Chapter II

I felt a hand pushing and pulling the pillow, making me come out of my dream that involved me about to come face to face with a man who had the voice an angel.

"Stop it," I moaned, trying to pull the sheets back over my head, not wanting to feel the cool air on my exposed skin. The person just stopped, not voicing their opinion. My eyes snapped open. It was my mother.

Without saying anything, she started cleaning up my room, waiting for me to get up. My mother wasn't really aggressive with me, knowing that I could be a time bomb when it came to waking up. I was not a morning person, unless of course it was a guy doing the waking. I love morning sex. Well, at least, I loved the one time I had it.

"Chasity, your friends are on their way and they don't want to be waiting on you when they get here," my mother said robotically as she recited the information that my friends had left with her.

Deep down, I think my mother regrets even having me. She already has two perfect children - Shelton and Kandace, a boy and girl. Even if she never says it, I can tell from the way she looks at me or how different she acts around my two siblings. Not to mention, I am the wild child of her modest children. In her eyes, they could do no wrong. Even if they committed murder, she would defend them with her last few seconds of life. I have learned over the years to not make a big deal out of it because it only makes my daddy go to work more and my mama more distant.

I grabbed a plain black tee shirt and some pale blue skinnies. Starting the shower, I stripped and scrubbed my body until it was a slightly pinker shade. Getting out, I threw on my clothes and my Sperries. My hair was super wavy naturally from the humidity of the room, and this almost made me want to put on my black beanie and be done with it.

Walking into my room, I checked my Blackberry Storm for any unread messages. There was one from Gabriel asking if he needed to come back over anytime soon, and one from Caleb to see if I was ready. Texting both back quickly, I pulled my two suitcases to my truck and went back into my room to make sure I had everything. The boys decided that we should all ride in my car. That meant I would be stuck driving, but I kind of like driving, so it was cool. And that meant I got to be in control of the radio. You know what that means: Maroon 5 and Gym Class Heroes, the whole way down to the coast. I love a cute lead singer with a group of sexy guys playing instruments behind them. Especially bass players, they are simply too cool for school and have callouses that feel just right on certain body parts. I had a fling with one about two to three years, give or take.

Hearing the doorbell ring, I listened as my mom gave the person at the door a warm greeting. I knew that it was time to go, so I grabbed my Aviator sunglasses and made my way to the door. I sat down in the driver's seat, waiting for them to get everything in my trunk.

"Hey Chad, don't you look sexy," Mason called from the back seat once he was comfortable. He smelled woodsy, like pinecone. That was on top of his Irish Spring soap, made me realize he had gotten high before even getting into my car.

Liam got in the back seat next him while Caleb and Gabriel got into the front seat next to me. In no time we were on the road, listening to music as we drove.

The best thing about the beach was that there were the best weed parties, which made me excited as hell. During the track season, I wasn't allowed to have any, so when it was off I was all over the stuff. I wasn't a pot head about it, I just love the feeling every once in a while. My friends and I were what some liked to call the stoner crowd. In my opinion that was stupid. Just because we all liked skinnies, beanies, and getting unnaturally mellowed from plants didn't mean anything. And we never had problems in school or acted crazy, so I just can't figure out how other students assumed that we did those kinds of things. It might have been when an ex-boyfriend had to go to rehabilitation with me not far behind.

"Mace, you are so high," I joked, making everyone laughed hard. He just gave me a goofy look and kept quiet.

After driving for three hours, we finally arrived at Gabriel's family beach house. The car ride had been really wild, especially with Caleb insisting that he and I share a room so we could have some alone time together, (like that was going to happen), and Liam telling the story about what happened when he left with this chick named Vivian at the last beach party he went to. This girl Vivian sounded like an angel when you put her in the same environment as me. And to top it off, Vivian was completely straight edge; of course she was perfect compared to me.

The house was right off its own private beach. When we pulled up into the driveway, we noticed that there was a red car already parked there. I looked at Gabriel for an answer.

"Oh, I forgot. My half-brother, Addison, is joining us. He's going to move in my house during the school year or some shit like that," he explained dryly. No one was happy about that.

Had I ever seen Addison? Yeah, I had. He is an ugly version of Gabriel. I'm not saying that Addison is butt-ugly; he just can't compete with Gabriel in the look's department. That's like comparing a corporation to a mom and pop; two different leagues all together.

We all circled the trunk to get our bags into the house so we could change into beach gear and go looking for the party that Vivian's brother said was supposed to be tonight. Now that's a freaking pot head. When Vivian's brother wasn't smoking pot, he was sleeping or eating out, and it usually wasn't food.

Once inside the house, Gabriel and I decided to sleep together for the remainder of the vacation, leaving one of the boys to sleep with Addison. I walked into my assigned room and pulled out a bright tropical string bikini made by Roxy.

"Babe, when you going to get your tongue pierced?" Gabriel asked from the open bathroom door. I kept putting on my swimsuit, my Greek style sandals that laced up my smooth calves, and then my white halter cover-up dress that gave a sneak peek of my bottoms.

"Last month, when you were visiting your brother," I called into the bathroom, still admiring his pierced nipple. It really turned me on to just look at it. Getting laid was the first thing that I was going to do when I got to the party. I doubted that I would smoke the first night with how long we're staying, but things happen. Grabbing his hand, we went into the living room to wait on the others.

Addison was sitting on the sofa, texting someone. He had blonde dread locks pulled into a pony tail. He looked up when hearing us enter the room.

"Chad, long time no see," he joked. I didn't really like him. The last time I saw him, he was trying to get in my pants, and wouldn't listen to the word "no." But he was drunk, so I didn't take it to heart. Still, I had a feeling he wasn't what I thought he was, so we might just be friends after all. Only time will tell.

"Yeah, I know, right?" I faked an overly bubbly voice. He just smiled his wolf grin; it would have been sexy if I couldn't read his intentions behind it.

Gabriel pulled me to the door, seeing that the guys were waiting on us. I waved goodbye to Addison. We made it to the public beach a few blocks down the street. By the time we got there, the party was already in full swing. Gabriel refused to let go of my waist as we grabbed plastic cups off of the makeshift table and drank the bitter beer. I looked around me to see if anyone was worth the effort. I noticed Gabriel kept playing with his shoulder-length shaggy hair. His bangs kept falling in his eyes, making him do that sexy hair shake thing to get it out of his golden eyes.

"Gee, that dude is looking at me. I think I'm going to go chill with him," I said as I nodded for the mystery guy to come over to us. It was only me and Gabriel. Liam, Caleb, and Mason went to get stoned and get a few hot chicks to have some fun with. At least someone was going to have guaranteed fun tonight. I, on the other hand, would just be looking at a good movie.

"No, just stay with me tonight, like you used to do," he begged for dramatic effect. At one time we were going to date after I just got dumped. That was around the same time as the night he stopped Addison from taking advantage of me but Dallas needed him more than I did, so it never happened. Just the thought of us together made my heart skip a beat, then pound against my rib cage at the mere thought of kissing. I didn't respond. My ocean pupils stayed locked with the male with the short buzz cut walking toward me. I realized as he got closer that he looked familiar. Sure enough, it was Tyler. He must not have always had a buzz cut. He smiled when he knew whom I was. Gabriel just held me tighter, refusing to let this man have his way with me.

"Chad, how are you?" he questioned. His buzz gave him a sexier look than when he had long hair, being that his long hair was always greasy and looked like he needed a flea dip. Breaking contact with Gabriel, I pulled him into a hug. When his arms wrapped themselves around me, his free hand began stroking my bottom.

"You going to let me fuck you?" he asked again. I ignored him and cuddled up with Gabriel, knowing that there would be drama, that they hated each other. Gabriel pulled me over to Liam, who was preoccupied smoking a blunt. I pulled it out of his hand and took a long drag, letting the smoke filled my head. Then I handed it to Gabriel and he did the same.

We walked into the large group of people and joined in the humping fest. I pressed my back to Gabriel's chest, mindful of his piercing. Then I parted my legs enough for one of his legs to get between them, and immediately we started grinding to the beat. I had my hand in his blonde locks before he had the chance to end the dance. We stayed glued together for one more dance.

"Babe, let's go home."

Gabriel walked us back to the house. I guess I wasn't going to have any fun to night. Well maybe, if Gabriel was up for it. Well, not sexual fun, but some kind of enjoyment. We took our time walking through the boardwalk shops. It was only like seven o'clock, so some shops were still open. We walked home holding hands. A lot of couples looked jealous when they saw us. Maybe we are meant to be together, and I just didn't know it yet.

Unlocking the door, we went into our bedroom. I pulled my dress off and then did the same with my bathing suit. I picked up some boy shorts and a wife beater.

"You're looking better now that you're eating more," Gabriel commented, walking back into the bedroom in only his boxers. He must find pleasure in teasing me beyond reason.

"What?" I questioned. Gabriel must have been trying to say he was glad he couldn't see my ribs anymore. He said that if I got that skinny again, he would refuse to talk to me until I got professional help.

"Never mind, Gee. Let just go to bed." I pulled him over to the bed and got comfortable.