As the day grew to a close, the townspeople hurried making repairs to the barn. The old wooden doors had been replaced with newer doors without the cracks that were ever present with the old one. The dirty old windows were replaced with wood shields. The foundation had been built up around the barn with fresh dirt. The tin roof had just been repaired earlier in the week. As families rushed inside to escape the coming fog and the grave people that always came with the fog.

The church had reinforced doors with wood blocks placed behind the doors. The clergyman rang the bell for the townspeople that were not already in the barn to gather at the church. The fog had already made it across the countryside. Some people refused to leave their land and decided to make a stand in their homes.

Mr. Green and his family had turned off all the lights and candles in his house in an effort to fool the grave people. As the fog covered his house, Mrs. Green held her daughter close. Mr. Green and his teenage son Tony both stood with rifles in their hands, with the father in the living room and the son in the kitchen by the back door. That's when the familiar sound of the grave people could be heard from each corner of the house. The family dog that got left outside when everyone else rush inside begins barking. Mr. Green looks around and whispers to his family to stay quiet.

Outside the dog barks louder, under then he lets out a whimper and then the barking stops. Olivia cries out for her dog, when Mr. Green rushes to her side and covers her mouth. But it was too late the grave people had heard her and began clawing at the house. Mrs. Green and Olivia both cry out in fear. Mr. Green grasps his rifle tighter knowing that they were in trouble. He checked his box of shells and told his son to check his too. A noise from the roof starters the family, then a section of roof falls inside the house bringing down with it several grave people. Mr. Green fires his rifle at the two closest to him, but several more pile through the hole. Mrs. Green and Olivia runs to the kitchen where her son is firing his gun at the grave people surrounded his dad. As Mr. Green is overcome by the grave people, they turned their attention to the kitchen and the remaining family members.

Olivia ran behind her brother as Mrs. Green runs toward the grave people swinging an ax in her hand determine to save her children. That's when her son shot a hole in the bottom of the door and told Olivia to run to town. She cried and refused to leave, and then a scream interrupted the arguing siblings from their mother. She had managed to hold off the grave people with the ax until more of them flooded into the house and devoured her. At once they were on top of the children as he fired his gun again and again until he ran out of ammo and befell the same fate as his parents. Olivia turns back once to see her brother disappear underneath the rushing grave people that were reaching to grab her as the crawls through the hole and outside to the fog. She ran outside into the fog.

The fog had reached the town and the doors of barn and church both were bolted shut as the people inside braced for another fogging night. The lanterns were all put out in the barn, and all the children were told to be quiet. All the windows were covered so no one could look outside to see where the grave people were. The put several peek holes in the walls to see, and John Schmidt looked out one of them. He could only see thick fog, but as he watched first one, then two, then in a blink of an eye there were dozens of grave people outside. He stepped away from the peek hole, and signal for everyone to stay quiet.

Suddenly, a dog began to bark. John and Ulf both tried to find the dog quickly, as others wondered who had brought a dog inside of the barn. There in the east corner was Walter holding his dog; he had lost both of his parents to the grave people. First his mother when he was a baby, and his dad on the last fogging night. Walter had quieted his dog down by the time they were found, but the damage was already done. The grave people were clawing at the outside of the barn. They could be heard on all sides scratching and pulling at the barn. As the terrified people inside huddled together hoping that the barn walls would hold, and then on the roof footsteps could be heard. This was the first time that the grave people had made it to the roof. John lit a lantern and climb the steps of the barn to double check the doors on the roof. It was no longer necessary to hid in the dark now that the grave people knew that they were inside of the barn. Just as he turned the corner after leaving the last step his worst fears were realized.