"But I'm too scared mom", said Stacey first looking through the horizontal slit in the wall curtain and then turning towards her mother with sheer fear in her eyes. Her mother, Amanda, with a calm and composed smile told Stacey to just keep faith and step out, "It's no more as bad you think it is darling, trust me!".

"Do you think, I can still go out and be okay?"

"The fear is gone now, you cannot stay here forever, love"

"But I want to be with you, here, safe and sound"

"You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only option you have."

"Why don't you come along then?"

"Because this is not where I'm supposed to be anymore. You won't be able to see me baby, but I will always be there. Forever. Promise!"

Stacey had always believed her mother's words. She never ever made fake promises. 'May be I should….' Thinking to herself and taking a long and final look at the translucent form of her mother, bidding her last good bye, she turned and walked away.

…And slowly, with some effort, Stacey opened her eyes. Harper, her father, unbelieving at first, and then ecstatic on seeing her beloved daughter open her eyes after a 5-year Coma. He had not left her side for a single night all these years. Everyone told him it's all in vain, even the doctors had given up all hope, but he had not. How could he? He was her father after all! She was all he had. "Dr. Marvell, Doctor! Nurse! She's up again! Please come and check", he ran outside the hospital room shouting with joy.

"It's a miracle, Mr. Weather. It is a miracle indeed!" said Dr. Marvell upon seeing Stacey wide awake after a long, really long sleep termed as Coma in medical science.

Holding his wife Amanda's picture in his hands, and happy tears in his eyes, he looked at Amanda's beautiful face in it. 'I promised you, I'll take care of our daughter, love. And promises are not meant to be broken, right?', he thought with the saddest memories of his life flashing right in front of his eyes, his Amanda, breathing her last in his arms and making him promise, after that dreadful accident.

He finally went to his daughter, held her hand and said, "It will all be okay now sweetheart, I Promise!"