"Eve, what are you doing so far away from the church?"

"I'm doing something special for Elder Jensen."

"Why would he send you out here by yourself this close to nightfall?"

"Hey, my dad always said that there was something wrong with Jensen in the head."

"Dion don't say that. He is trying to help everybody. He asks me to run a quick errand."

"What kind of an errand?"

"Listen I don't want to tell you, but I can probably get done quicker if I had some help."

"I can't speak for Todd but Mr. Rufus is counting on us and I ain't going to let him down. Besides you won't even tell us what that crazy Jensen got you doing."

"Dion I said don't call him crazy."

"Oh, I'm sorry I got little Eve mad."

"Ok, listen you can't be out here by yourself its too dangerous. I will go with you and Dion can go back and help Mr. Rufus. It's almost nighttime so none of us have much time."

The boys shake boys before they turn and go their separate ways. Dion hopes that his friend knows what he is doing. Because right now he had more faith in Mr. Rufus than he did with old man Jensen.

At the church, John begins looking for Eve and is surprised when he can't find her. He tried to trace her steps and bump into Ms. Parks.

"John it's almost night time, do you think we should start getting people inside."

"Yes I was going to start doing that but I wanted to find my daughter first."

"You mean Eve, I said her earlier helping out. I thought I saw her go inside the church."

"Ok, thanks I will check inside."

"Wait before you go, I don't want to lie to myself. What do you think our chances are tonight?"

"So you want me to lie to you?"

"John, no I want you to tell me the truth."

"Last night we got lucky, its true we were not ready for them last night, and we are better prepared today, but I have this feeling something is off."

"What do you mean?"

"Listen its probably just my mind playing tricks on me but it seems to me that last night they were searching for something. It just almost like they were organized."

"Organize the gravepeople?"

"I know how it sounds like I saw its probably just me."

"John from what the town people say you are probably the most reliable person here instead maybe the sheriff. If you have a hunch about something I would go with it."

John just nods at her and turns to go look for his daughter. Ms. Parks wonders after he walks away why he never answer her question. If he was right and that the gravepeople were looking for something. Maybe if they could find it, they could stop this madness once and for all.

Sheriff Jack told everyone that it was time to come to the church. He had someone ring the church bell to signal everyone that it was almost nightfall. He had his deputy Edgar on a horse searching the coast. It was his job to ride back hard once he saw the first signs of fog coming in. There was nothing else to do now but to start gathering everyone inside and wait.

Rufus was setting up some surprises he learned from the war and knew that the gravepeople would be here soon. Unlike his brother he was not afraid, instead, he thought that they should be scared of him. He knew that his only helpers were two young boys but that was alright. They were the same age as he and Jack the first time their father had them setting up to drive back the gravepeople.

"Mr. Rufus."

"Dion where is Todd?"

"Todd isn't coming back, he went with that girl Eve."

"Eve, what girl? Where are they going? It is almost nightfall?"

"She wouldn't tell us where she was going just that she was doing something for Elder Jensen."

"Elder Jensen?"

"Ok, we can't worry about him right now. Did he keep his gun."

"Yes, plus I gave him that one I had to."

"Ok good, it is just you and me. Let's get ready. It's almost time."

As Dion hurries to get into position, Rufus wonders what did Old Jensen have that young girl doing? It had to have something to do with the gravepeople. He remembers the prophecy that his father told them years ago. But even his father didn't believe it. But apparently, Jensen did believe it in, enough to send a young girl by herself. He hopes that Todd and Eve both will be safe. He hears the bell and knows that the church is calling everyone. He also knows that its almost time.

Overlooking the coast Edgar scans the horizon for the first signs of fog. That fog always rolls in before the gravepeople. He wondered why they would signal each time with the fog, it was like lightning a lantern if you were out hunting deer. He heard a noise behind him but took it for squirrels playing. Then he heard a familiar sound, he turns around and is assaulted by a swarm of gravepeople. He falls to the ground and his last thoughts are the fog was their Trojan Horse.