Forgotten World Land of Atheros

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A world filled with darkness is torn apart by war. Follow the Royal family of the Kingdom Rhondor in interfamily politics, astounding sexual family intrigues, war and diplomacy in a fight for the world's fate. Watch some of the greatest battle of their age. Follow young Azania, a young woman trying to survive after her home is burnt and the 'White Orc' takes her as a plaything. Follow the rise of the dangerous Fire Orc brothers.

Kingdoms and Peoples of Atheros

Atheros was a world filled with many races from Humans to Elves and from Orcs to Centaurs to large humanoid Lizards.

The vast landscape is filled with enormous wonderful fields of grass and flowers, grey mountains, dead wastelands and snow covered fields and mountains.

There is an enormous land known as the Unclaimed Regions that stretches huge distances that isn't ruled by any king nor queen. Bandits and packs of Orc's and worse creatures room the wastelands and attack any caravan who dares pass them by.

Realm of the Undead

Dark Lord Sau'rith was a man of unknown age, a necromancer from young age, an Orc-Human hybrid that leads the largest undead army Atheros has ever seen. From forty years have he fought to conquer all of Atheros. Twenty years ago he was slays in battle and his empire collapsed. The undead armies rallied to different Underlord's and infighting destroyed what was left of Sau'rith's realm, as dozens of Underlord's fight to fill the power vacuum Sau'rith left. It would take decades, if not several hundred years until anyone might gain enough power to replace him.

The Lizard Empire

They are an old race with ambitions of grandeur. They fought the human kingdoms a hundred years ago and lost. Now they fought against their common enemy Lord Sau'rith until his demise. Their Empire are the size of almost all the human kingdoms put together. They have a friendly relationship with the Normodian's.

Human Kingdoms

They consist of twelve kingdoms who usually unite against common threats, such as the Lizards a hundred years ago and the Normodian Slave Principality. The kingdoms lost many uncountable soldiers fighting Sau'rith. But now a new generation was growing up to take their place. A hundred years ago they fought in the Fourth Human-Lizard War and won. On the edge of the Unclaimed Regions, kingdoms like Dal, Jagendal, Rhondor and Dalara always have their forces on high alert, ready to counterattack any pack daring to cross the border.

The most powerful kingdoms are Garrith-Ir, Sombadur, Telmar, Dalara, Northernheim and Rhondor.

Normodian Slave Principality

Stretching across the southern end of Atheros they are a faction of humans that turns to slavery as their main income. Ruled by Princes elected by the nobility the people are poor and often starve in some regions. Slavery is forbidden in many parts of Atheros, such as the human kingdoms, most Elven Kingdoms, except the Dark Elves, the Dwarves and it is also illegal by the Centaurs. Having to actual use for slaves the Cave Trolls don't care either way. The slave trade has been blooming sense the Undead Underlord's need every bit of manpower they can get.

The Centaur Kingdom

Lying in the west the Centaurs is ruled by a Royal family and the Khan is the strongest family male can only be the can. Many Centaurs fought alongside the humans against the undead legions. They have a close friendship with the Garrith-Ir Royalty.

The Elves

The strongest faction is the Night Elves, ruled by a ruthless Queen with a large and powerful standing army. They are currently in a border conflict with the Goblins. It have lasted for almost two years.

Smaller Elves are the Spring Elves, Moon Elves, Sun Elves, Mountain Elves, Wood Elves, and Snow Elves and off course the Dark Elves, on the edge of the Unclaimed Regions. The Mountain Elves lost much in war with Lord Sau'rith.


Atheros has several types of Orcs. A human is about five-seven feet tall. Most Orcs stand on seven or eight feet tall.

The Northern Orcs live in the northwestern snow covered plains and mountains, bordering the Snow Elves. They have hardened and pale skin, mostly using thick hide or fur armor. They have visible fangs.

The Baldur Orcs live mostly in the southwest, below Centaur territory. They have light grey skin and use leather or iron armor. They have no fangs. They are slightly smaller than the other Orcs. They are about five to six feet tall.

The Black Orcs are larger the any of their cousins. Their skin is black and they have the best weapons and armor of all Orcs. They have large fangs. They are the best warriors on Atheros and often in history have served as mercenaries in wars.

Gundalhorn Orcs came from the large stronghold of Gundalhorn, their skin is dark grey, strong, tall, fangs, excellent engineers and skilled in siege technology. They have spent the last hundred-and-fifty years behind their thick stone walls.

Dunnland Orcs have grey skin and yellow eyes-most common eye color amongst Orcs-and come from Dunnland originally. They have no visible fangs. Dunnland is a part of the Unclaimed Regions and on the edge of the Northern Wasteland. The Dunnland plains and Dunnland Forest was on the edge of Sau'rith's realm twenty years ago.

Fire Orcs came from the steps bellow the Dark Mountains. They have red skin, large sharp fangs, red skin and red or black eyes. Why they have red skin in unknown. They are the best warriors in Atheros. Their skin is thicker than most Orcs. Fire Orc Berserkers is known to be almost unstoppable when they mass up and charge into battle. Fire Orcs are known to fight without armor.

In the Unclaimed Regions Orcs with dark green skin appeared. They have small fangs showing. They are the result of breeding between the Black Orcs and Northern Orcs. They are known as the Unborn Orcs and march as a single people, as a single army and as a single kingdom in the Unclaimed Regions.


They have a chaotic kingdom ruled by a King in the western mountains. The ugly grotesque little creatures are in a conflict with the Elven Imperium. A conflict they are losing. Goblins is known to be good builders and engineers but not very skilled soldiers. They have many hundreds of slaves they have captured or bought from the Normodian's.

Cave Trolls

Based in the western mountains their kingdom are underground in large caves. They have been in conflict with the Goblins and Elves in the last fifty years.

The Dwarves

Dwarves are the best smiths in Atheros and also the greatest builders and miners in Atheros. They prefer keeping to themselves and they are rumored to some of the largest gathered treasures in Atheros. Heavy Dwarf troops are some of the most heavily armored soldiers in Atheros. Dwarf mountain keeps are some of the greatest fortresses to ever be built.