This is just me being silly, inspired by a silly astrological sign post on Tumblr!


The Good Queen Faith has ruled our kingdom for many a year. Within her reign, chaos was shattered and order took its place. She is called the Good Queen, because after her brother, King Michael's death, the land has prospered and flourished. All is quiet, all is calm, but not for long.

In a market place, two brothers are up to their usual tricks. These men, cloaked in hoods of evergreen and ash, escape once more into the wood. They are of the same height, but could be compared as different as night and day. The eldest, Hunter, blessed by the heavens some would say, has short hair the color of hay, broad shoulders, and sun-warmed skin. Erec, the younger, was not as fortunate, but made up for it in wit and skill. He is slender, and impossibly thin, along with shaggy hair like bark at dusk. The two brothers share a single unique trait, the ability to wield magic. Hunter is successful in basic magic and useful spells, but Erec has a true affinity for natural magic. They use it for mischief. This, of course, is the reason they are fleeing into the forest after a successful 'prank'.

"Come on, Erec. At your pace we'll never reach the next village!"

Rounding the corner of a well-beaten path, they run into exactly what they usually avoided. A assembly of village idiots (read:guards) blocks there path. The clown in charge notices them and commands them to halt. In a mighty voice, he announced, "Stop! By order of the Good Queen, you are to be arrested." It takes a few seconds for this to sink in, since the guard is stupidly shouting the obvious at them from a few paces forward. The guards begin to point their spears at the magicians, "Can't we talk about this for a moment, I'm sure we can come to an agreement…"

By the end of their 'talk', two guards are chickens, one's head is on backwards (don't worry, it will slowly turn back around as the spell wears off, completely painless), and the rest have been either put to sleep or trapped by shrubbery. The brother in green, Erec, waltzes up to the captain of the guard, who is currently tied by his ankles and hanging off a tree branch. "Let's see which ridiculous law we broke this time."

"Hunter, you need to see this."

"Janus, I don't see why you force me to be in your company"

"Be realistic, Aaron, who else would be so straightforward with you!"

A stone-faced knight led his horse through the forest, followed by… well, no one is quite sure. The stories say that Janus was once a wild beast, which a magician tried to turn into a human but was killed before the spell was complete. Janus definitely seems wild. Short, pale locks frame her face, and large clear eyes shine in the shadow of trees. Her skin is white like parchment with grey stripes like a tiger littering her body, and her ears extend and point far longer than those of elves mentioned in old fables. Somehow, she found a travelling companion in the form of Sir Aaron of the House Gaunt, a stoic but sarcastic cousin of the Good Queen, who had no want nor need for any companionship on his journey home.

"I do insist that you please, never, ever, speak again. It seems that all you do is speak. Would honey manage to shut your mouth for a moment or will I require a seamstress?"

"Now Aaron, I don't think you could find a lady willing to sow my mouth, especially with my teeth." Another sarcastic grin, boasting a full mouth of slightly pointed and definitely sharp teeth, was sent his way. "Now on to a much more pressing issue…" "The fact that I have an unwanted tag along whom I have attempted to ditch several times?" "Okay, you are officially in need of more friends, I mean-""For once, I am not trying to insult you. We actually have a tail." That shut her up quickly. "No, don't turn around; act like I have once again insulted you. He has been gaining on us for the past hour, and will reach us before the next bend in the path. Here is the plan."

They walked into the forest after loudly arguing over the fact Janus had to go and 'relieve herself' in the forest. Now, they waited to ambush the cloaked man with an even darker horse. He obviously didn't have enough experience in spying or staying incognito in general. But the man had definitely been watching them, and was now trying to hang back as he waited for them to exit the woods back onto the narrow path. Janus and Sir Aaron crept through the woods on either side of the path. Aaron prepared to launch himself out of the thick brush, but Janus beat him to it. She leapt through the air, tackling the man off of his horse, and onto the path. Aaron rushed over to place his sword at the man's neck. "You have one chance for life, why were you following us?"

"Sir, please forgive me. I was told to inform you that the Good Queen requires your presence!"

His hand does not move. "Why couldn't you have told me sooner, why wait and stay back?"

"No one else was to know! I was supposed to get you alone and then inform you, very secret, exceptionally hush hush! The Good Queen believes it is something someone of your reputation could accomplish." He finally puts his sword back into the scabbard. "You heard the man, Janus, I now have an excuse to be rid of you.""But, Aaron… I just wanted to see the kingdom! I swear as soon as we get through the borders I'll leave you nice and alone, and you'll never see me again, but I need a guide to get there!" She whined back to him. He gave a heavy sigh, "Fine, but the minute we step into the first village I expect you gone.


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