Having a crush can be quite distracting...


Waking up with heated thoughts, the mind replays desire

As I get into the shower, as I get ready to go about today

It is that beat in my heart, the song that can play so loud

I need to drown it out with music. How will I find a way?

When I hum the notes and daydream of his sweet sound

His words comforting me, those beats cascading through

Me, like a wave. To move my body in a sweet crescendo

When my entire world is silent, those dreams I hold on to

Keep me calm, it keeps me sane when my world is chaos

How can I deny that beat? The beat of my lonely heart?

Replaying in my dreams, it is enough to make me insane

In a quiet, still world of predictability when did this start?

This music, I do not want it to stop! If it could still replay

I would be forever happy. The music should always stay