Life, that means

Life, that means...

by Kaeera

Life, that means smiling
The ability to laugh about small things.
Smiling makes every face beautiful.

Life, that means crying
Tears full of bitter sorrow.
The time when the sky seems dark and cold.

Life, that means laughing
This wonderful sound which makes every heart light.
People who laugh don't need much make up.

Life, that means yelling
Of frustration or anger – yell with all your might
And you feel better after it.

Life, that means loving
With full heart
This is a feeling you will never forget.

Life, that means hating
But not too much
It destroys your heart, and hate causes hate.

Life, that means hanging around with friends.
Enjoying senseless conversations.
Enjoying the feeling of having someone who understands you.

Life, that means quarrelling
Whether with sister, brother, friends or parents doesn't mind
It shows that you are alive, and that counts.

Life, that means sorrow
Which follows you like a dark cloud
Wherever you go.

Life, that means happiness
A medicine which is stronger than every doctor.
The only force which can beat the sorrow.

Life, that means thinking
About important and unimportant things
It can make you seeing behind the facade.

Life, that means so many things
To count them all up would take years
Enjoy every minute of it – too soon it will be over!

Life, that means living
It doesn't mind what the others say.
You have to live your life.
Go your own way.
Because only on this way you'll find real luck.

There are so many kinds of luck.
Everybody has a different one.
Some want to become rich.
Other wanna have a Family.
And for a few it's the most important thing to become famous.

But what's your luck?

You are individual. There isn't a second one of you.
And your luck is individual, too.
So don't go the easy way and follow the example of other people.
There is only one way for you.
And it may cost you sorrow to find it.
And it may be very hard – sometimes even too hard – to find it.
And it may make you crying very often.

But it's worth to find it.

Life, that means living!

Live your own life!

That's the real luck!


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