Ms. Parks look outside and last night she was at the school without warning what was about to happen. Tonight looking out at the madness approaching them from the forest. The gravepeople had appeared like wraiths in the night from a few of them now they were so many as far as the eye could see. Their faces made her afraid, but then she replaces that fear with bravery thinking all the friends she had lost the night before to them. As everyone inside brace for the battle, she waited to hear the words from the sheriff. She looks beside her and everyone looks nervous. But she would not let fear rule her this night, the sheriff gave the word and she was the first one to fire her rifle at the approaching onslaught of the gravepeople.

The sheriff could hear gunfire going off on all sides of the church. He looks outside and he thought there were more of them tonight than last night. A new concern enters his mind, did they have enough ammo to defend the church? He thanks Rufus his brother for reminding him to set some traps around the church. The sheriff pulls on a rope and gallons of fuel dumps on the gravepeople ranks that were the furthest east of them, he drops a match that follows the trail of gunpowder that they left. The blue light races across the ground unnoticed by the gravepeople until it reaches the fuel pile ignited a score of the gravepeople. It was the first time the sheriff had a smile in a while.

John was upstairs of the church worried about his daughter but he knew for the time being if he ever had any hope of seeing her again he had to survive this night. That means the gravepeople could not enter the church. He saw the small explosion and knew that was the care package the sheriff had set up earlier. He fires both pistols he had trying to strike at the gravepeople that were the closest to the church. They had to keep them away from the building as long as possible. They look like a swarm of roaches trying to reach their some dessert fallen on the ground. The only part was that they were the dessert, and he had no intention of being on the menu tonight. His mind thought about Elder Jensen who still had not told him why he sent his daughter out into the night alone.

Mr. Rufus and Dion had to start fighting back against the gravepeople. Rufus was glad that his flamethrower had scared them back. They were afraid of fire, not so mindless after all he thought to himself. Behind him, Dion was setting off some traps including dropping logs behind the gravepeople so they could not escape the same way they came onto the property. Each year part of their defense was driving the gravepeople back, but not this year. Rufus was determined to destroy every last one that set foot on his land. He hopes that his brother is having some luck at the church.

Eve and Todd had made it to the cemetery. They both thought at night time it was spooky. More than once each of them had suggested they find someplace to hide, but they talk to each other into moving on. They were so close now to finding out why Jensen had sent Eve on this fool's errand.

"Which way do we go now?"

"The map says we go to the center of the cemetery and supposedly there is some building there. I don't remember seeing it before, but I was only here one other time when I was younger for my mother's funeral."

"I think I know what building they are talking about. I have never been inside but Dion and I used to play around it all the time when we would hide from our parents playing hooking from school."

They both walk and in the darkness, they found the building it was the mausoleum, and they buried the rich people from the town in it. Rumor had it that the founding fathers of their town were buried there. The children did not know how to get inside, the map had more details but they couldn't make it out in the darkness.

Todd said check under the flower pots or maybe they would find the key inside of the cabinet on the side. As they search for the keys they both heard a familiar sound in the distance. The gravepeople were there in the cemetery and the two of them knew that had nowhere to hide. It would be the two of them against the gravepeople. Todd clutches the handle of his gun as he pulls it out, and Eve did the same. The children were afraid and waited there for the gravepeople to send them to their graves.