January 14th 2099

I'm writing this journal in the hopes that one day, another survivor will find it so they know that they are not alone, even if their only company is a book written in by me. Me, I'm just Ed. My earliest memory is playing amongst the bombed out ruins of Brixton with my gas mask on. I grew up with my pa and brother, and our dog Karl, and it was like that until my 15th, where they were killed by a flood of poison-fog. Now I am 25.

Pa didn't know how the disaster happened, because he said he was born generations after it happened. Though my brother always said we never rebuilt because there just wasn't enough humans, and we're a dying race.

At the moment I'm living in an empty police station. Its safe from the winds, and I put sealant on the doorframe so fog can't leak in. Pa was obsessive over fog-awareness. He'd always make me and my brother wear our gasmasks outside, even in the low-fog zones. The door is heavy and the wild packs of animals can't get in. I don't worry about raiders, they never come down this way. My Pa would tell me tales of the huge tribes of raiders in America, and how they'd ride in on motors shooting guns and pillaging towns. Of course, those were the old days of The New Age, when there were still towns. Then violent earthquakes tore most of the Earth apart (again) and the people scattered to die in the concrete wastes.

January 18th 2099

The other day I found some old cassette tapes. I took them back to the hideout and put them in the cassette player I scavved from a car. They were music tapes, and it was loud and had fast sounds that I remember being something called guitars. On the front there was a picture of four men wearing ripped clothes, and the writing on the front said "The Clash". They sung about hate and war and also about a white riot.

Further along down the street was a crashed steam plane, and I managed to scav lighting units of it, so now I have electric light in my hideout! I feel a little more sane now. The dusty corpse inside the cockpit had a gun clamped between his dead fingers but I always feel a little guilty taking from the dead, especially when its prying firearms from their cold dead hands.

However I did take his comfortable leather sheepskin jacket, after brushing the powdered metal off it. Its very warm and I don't feel a chill when I go to sleep at night now.

January 30th 2099

The last few days I've been going further and further to search for food now. Before I've been lucky with finding packets of biscuits in lorries and the such, but supplies are becoming harder to find. North of the hideout is a deep, wide crack in the earth which is impossible to see the bottom of. It spans many miles, and I don't want to walk for days just to get around it. The outskirts of Brixton are dangerous. To the south and west, there is a miasma of fog surrounding a crashed bomber. The canisters must've burst on impact, dispersing the fog. (The poison fog is a chemical compound that was dropped from planes onto cities to kill all the civilians. It doesn't fade away very easily at all, and if it comes into contact with human skin it burns and blisters it to the point of your skin just flopping off you. If you inhale it at all it dissolves your insides and you cough up liquidated bits of yourself) I would suit up and go and scavenge there but at the same time I'd rather not get first degree fog poisoning and die a slow death. I could try the east but the buildings are dark and there are things in them I'd rather not have to deal with.

January 32th 2099

I'm in luck! Just this morning I found a crate full of bottled water and MRE and also a water purifier! I'm sitting back at the hideout writing this and I can tell you, that MRE sure is delicious after months of chewy cow meat.

January 40th 2099

A storms hit. I can hear the rain spattering against the roof, and the wind blows on the door like an expensive whore from Las Vegas before the wars. Its damn fucking freezing in here.

January 41th 2099

I don't believe it! The storm last night tore a hole in one of the larger buildings down the road, and I bet theres all sorts of stuff to scav in there! With the sunlight shining in, the things inside will be long gone so its all safe. Its looking up after all.