Traci remembers her mom telling her to never get caught between a rock and a hard place. She knows that is where she is right now. Drake is in front of her, and despite all her planning, she had no way to protect herself. After hearing his story of how he came to be, she knew begging would do no good. She held her cross tight in her hands and used it to block his gaze.

"Traci as I told you already the sun will be up soon. I have already indulged you with the tale of my past, now why don't you behave and let me bite you so we can end this evening."

"You think I'm just going to give up to you?"

"Don't make me laugh because you don't have a choice. Your garlic does nothing to me but annoys me. Your holy water I could drink if I was thirsty for water and it would quench my thirst. The cross that you are holding on to, is light holding on to air. I can look at it and nothing happens."

Thinking for a minute a thousand different scenarios run through her mind before she says. "Drake you can look at it, but you can't touch it. I bet that if I could put this wooden stake through your heart you would die like any other vampire."

"Careful girl, are you sure you want to risk your life on two wild guesses."

"If I'm wrong, then come over here and get me."

It is quiet in the apartment as they lock eyes and for the first time Traci wasn't worried about his hypnotic powers. Neither one move or said a word for what seemed like hours but were just minutes.

"Well play Traci I think for the first time in ages I underestimate someone. I will warn you girl, I could force this game, but instead I will let you have this battle. The next time we meet, I will not be so gracious."

In front of her eyes Drake transforms his body into mist and she watches as his fog form leaves her apartment. She says a silent prayer and knows that she needs to be ready before next time. She needed help and knew the one place that she might be able to find it.

Detective Lot was getting frustrated, in this big city there were many places that Drake could hide, there was no way he could search them all. He had to play on a hunch of his own. Most predators hunt close to their nest, which means if the map he looks at earlier where all the victims were found there was an image of a circle forming. He decided to look closely at the center of that circle. There was an old closed down city morgue from the 1920s in that area. It was still an hour before the sunrise but he didn't want to wait any longer.

A short time later he arrived at the abandoned morgue, and it looks like something from a horror movie. He knew right away that he should have brought someone else with him but it was too late for that now. If he was right, this might be the only way to put an end to the murders and he didn't want another one on his conscious. He grabs his flashlight and forces his way inside of the morgue. The old counter had a thick layer of dust and there were spider webs in every direction that he looks in. Underfoot he could hear movements of rats in the place. They were probably mad at him for disturbing their home. They were not the rodents he was hoping to find here.

He went deeper into the morgue he went back to where the bodies should have been kept.

There were coffins all around with dust cover on all of them, he saw a skeleton remains that almost made him shout. Then he pushes on to the sign that read basement storage, he slowly made his way to the basement with his gun drawn expecting trouble. Truthfully he didn't know what he expected to find but he pressed on and there in the basement he saw different storage rooms. He opens up the doors slowly and most were rusty. He came to storage door number 4 and inside there was a coffin that didn't have any dust on it, which he thought was strange. He went closer to it and lift the lid, but nothing was in it. But it looks well kept inside and he could see body marks where someone had been inside. He hopes that he was wrong but everything was starting to come together.

He walks back up the steps back behind the counter and when he turns his throat is caught in a vise-like grip. When he turns he seems the face for his prime suspect and realizes it could be the face of Detective Lot's killer.