C) CopyWrite The Monster Zoo


The Monster Zoo is a large animal preserve. It is home to dozens of endangered species. But not just conventional ones, like Tigers or Whales. But also those strange mythical beasts that everyone's heard of. But few have ever seen.

The Zoo is owned and run By Director Rackton. A brilliant scientist, who discovered a way to create a Bubble Universe outside of our own Timeline. It is within this bubble that he has created his animal haven. No poacher or unscrupulous hunter can ever enter it. The zoo only has one entrance. Which can only be opened by use of an Entropic Displacement Chronomitor. A specially designed Pod Transportation System runs daily bringing visitors to the attraction.

Director Rackton is ably assisted by a team of hand-picked specialists. Not least of which is the Renowned Crypto-Zoologist Frank Corvin.

Chapter One

Director Rackton, and his wife, were delighted. The Monster Zoo had been asked

to host the Local Horticultural Society's Spring Show. Its normal venue was undergoing refurbishment, after being damaged by a severe Winter Storm. Rackton was intensely glad the Zoo was built on high ground. Apart from the South Paddock, it had escaped the flooding that had devastated the Lower Scarsdale Valley, when a tidal surge had roared up the nearby river.

The day of the show dawned bright and sunny. Crowds flooded in from all over the county and all was going smoothly. The vegetable competition had be judged by Mrs Jennings, Head of the Zoo's Botany Department. The Winner of the Coveted Blue Ribbon, was a local gardener, Mr Harris from Scarsdale Village. It was a very popular decision, his Marrow was enormous. The head Keeper had already offered him a good price for it. The sheer size of the vegetable would, Pete was sure, satisfy. All the Raksilla Sloths that evening.

A number of Keepers had some of the more docile animmals out on leads. Children

queued up to have their photograph taken with Starlight the Unicorn Foal. Mitch

gently holding him by a fore-trotter, walked Pigloff into one of the bigger show tents. His father smiled Pigloff had been a favourite attraction from the day he arrived he was such a unique creature and yet also friendly. Then Mrs Rackton announced that the Flower Arranging Contest was about to be judged. The Senior Lady of the Women's Guild, a rather pretentious and stuck up individual, beckoned to Mitch, then pointed Pigloff. "Why don't you bring him up here dear?" She wanted to pose with the Pig/Monkey Hybrid, as she presented the Winning Rosette. The winning arrangement was placed on the top table and a photographer, from a widely read newspaper, started to line up his camera. Unfortunately Piglof had developed quite a taste for flowers. Frequently escaping his formal enclosure to gorge upon the Zoo's herbaceous beds and he had a particular fondness for Gardenias. The side order of Lavendah made him drool. Then just as the photoographer clicked his shutter, Pigloff leapt forward. Pulling himself free of Mitch's grip he pounced on and devoured the display. A roar of laughter rose which excited Pigloff even more. Mitch groaned his half-pet loved an audience. Pigloff scrambled along the table sampling the delights of both the second and third place entries eliciting further laughter. Mitch tried to grab him, but Pigloff evaded his grasping hands. Standing upright the mischievous Porrcine, snatched the hat of the Lady Judge and popped it onto his own head. Word was spreading more and more people were crowding into the tent to catch a glimpse of the funny animal. Director Rackton looked helplessly at his wife. She had tears running down her face, from laughing so hard Mike shook his head. He could pretty much guess what sort of story the Newspapers would run? It would be one about Pigloff. Frank standing at his shoulder softly chuckled.

"Not exactly the stately, sedate affair everyone was expecting?"

"No!" Racktom sighed. "And I sincerely doubt, that we'll ever be asked, to host the show again." Corvin shrugged.

"Probably not! But I suspect the publicity we get from today, will swell our Visitor

Numbers this summer." The thought cheered the Director up a little.

Pigloff was by now, the star of the show Mitch even managed to get him to hold a watering can while posing in the hat. The Media loved it and clamoured for more

pictures. The pompous woman wasn't stupid, she insisted on being in several shots thus enhancing her social position. Mitch personally thought her a right show off!

of course he didn't say so. He was also in the limelight and the story of how he had saved Pigloff from the Volcano, quickly became known gaining him a lot of favorable glances. The day and the Flower Show turned into a rip roaring success but when Rackton saw the write up in the Newspaper a few days later he knew Corvin had been right. Pigloff's unique nature and hilarious antics were big news.

"Or should that be Pig News?" Racktom mused. A National Television channel even came down to run an article on him and the zoo. Which enticed still more people to visit the Monster Zoo over the ensuing weeks.