Part 1*~
Alice laid down on the floral couch that sat in the living room. She stared across the room at her younger sister Jenni, playing with a few Porcelain dolls. She talked quietly to her dolls, smiled, and giggled.
God that annoyed Alice. She despised this thing; this thing that was her full sister and only 3 years younger than she. They were commented in public all the time on how much they looked alike. But, yet, they always thought Jenni was prettier.
Alice sighed and brushed a piece of her long, brown hair behind her. Jenni's giggles got louder and she started to sing. It was high pitched, and probably could have broken windows.
"Jenni, be quiet please" Alice said.
"NO, NO NO! Little Annie wants to sing for yoouuu!"
It was hard to believe this girl was 10 years old sometimes. It scared Alice most of the time anyways.
Alice clenched her fists. "Shut up"
"NO" Jenni screamed and continued.
That was enough to make her go off. She had a horrible temper.
"Shut the hell up now, you little bitch!"
Alice got up and grabbed one of the Porcelain dolls.
"HEY! That's MINE! You're going to RUIN it!"
She stared down at Jenni. "You have enough of these anyways" and with that, Alice spat on the doll and threw it back down.
Jenni look at her doll in horror. She then burst out into tears and yelled "mother" repeatedly until their mother came downstairs.
Their mother rushed down the staircase to come to Jenni's aid.
"Aww honey, what's wrong?" She asked hugging Jenni.
Jenni sniffed. "It's Alice, she hurt my feelings and ruined my doll! Just look at that in her hair! She spit on it!"
She turned to Alice. "Did you do this?" she said pointing to the doll's hair. Alice smiled.
"Yes, I did."
"Shame, Shame on you. It's your little sister for god's sake, your older, you KNOW better"
Alice nodded. Inside Alice wanted to hurt her mother, but mostly her sister.
"I want you out of the house so your sister can relax. Here, go take this rent check to Mr. Aria downstairs."
Alice sighed "Yes, Mam"
She took the check and opened the door.
They lived in a small apartment building. They only had 2 neighbors, Her Aunt Annie upstairs, and Mr. Aria down the stairs from her.
She walked down the steps and to his door which had a big gold "777" written down diagonally.
She pounded on the door. God, how she hated him. She heard nothing but loud classical music playing from a record.
"I know your in here lard ass, you don't leave your apartment very often. Open the door"
"Come in, Alice" a deep, raspy voice replied finally.
Alice slowly opened the door and heard it creek.
She looked at the small apartment Mr. Aria had. It was filled with junk scattered all around, and tons of little kittens and cats scurrying around like roaches.
There was a huge crush velvet couch in the middle of the room, and in the farthest corner of this room was a bed, and TV. On a small coffee table a record player sat, and next to that sat Mr. Aria in a red chair. In the back of the chair, stuffing was coming out and bits and pieces of it were all behind the chair.
Alice smirked. "Here's the check for your rent"
He slowly stood up, all (insert weight here) of him. She stared up at him in disgust.
His armed flopped down. Alice stared at the lumps in his arms and legs. His belly didn't look any better, either. She had always thought he looked like a 'caucasian sumo wrestler'
His shirt was stained and disgusting, as were his pants. He'd had on the same clothes on for 2 weeks.
He took the check from her then sat back down.
Alice looked around the room. "It smells like cat piss, I should report you." She giggled. "But I won't, not just yet anyways."
With that, she swung open the door and left.
She started down the stairs toward the basement when she heard Mr. Aria calling for her.
"Are you going out, Alice?" he said.
"Maybe, even if I was it would be none of your business, would it fatty?" Alice hissed.
"If you going to the store I'd like you to pick up a few things ple-" She slammed the door and went downstairs in the basement.
Mr. Aria Shut his door and wobbled over back to his chair. He grumbled, "Little bitch"