The sun was bleeding into the distant horizon, slowly but surely disappearing behind the jagged mountain peaks. What little light remained filtered through the gaps in the canopy, spidery shadows skittering across the forestfloor.

It was a little past six, maybe six thirty. Not quite yet seven o' clock, not yet, if I had to hazard a guess. Time was difficult to tell when you were a wolf. I had lost my watch and phone the moment I'd shifted forms, along with my clothing and the rest of my accessories. They were probably in a plastic baggie back at the conference hall. At least I sure as hell hoped so, because Rolexes weren't exactly cheap.

All that aside, I needed a game plan. I couldn't keep running and running without any fixed destination in mind—well, actually, I could keep running, because a wolf's stamina was legendary, but even with legendary stamina, I would have to stop at some point.

The strange sensations I had experienced as a human hadn't lessened any when I'd changed my skin. In fact, the exact opposite had happened, much to my dismay: the dripping wetness and the accompanying restlessness spreading its influence deeper, resulting in the most curious itch I had ever felt.

Curious especially in the sense that I didn't want me to scratch it—I wanted someone else to scratch it for me, preferably a dominant wolf with a big, fat cock, which was very curious indeed, because I had never really thought about sex before.

But the longer and farther I ran, the deeper the itch became and the more I thought about it. About sex. About presenting myself like a wrapped present to the most dominant alpha I could find and letting him pound my filthy, aching pussy—

Wait, what? That wasn't right. I was a guy and I was not interested in butt sex .. was I?

At some point I had stopped running and started to pace in circles, absently rubbing myself against the gnarled bark of a tree. Now I checked myself, resuming my forwards trot. It was slower than my previous pace, but I just didn't have the energy to continue maintaining the frantic, reckless sprint born of desperation and fear and it wasn't long before I stopped again, this time to slake my thirst at a small, burbling brook, practically inhaling its pure water. It was while drinking that I realized I recognized where I was, despite the darkness of the pending nightfall.

This was the northernmost area of the preservation, a dense stretch of timberland that had managed to remain relatively untouched by mankind, which explained why the river waterhad tasted so clean, in a way that only my wolf could fully understand and appreciate.

The strange itch plaguing me had also subsided, thank niss and been replaced with an exhaustion that ran all the way to the marrow of my bones, it was so deep. I wanted nothing more than to lay down my head and sleep 'til dawn.

But .. what if they were still hunting me? Surely they would have given up by now, right? If I had been human, I would've bitten my lip indecisively and as it was, I did pace a little, back and forth as I weighed the risks and tried to come up with a plan.

If I kept running, I'd eventually become so exhausted that I would probably collapse and wouldn't be able to keep my guard up and that was just assuming that I even managed to make it that far. There was also the possibility that I could be caught and would prove too exhausted and weak to be able to defend myself. On the other hand—er, paw—if I slept now and kept going in the morning, I would have enough energy to stay ahead of the alpha and defend myself if he caught me.

That being said, everything pointed to the latter option as being the best choice of action. But still, I found myself hesitating, fearful and apprehensive. It took another good fifteen minutes before I was comfortable and relaxed enough to lay down beside the river, dropping my head onto my paws and allowing my eyes to drift shut. It didn't take long for sleep to creep in, blanketing its influence heavy around me like a cocoon. I rolled over onto my side and soon was fast asleep.

I don't know how long I slept for. I do know, however, that I slept hard and heavy. Hard enough that I failed to notice the big, hulking black wolf step out of the shadows and start making its way towards me. I didn't notice the way he smelled, like cigarettes and mint. Hell, I didn't even notice when he put his wet nose to my belly and snuffled a trail downwards, until he found the still-dripping lips of my pussy.

Only when his tongue shot out and delved deep into that intimate cleft did I finally wake, flailing and wide-eyed. The scent of the strange wolf, cigarettes and mint, burned my nose, as it was the scent of the one I had been running so intently from.

The alpha. No, the First Alpha. The strongest wolf, the Alpha of not just one pack but all the packs. He'd been the one chasing me. And now he'd caught me.

He stood over me, pinning me in place with his sheer size and strength and I tried to struggle, to claw my way out from under him. I threw my head this way and that, digging my nails into wet soil as I writhed and fought, fought until I was panting and my sides were heaving. It was only when the First Alpha stepped back that I realized he'd never been pinning me in place at all. He'd simply been standing there and the sensation of being pinned was coming from myself.

I was fighting myself and at first, I didn't understand. It made no sense. The way was clear! I could run away, the Alpha wasn't trying to stop me. So why couldn't I do it? Why wouldn't my body obey me?

Had he done something to paralyze me, when he had licked me? Injured me, perhaps? I mean, something like that would make sense, right? Except I couldn't smell any blood and I didn't feel like I was injured. There wasn't any pain, just an overwhelming feeling of panic.

Possible paralysis was also ruled out when I rolled onto my back, exposing my belly. Not paralyzed, then. So what .. ?

Submit, my body said suddenly, clearly. Submit to the Alpha.

And that was when it made sense.

My wolf self had taken over and my human self was no longer in control. It hadn't happened in so long, I hadn't recognized the warning signs. Members of my pack were initiated into training from the moment they had their third shift. Training that enabled us to establish dominance over our inner beasts, taught us better self-control and proper cultural etiquette.

Losses of control were rare, especially among alphas like myself. They were far more common in omegas and betas, omegas more so because they were supposedly more animal than human. It was said that, for omegas, sometimes the lines separating human and animal blurred until their behavior was a strange mix of both. Alphas, on the other paw, were said to rarely experience losses of control. Some claimed that we were born with mastery over our beast.

Movement out of the corner of my eye caught my attention and I watched, helpless and sick to my stomach, as I rolled back onto my stomach and the First Alpha stepped closer again, touching his nose to mine in greeting. Now that he was so near, I was able to see that his pelt wasn't entirely black at all, but a deep chocolate-brown. And his eyes were the shimmering copper of newly made pennies.

Under different circumstances, they probably would've mesmerized me but right now, all I could feel right now was .. excitement? Yes, I decided. It was definitely excitement: a buzzing in my head like my cranium was full of bees and the same awful restlessness from before. And excitement, because my itch was about to be scratched. By the First Alpha.

Lick me again. Lick me again. Please.

I didn't stop and think about why I wanted him to lick me again. I just wanted it—there didn't have to be a why. I didn't care about the reasons, anyway, not anymore. I didn't care about running, either, and instead of trying to escape, I nipped at the First Alpha's muzzle and rolled over onto my back, exposing my belly and, with a tilt of my chin, my jugular. Submitting to him had to be the fastest way to get what I wanted.

And sure enough, the First Alpha dropped his head and started to lick at my belly, the teasing motions of his thick tongue gradually meandering lower and lower until he reached the itch and finally, finally, I got what I wanted.

It felt like he'd stuck his tongue in an electrical outlet instead of my itching pussy—my eyes went wide and tremors ran along the nerves in my hindlegs, causing them to jerk uncontrollably. Oh, man. I hadn't had the first clue what I'd asked for. So good. Soooo good. Needed more. More.

And he knew it. Knew all about it, those copper-tinged eyes of his shining even in the dark. He did it again and again, even put his nose into it, until I was a whimpering, writhing mess, rendered incoherent by the sheer depth of my need. The wet sensation beneath my tail had returned and when the First Alpha raised his head to look down at me, I saw a smear of red on his nose. Like blood.

I should've freaked out, been worried. It wasn't normal to bleed down there. But I wasn't concerned at the time, instead too obsessed with getting more. Rather than granting me relief, the First Alpha's affections had made the damned itch worse. I couldn't think past the all-consuming, incredible need to get fucked.

That was what I wanted, I decided. To get fucked. By the First Alpha. Preferably hard and fast. And as soon as possible.

Fortunately, the First Alpha and I were thinking on the same wavelength. He, too, seemed to suffer from an itch, almost frantic as he nudged me urgently onto my feet and scrambled to mount me, managing it more smoothly than I expected in his haste. Niss knows I didn't make it easy for him, squirming and yipping like a creature possessed.

Please please please do it now please now now now I need it — —

A few clumsy experimental thrusts and then he was in, xxxing me hard and fast, with short, stabbing motions of his hips. I felt myself contract around him, muscles tightening in an attempt to suck him deeper, keep him longer. I could hear his grunts and half-groans, just as I heard my own noises — corresponding whimpers and breathless shrieks that I hadn't known myself to be capable of making.

The way the First Alpha made me feel, I couldn't help it. I had never felt anything so good in my life. This was exquisite, it was perfect. Undoubtedly the best thing to ever happen to me — I wanted it to never end, or better yet, for it to keep happening. Forever.

Harder faster more please need it oh Gods harder please — —

Already I could feel my climax, a vivid wave of cerulean approaching fast. It threatened to tear me inside out and I keened, fearful but helpless to try and pull away from the First Alpha. Instead I squirmed pushed back against him, eager for deeper, harder. His cock scraped over something inside of me then, something buttonlike that made me throw back my head and howl and squirm some more, because I'd never felt so damn good.

It happened again and then twice more, provoking my climax to the surface. Instead of tearing me inside out, it turned me into shattered glass and left me in pieces, partially unconscious with edges so pleasure-sharp that I cut myself every time I inhaled. The First Alpha was still fucking me, good and hard — — I almost swore his cock had gotten larger, the base of it swollen and round.

I felt numb, almost outside of my own body as I watched myself writhe back against the larger wolf, even though I'd already came. It was like I was possessed by a sex demon or something, seesawing onto my forelegs with my ass raised high, gripped hard in the First Alpha's grasp, his claws digging into the skin of my underbelly.

I felt a stab of pain as the swollen flesh banged against my colon, trying to force its way inside. Panic resurfaced, causing me to writhe and squirm in a desperate bid to free myself, except suddenly his teeth were embedded tightly in the loose skin of my nape and he was holding me still as he maintained his furious rhythm, steadily trying to work that round, throbbing bit of muscle into me. He paid no attention to my protests, ignoring my pleading whimpers and cries.

A knot, I suddenly remembered. The bulbous gland at the base of his cock was his knot or tie. All canids were supposed to have them. It was what kept the male inside the female during breeding, so that .. .. oh. Oh.

It was inside me now, the First Alpha's knot, heavily engorged with blood and tying us together. He was still thrusting and there was still pleasure to be found from it, but there was also a vague sense of discomfort and pain, his knot stretching the walls of my pussy uncomfortably.

As I squirmed and wiggled beneath him, however, I realized that a part of me loved it. Loved the knot, loved the roughness, the pain.

Strangely enough, the discovery didn't bother me. Or maybe it did but I just didn't have the time to be bothered by it, since that was the moment when the First Alpha's orgasm hit him like a freight train and his last few erratic thrusts triggered another orgasm of my own as well. He released my scruff, threw back his head and howled triumphantly; I was too breathless to join in, the aftershocks of pleasure almost painful as they rippled through my tired, overly sensitive body.

Tired, actually, was an understatement. I was exhausted. If the First Alpha hadn't still been holding my rear end up, I would've collapsed into a limp, boneless puddle. Instead I simply laid still, the cool earth a relief on my hot, trembly skin. I was too tired to feel anything else, too tired to be angry or disgusted. I just got comfortable and fell asleep, my last conscious thought about how good it felt to not have that damned itch anymore.