After Osoru Academy

Miyu Yoshida

Their last hours on the island had been spent sharing the limelight. All of the final competitors had been standing in for photoshoots for the press, with Akiyama and other competitors, fans and all of the sorts. They also gave out many autographs on anything the crowds could find, and Miyu was nicely bombarded the most. She would have never imagined she would have her own bodyguards standing and forcing people to line up for her photo and autograph, even if it was for just short of two hours.

Once everything had calmed down, they all said their goodbyes to Leon, even exchanging numbers and emails with him to keep in future touch, they all then proceeded to the airport. There, Miyu and Momoka shared a tear filled farewell, as after arriving together, they were no longer going back together.

"You'll definitely stay in touch, right?" Miyu cried, hugging her friend.

"Of course!" She replied, crying even more excessively. "Its only for a few weeks, maybe a month. I'll come and see you as soon as I get back!"

She let go off Miyu, looked over at Shibata, and just continued to explode into tears.

"Shibata-saaaan!" She cried, running towards her and receiving a big hug.

"See you soon, little Peach," Su smiled.

"You-you're so-so... CUTE!"

After their touching departure, the two Japanese girls hopped on their specified coach, and sat beside each other while they were taken to their plane. It was such an odd atmosphere on the plane. After arriving on the island in a group of four, and returning with just two, Miyu felt almost like everything had changed. Not to mention the millions of yen now in her account.

As the plane lined up along the runway, Miyu was clutching the arms of her chair, preparing herself for take off. Shibata glanced over and took note of how identical they were, having not forgotten about the time they came to the island.

As the plane drove along the runaway, just before it came off the ground, Shibata tore her hand from the seat and took hold of her friends. They both squeezed tightly onto each other, sinking into their chairs as they ascended to the sky.

Once flying straight, and they had both relaxed, the two looked at each other with a exhausted expression, both slowing down their breathing. At that moment, Su realised their hands were still together, and intended on withdrawing, but Miyu kept hold and even placed her other over them both. She then nuzzled into her friend, resting her head on her shoulder, as she closed her eyes and eventually fell asleep.

Back on the ground in mainland Japan, once the two had came off of their plane, they were greeted by a crowd of family and friends. Uesugi Sensei, Akiko Matsumoto, Fujiko Watanabe, Ryota and Hiroto from school, Aiko and Hideo Yoshida, Yui Goto and even Mr and Mrs Shibata. They all cheerfully greeted them, congratulating the two of them, while the two winning girls couldn't help but cry in reunion with their parents.

"I'm so happy your daughter managed to come out of her shell, Mr and Mrs Shibata," Sensei turned to the two. "This experience really was just what she needed. Same to you Yoshida-chan," he then turned to Miyu. "I'm so proud of you for coming out on top, despite all that tried to stand in your path along the way. Takeshi would be so proud."

"All of this is possible because of your training and guidance Sensei," Yoshida replied. "I couldn't thank you enough."

"Well," Mrs Shibata clapped her hands together. "We have a little surprise for our daughter when she gets home! So, without being rude, we'll be taking our leave."

As her parents got into their car, encouraging their daughter to hurry up, she turned to Miyu and wrote down on a piece of paper her number and Skype. There, she promised that she would message her as soon as she was home and free. The two girls hugged, and Susumi ran into her parents' car.

Not long after her departure, Miyu and the others all also left, promising to her friends and Sensei that they would all arrange some kind of meet soon, and then they walked home.

The walk gave the three of them time to think and talk. There, they were able to talk about the problems that they had left on, and even explain why they were so adamant about her dreams in the past.

They had never told Yoshida how her Uncle had died. Takeshi, the man who got her into current life style, who had been nothing if a second father to her up until his death, was killed in a street fight one night, when helping a young lady who he had witnessed in distress.

Being Hideos brother, he wasn't too old, nor too young either. In his mid-fourties, he was always in great shape no matter what. Teaching Miyu day in and day out. However, one night during a walk home from the Yoshida household, he heard a girl scream not far from himself. There, he ran to her aid, where three men had all chased a girl into an alley way, and were then grabbing and attacking her.

He shot down the alley way and flipped into action, defeating the three with minimal struggle. Beaten and bruised, the three fled the scene. However, as he was tending to the girl, those same men returned but with huge numbers. It appeared that the men he had gotten involved with were yakuza, and with knives equipped, he was brutally stabbed to death.

They explained that this was all information from a witness, who had lived in the house opposite the alleyway. He put up a good fight, but was ultimately overwhelmed. They never told her because of the violent nature. His death was also the reason they didn't want her to continue with her marital arts, in case she ever found herself in similar situation.

But it was all in the past now, and her parents couldn't be any more proud of her. Once they arrived home, they all had a meal together, before Miyu went upstairs and began unpacking her suitcase. Despite a few hours having passed, she hadn't received any messages on any platform from Shibata.

She sat on the edge of her bed, with the laptop on her legs, and after having waited for a response, she instead sent her a message herself. After that, she laid back in wait, when she received a call, but it wasn't Susumi.

"Hey!" Callum said, striking a huge smile as his face appeared on screen.

"H-hi!" She replied.

"Congratulations on winning OA! I knew you could do it."

"Thanks... Um, Callum. There's something we need to uh... talk about? About us..."

"Ah..." he chuckled, averting his eyes. "I worried that this was coming... its her right?"

Miyu straightened her back, averting her own eyes in embarrassment, as she inhaled deeply and looked back at him. At that moment, after he had said it aloud, she was finally certain. All doubt since that moment they shared after winning fled, and she had her definite answer.


Susumi Shibata

As Shibata entered her house, she was very confused when confronted with a completely empty house. For the first time since she had left for OA, she felt that feeling of terror rush back over her, only for it to be completely gone within her mothers next sentence.

"Don't worry," she said with an unfamiliar smile. "In celebration of your placing, we thought that we could all go on that holiday you always wanted! Everything's already packed, including your things, they were all collected and taken to the airport already!"

"R-really?" Shibata asked, as she uncontrollably teared up. "I can't believe we're finally doing it."

"Its all thanks to you," her father replied, placing his hand on her shoulder. "You'll never have to fight ever again. For anyone's gains. And maybe, we were thinking, when we get back, at having a look into those ballet lessons you always wanted."

There were no words for her to use. With excitement levels off the charts, she grabbed onto her father like a magnet and squeezed him tight. Then, without a minute to spare, they hopped back into the car, and were on their way back to the airport.

Only during the drive did Shibata realise that she hadn't told Miyu where she was going. With no roaming data on her phone, she was going to have to tell her once at the airport. However, as they were driving, the journey back seemed somewhat longer than the drive home.

Then, as they were driving through a very narrow road, surrounded by trees and bushes in the middle of nowhere, her father stopped the car. Subtly, he flipped the switch under his wheel, opening up the car boot.

"Oh! I thought so!" He exclaimed. "A bump must have opened the boot while we were driving. Could you close it please, honey?"

"... Me?"

There it was again. That feeling of unease. Fear. Worry. She froze on the spot, she clenched onto her phone and just couldn't move.

"Please hurry," her mother called. "We don't want to miss our flight, do we?"

Mrs Shibata had such a warm and gentle smile. Maybe it was because she hadn't seen her parents smile or have them talk so kindly to her for years, and so she couldn't help but trust them. For the first time in her life, she felt like she had a real family. And so, she left her phone on the back seat and got out, giving her parents all of her trust.

As she exit the vehicle, Susumi walked towards the boot and pressed it down shut. At that moment, the wheels spun, and the car sped away from her. She chased her parents briefly, but before she knew it, the car was out of sight.

She was in a complete state of panic. Of all the things they had ever done and put her through, this was something she never expected. With no phone, and no knowledge of where she was or the exact direction they came from, she was completely lost.

The more she stood and panicked, the more she began to think about everything. How could she be so naïve? Why for even one moment did she believe her parents? The fake smiles, interacting with all her friends and their parents, calling her honey. They never did any of those things, they barely ever left the house.

Secondly, all she could think about was Miyu. She never told her that she made it home. She was so excited to get talking with her, and now there was no way to let her know. What if Yoshida got worried about her? What if she was never going to see her again? There was so much she was so much she was looking forward to with her...

After a day of not hearing anything back from Susumi, Miyu tried calling her house phone, but there was no response. With full knowledge of what her parents were like, she panicked and contacted the police, asking if they would check the house for her.

Once the police had arrived and found the house to be empty, they immediately put it down as a kidnapping. They began a search for the girl, putting out her images all over TV, and with the luck of Susumi already being known to Japan, she was found within two days. After a couple spotted the rugged teen wandering their street, she was retrieved by the police, where she was reunited with Miyu at the station.

There, the police were able to confirm that her parents had fled the country, and had taken every last penny from Shibatas account. They had always had access to it, not that there had ever been money really in it until OA, but now it had been confirmed that they escaped to a European country. All they could do was contact the police in that country, and give their description and nature of crime.

With nowhere to live, and no possessions or money, Akio and Hideo offered to for her to stay with them, as Miyu treated them all to a bigger house to all live in. Shibata had her own room, living with the Yoshidas, under the same roof with the girl she loved.

Despite being abandoned by her parents, losing all of the money she had worked so hard for, in the end she was able to live happily with Yoshida and her family. It didn't take long for Miyu and her to get past the initial awkward stage, and before they knew it, they were inseparable. In the end, the two girls got a happier ending than they could have ever imagined, a life together.

Momoka Goto

Shortly after the departure of her friends, Momo and the Garcia siblings all took their flight on course to Paris, France. Mid-flight, Ms Goto asked to go to the bathroom, when she mysteriously grabbed a small bag from her luggage and took it with her.

A few minutes later, she returned with a complete outfit change. She returned with the most stereotypical 'French Girl' look she could have. A striped black and white crop top, a short black skirt with suspenders, a red beret crooked on her head, and a red handkerchief tied in a bow around her neck.

"How do I look?" She asked, striking the biggest grin she could, whilst also fixing up a pose.

"F-F-French!" Aimee says in a surprised tone. "But... isn't it a little racist?"

Momokas smile turned upside down, while her head tilted down, and she looked back at then under her brow with a pout.

"I'll go change..."

"No, no, I was kidding!" Aimee exclaimed, grabbing her hand. "Don't you dare!"

With her little panic over, she sat between the two siblings, holding hands with her boyfriend, and it wasn't shortly after that they were within French skies. Just from outside of the window, the sight of the Eiffel Tower came into view, and Momo became ecstatic.

She leapt over Laurences knee, her feet up on the seat and into Aimees arm, and she put both hands against the small window and screeched in excitement. The two Garcias tried getting her attention but to no avail, she was simply engulfed within the marvel before her.

"Momo!" Her friend cried. "Skirt, remember! I can see-"

"AHHH!" She squealed, pulling down on her skirt as she sat back down, embarrassingly slapping Aimee.

After arriving in Orly Airport, the three got a taxi and begun their quick tour of Paris. Each sight they saw, Momokas excitement blew up. The Eiffel Tower was the tallest thing she had ever seen, so tall she almost fell backwards when trying to tilt her head to see the top.

The Lourve Glass Pyramid was nice and light up at night. The Arc De Triomphe, made her feel small in a huge Roman Empire, right before she was told that the Romans were in Italy, not France. Finally, Aimee went home and let the two take a romantic cruise down the Seine River. The cruise ended within walking distance of the Garcia household, and from there they returned to his parents.

Momoka walked inside, all lovey-dovey with a thousand new selfies and photographs on her phone, and there she met the Garcia parents. They were very polite and kind when greeting her, causing her to blush and hide behind Laurence, having never felt so embarrassed before.

However, she got over her embarrassment quickly as she got into deep conversations with their parents over dinner. Despite being late in the night, they all sat around the table, having dessert and listening to the parents' funny stories about their kids.

All-in-all, they had a great night. The new girlfriend loved and was loved by her boyfriends parents, and the next month she spent living there were some of the greatest weeks she had ever had. If it weren't for her friends a d family back home, she would have never left.

One month after the OA finale, the friend group all joined together. Momoka Goto and Laurence Garcia sat together in the café, and in the distance came her two best friends. To her surprise, the girls walked hand-in-hand towards them, causing an excited squeal from their little friend who had sprung from her chair.

"Is it true? Is it true?!" She asked, giddy and wiggling on the spot.

"... Yes," Miyu replied, embarrassingly looking back and forth at Susumi.

"O-M-G!" Momo screamed. "I'm so happy that you two finally got together!"

"Please Momo, stop it!" Miyu continued to blush.

Just a month after the competition, Yoshida had used her OA earnings to get herself and Shibata a house for themselves, not far from her parents house. Miyu had started going to University, studying a teaching course, to live her dream of being a teacher at Kongo no Kadai, teaching alongside Uesugi Sensei.

Shibata finally perused her dream of Ballet, with hopes that she'd be able to go on and perform in stage productions, with a little budget help from her girlfriend. Once Momoka was back in Japan, she told her friends that she was going to get a job as a nurse, as she always intended on doing after the fighting was over. Though she couldn't promise that she would be staying in Japan forever.

Though good and bad things happened both during and after the competition, everything seemed to have worked out for the original Japanese trio, and their new French companion. Despite never seeing or hearing from Nakamura after he left, Yoshida knew she was far happier with Shibata than she could have ever been with Haru.

This was the life they were all supposed to live. This is the life they all wanted and needed, and now it was time to live it.

A/N: I have been writing this story for just under 4 years. The entire plot and premise of this story came from the idea of having a female lead in a story. That was it. I was in University at the time, in my dorm room, and I was extremely depressed, and it was just around the time I was beginning to realise that I might be a woman.

To try and distract myself, as I thought that there was NO WAY that was what it was, I came up with the idea of writing a story through the eyes of a woman, who I put my entire personality into. Somehow, I came up with the fighting competition idea. The story plan originally had close to 80 chapters, but in the end A LOT was cut from the story, including the character Haru Nakamura. He was supposed to stay in the story until the end, but the way I had written the character annoyed me so much, that I sent him away XD.

The story was going great, but halfway through writing, I took a few months break, maybe even a year. This was because for the first time in my life, I was in a happy place. I was only able to write OA when I was in a bad/ depressed state. However, the happy state ended, and I believe I continues shooting out chapters again after I had the definite decision that I was transgender, and I publicly came out (it was a hard time).

Ultimately, I'm ecstatic with the outcome of this story (needs a lot of tweaking, my writing has changed a lot over the years), and all I can say is that I started this story as Lewis, and finished it as Lillie. And THAT is an achievement in itself. I will miss these characters greatly, but I hope to release and publish this story one day, and I hope everyone will support and buy it.

Thank you all for sticking through to the end. See you in the next one.

L. Cooke