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At the end of the stairs, Father Vellinci, Jenni, and her mother were
standing there waiting.
"You sure everything is alright, Alice?" her mother asked.
"Everthing is just fine. I just scared her a bit" Alice replied.
"Mmm..Well alright." Her mother turned to Vellinci. "Well, we better be
heading home. It's about time for dinner and I don't want to disturb
you and Ms. Guuichi."
"Oh, you're never disturb anything. I'm always pleased to have all of
you come over."
Alice's mother smiled.
All of them walked to the door and he held it open. "Bye Alice, Jenni,
Her mother smiled. "Bye"
They all crawled into the car. Alice of course, knew she would never
hear the end about Jenni's new necklace.
"Oh wow alice, did you see what Father gave me?" Jenni said looking back
at Alice through the other side of her seat.
"Yes, I did. And I could care less"
Jenni frowned and turned back around.
Alice took the mask out of her shirt and studied it a bit more. "I bet I could
get away with a lot of things with this on" she thought. The mask looked back at her

Their car pulled up against a curb at the apartment building. "You girls can go on ahead,
I have to go drop something off real quick. Alice, here's the key" Said her mother, handing alice the key.
Alice and Jenni both stepped out of the car and went into the building.
"I'll race you alice!" Jenni said. "Ok, sure" Alice replied.
"Ready...GO" Jenni started up the stairs. The taps of her shoes echoed through the entire builing.
Alice stood there and smiled.
"Alice I won-HEY- you didn't even go!" Jenni yelled down the stairs.
"Oops, I forgot" Alice said walking up the stairs.
She unlocked the door, and plopped on the couch. Jenni ran to her room and the shut the door.
Alice looked at the little table beside her and noticed the answering machine was blinking. Alice pressed play.
"Hi Anne-Marie, It's me David. I had a business trip near by, and wondered if you and the girls would like
to go do something while I'm in town. Julia doesn't know anything about of course, heh heh."
Alice smirked. "Julia, your other wife. how could mom forget?"
"My number here at the hotel is-" Alice pressed delete.
It had been 2 kids into her mother's marriage that her father decided
to tell her that he had another wife. Alice had no respect for him, and sure as hell didn't want to see him.

"Jenni!" Their mother yelled, opening the door with a big, white box. "I have something for you"
Jenni came running out of her room the the kitchen table. "Wow, another thing for me?"
"Yes hon, and I think you might know what it is"
Jenni tore the box open like it was nothing, and looked inside. "Oh wow!"
Alice got up and looked at what was inside. It was Jenni's first communion dress neatly folded
with a veil on the side. Aliced touched the silky, white dress. "HEY, DON"T TOUCH IT" Jenni screeched.
Alice ignored her. She remembered when she had worn a dress like this, but it wasn't new like Jenni's.
Her dress had been a Hand-me-down from her one of her Aunt Annie's kids. "Mommy, tell her to quit touching IT,
I want it to be pretty and white, not yucky and dirty like her's was"
Alice looked up and shot a cold stare at Jenni.
"Alice, quit touching your sister's dress" their mother called from her room.
Alice went to the other side of the kitchen and slowly opened the drawer that had a bunch of kitchen knives.
Alice looked back and saw that her sister had her back turned and was trying on the veil. Alice picked up the knife and walked to where
her sister was. She held the knife in the air and whispered. "No more will I hear your pathetic voice, or see your new pretty things"
"Did you say something, Alice?" said Jenni turning around. Jenni froze. "Wha..what are you doing, alice?"
"Getting a new, pretty dress that is not yucky and dirty like mine" Alice raised the knife once more, and thrusted it down toward her sister.
"MOMMMYY! MOMMY!" Jenni screeched at the top of her lungs. Their mother came running out and saw a knife stuck into the table. She looked around
the kitchen and saw Alice eating a apple cut up into four pieces. "Just what is going on!?" their mother yelled.
"Sorry, I got hungry and decided to cut a apple. Of course, that's dangerous, isn't it?" Alice said biting into a slice of apple.
"Jenni, are you ok honey? I heard you screaming?"
Jenni sat at the kitchen table shaking. Her face was ghost white and her eyes were big. "A...Alice-" Jenni looked at alice and saw her snarling.
"she scared me, that's all" Jenni said, still shaking.
"Well alright-your shaking honey, are you cold?" Said their mother looking concerned.
"Yea, but I'm alright mommy" Jenni replied.
"Well alright. I'm going to be in my room if you need me"
When their mother left the room Alice took a sigh of relief and stared at her sister. "See? You'll live if you don't tell" alice said.
"How long do I have to do this?" Jenni said.
"Depends on how long you want to live" Alice walked over to the table and put the knife to her sister's neck.
"I'm assuming you do want to live, or this will happen." She pressed the knife to her neck.
"Y..Yes. I want to live" Jenni stammered.
"Good." Alice removed the knife from her sisters neck and threw it into the sink.
Jenni watched her sister go to her room and shut the door. Jenni sat at the table still shaking and kept repeating "I want to live...alice, I want to live.."