States Surrounding The War Pigs

By Shadowgate

Adnon Rashner was head of the largest oil company in Louisiana. India had practically taken over Louisiana. Adnon was in his office celebrating with several of his top men along with CEO's were with him.

Adnon said "just think I have the governor of Louisiana in my pocket."

His men laughed.

Adnon went on to say "in 2049 seven children were arrested for wearing t-shirts that promoted rock music. The charges were later tossed because we've not gotten the courts in our pockets yet but that was just the beginning. Within the next month women and children who do not comply with the dress code I want will find the water and power to their houses shut off."

The men cheered.

These men from India wanted to turn Louisiana into a replica of India. Within the next month numerous thugs dressed in military fatigues that work on behalf of Adnon would enter Louisiana.


Dress codes would be enforced violently in schools.

State taxes would go up to high rates.

Women would be taunted viciously if they were in public without their husbands or their mode of dress was considered "impure."

In February 2050 the seven children who were arrested by officers of the New Orleans Police Department all were invited to the state capital to give testimony about what happened.

Many state representatives and senators had been contacted over the past two years about harassment they'd received either by letters mailed to them or by employees working for Ivan International Oil.

The letters threatened to have their children arrested or their water and power cut off. State residents were wondering how this could even be happening. When they called up Ivan International Oil they'd get responses that "it was in the spirit of international business" that laws against certain modes of dress were needed.

Numerous Louisiana Residents cussed out the oil company employees. What they didn't know was that the governor was already working with the tyrant Adnon Rashner.

Groups of residents were contacted over a two year period based on the county they lived in. One county would get threatening letters or verbal threats and then the company would move on to the next county over a two year period.

It started in January 2048 and little did many residents know that in February 2050 warrants for their arrests would be churned out.

The names of the seven children that were arrested are listed below.

Todd Thorn

Max Hill

James Bard

Josh Stevens

Anna Mitchell

Robert Allen

James Gilbert

The governor issued a statement condemning their testimony two days after they testified.

"Children do not have the same rights. What these wicked children chose to do has brought shame on Louisiana."

It's now March 2050 and the Marxist India Plan was in full force.

"It's 9AM and it's time for the Donald Fillmore Show. Here in Louisiana residents are getting letters from an Indian Oil Business owner telling them how to dress. He thinks that because he's a big oil company owner he can tell residents of the state how to dress. He feels that would somehow help his business. He wants to have laws here like they have in India. You've heard the testimony from seven children on the Louisiana State Capital. All seven were arrested for wearing rock t-shirts. Right now I'm going to open the phone line."

Donald went on to say "first caller here is Author Drummer from Baton Rouge go ahead Author."

Author replied "hey Donald I love your show. Donald I just can't believe this is happening. Someone from a foreign country is coming in to tell us what we can and cannot wear. 50 years ago we would not have tolerated this."

Donald said "I'll bet that 10 years ago we wouldn't have tolerated this. Oh and the governor is on this guy's side."

Author said "this governor is outrageous. He is crooked and he should resign."

Donald said "we'd probably be better off if he did."

Author said "well if my kid got arrested for wearing a rock band t-shirt I'd raise arms against the state."

Donald said "alright thank you Author. These days I don't hear anybody defending Governor Raymond Burton."

Donald went on to say "our next caller is Donna Hill from Lake Charles. Go ahead Donna!"

Donna said "there are bigger things to worry about than these kids and their t-shirts. Our debt is still out of control."

Donald replied "well yes it is."

Donna said "I'm sick of these kids demanding everything."

Donald said "well these kids would like their right to free speech."

Donna said "well yes we all love our right to free speech."

Donna thanked Donald Fillmore for having her on.

"Next caller is Jeff O-Brian from Baton Rouge. Go ahead Jeff."

Jeff said "hey Donald it's great to be on. I'll tell you the women in this state are not going to dress like the women in India. This guy Adnon Rashner may own an oil company but he does not own this state."

Donald asked "do you think it will come to a point where women will be arrested by thugs from India because their mode of dress will be considered inappropriate?"

Jeff replied "well I know a friend of mine last week knocked out a thug from India for hassling his girlfriend over the way she dressed. Like I said people aren't going to put up with this crap."

Donald said "absolutely."

"Oh Jeff I hate to cut you off but word has come to me now that Governor Burton has been found dead and they believe it's a suicide."

All of a sudden an explosion was heard in the parking lot of the radio station.

Jeff said "there was an explosion right outside this building. Oh damn things are really wild."

The show was cut off.

14 year old Mary Robert Elway of Baton Rouge Louisiana was ready to make a stand. She was a native of Louisiana, born and raised in Baton Rouge. She'd just turned 14 two days ago. Today she was going to make a stand. She walked out of her house in her favorite outfit. It certainly wasn't anything that the new unofficial government of India would have liked. She wore tight black slacks and a brown t-shirt. There was nothing particularly special about the outfit but the fact that she was exercising her right to liberty. Just before walking out her door she wrapped an America Flag around her head.

She walked out her door and around the block to a corner store. There were two Indian men in uniform and they'd just gotten through hassling the business owner for allowing children to wear shorts into the store.

The officers looked at Mary and they looked at her with anger.

One of them asked "what the hell do you think you're doing?"

Mary said "my name is Mary Robert Elway and I'm an American Citizen so you can't tell me to do shit."

The officer pulled out a gun and shot Mary dead.

Three eyewitnesses screamed in horror.

One elderly woman called 911 on her cell phone.

911 Operator: "911 what is your emergency?"

The elderly lady said that "one of those tyrannical bastards from India shot a 14 year old girl for exercising her rights as an American."

Soon police were on the scene. The Indian Officers were gone like the wind. The media got on the scene quick.

3 eyewitnesses

Old Lady-Jane Booth

Mail Man Garret North

Store Clerk Roland Rodriguez

The store clerk talked live on camera how the officers from India hassled him for two hours about the way children dressed when they came to his store.

The two eyewitnesses both gave the same story. The girl gave her name, stated she was an American and she was going to stand up for her rights. After that she was shot dead. The news traveled fast. By noon Eastern Time all the 24 hour news channels and online news sources reported what happened.

24 hours later the governors of TX, AR, MS, and TN said they would send in their state national guards.


"A Well Regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

The TX National Guard Leader Harry Buckwell read the second amendment and made it clear that he and his men would lead the war and bring down these outside foreign forces in Louisiana.

The Louisiana National Guard leader Gerald Decker said live in a news broadcast "fuck this new state government! This is America stand up and kill for your rights if you must!"

Tennessee and Mississippi sent in their national guards past the state lines of Louisiana. The tyrannical mob of India had no chance.

When Adnon Rashner was captured he was dragged out into the street and beaten to death for his crimes against the USA. Liberty prevailed.