As school ended, they all went out to poke around in the administrative hall. It was a weird hall to begin with, so the prospect of there being yet another unknown room wasn't really that surprising. The air conditioning, on despite the month being August, filled the halls with a low growling. The inclusion of private snack machines and bathrooms only further separated the administrators from the administrated.

"If we're going to find another ghost creeping around here, I want to call Lloyd." Sandy complained.

"Come on and think right. Why would there be a ghost in a filing room? It just doesn't make sense."

"Why would there be a ghost in your school in general?" Said Lawrence uneasily. He still had a sort of fear of ghosts, sillily enough. He wasn't sure why. He sort of thought of other ghosts as being very different from him, like some higher level of darkness. He, meanwhile, was simply a mistake.

They had to walk lightly, as to not call attention to themselves, but it still didn't take very long to scope out the entire hallway. There were some filing cabinets, sure, but no filing room.

"I'm about ready to go."

"Yeah, yeah. Lorelei was probably just talking about one of the cabinets that she... mans or something."

"Isn't more filing done on the internet these days anyways?"

"Most filers do it on the computer, yes. But not the good ones." Lorelei was standing, there. Suddenly. She probably had been there before, sure, but no one had noticed her. Now they all jumped back a bit.

"You're here." Nicki said.

"I'm here." She said in a mocking tone. "Yes. How pathetic of you to point out."

"Did you just call me pathetic?" Nicki said, angered.

"Did you lose your hearing since I saw you last?"

"Did you lose your personality since I saw you last?"

"Clearly I still have something, so I have no idea what you're going on about."

"Can you two chill? Let's focus on doing what we're supposed to be doing. So hey Lorelei- where can we find the student records?"

"Down in the filing room, of course."

"Tell us how to get there." Lawrence said.

"I'll show you. Gladly. Not sure you would've been able to follow my instructions anyway."

Nicki was still annoyed, but kept quiet as Lorelei lead them around the corner and down a short hall. Naturally, they ended up in front of the giant wall safe.

"We're good. Taking them down for a short trip." Lorelei said, waving to someone unseen. Only when they entered the dark room did they notice Bluestone standing, unmoving, in the corner of the hall.

"Why again does the school have this place?" Sandy asked as they went down the narrow steps.

"Why don't you seem all that surprised that it exists? Students aren't allowed in here." Lorelei said cruelly.

"Let's move past that and towards the files." Nicki said plainly.

"I want this to be over with already." Lawrence complained.

Lorelei took them to the back of the auditorium and to a very cold and grey room. This was the filing room. There were many, many files in it.

"I guess this really couldn't have burned down." Sandy said, taking in the sights.

"Trust me, nothing down here burns." Lorelei said with a laugh. "Alright, lots of things do. But a number of them don't. That part was true."

"You'd hope- or at least think- everything can burn." Sandy said, but her words quickly dispersed. There were a lot of files to go through. Lorelei showed no objection as they began to search the oddly organized cabinets, and just sat there in the corner and watched.

"Are these alphabetical? This whole cabinet seems to only be about things starting with 'O'." Nicki called from one side of the room.

"I don't think so. This cabinet contains files from the whole alphabet. But only one for each letter. And they're all in... Russian?" Sandy answered.

"This files has names in it." Lawrence said. "But they seem to be random."

"Nothing in the universe is truly random." Lorelei said. "Haven't you guys taken middle school science? Humans have misused 'random' to have a set meaning, but really it is fully unpredictable, and nothing else. I think only some atomic functions qualify as really random."

"Can't you just help us out?" Nicki demanded.

"Depends. What are you looking for?"

Nicki paused. There was no easy way of doing this, was there?

It was Lawrence who spoke up. "My school records."

"I told you I was still filing those!"

"That's pretty odd considering you don't know me in the slightest, but no. My old school records. From however many years ago."

"Dude, how old are you? The farthest back 'however many years' can be for you should be three, in the context of high school. What, you went here for a semester freshmen year and then lost your memory in a baseball foul that summer while you were vacationing in New Orleans?"

"That is precisely it." Lawrence was grinning. An easy, oddly specific lie.

"And then you came back here to see your aunt and uncle after the accident, but still missing your memory, fell into despair? And then you tried to reenter high school again, but simply couldn't do it? Everyone knew you and you didn't even know yourself? And then did you die of the flu one day, out of nowhere really, and awfully pathetically?"

That was too specific for Lawrence's tastes. Especially since all of her words, though still alien, brought a certain stirring to his heart.

"You kn-"

"Yes, I know he's a ghost. He's glowing rather obviously."

And so he was. But it may have been accentuating a fair bit over the last few seconds.

"Was all that true?"

"Maybe?" Lorelei's strong persona fell as a look of great worry crossed her face. "I have this habit of mimicking people I meet during the day and sticking with their personality until I get bored with it. And sometime's this causes... problems. Problems where I know a little too much."

"More like way too much." Nicki said.

"How can you mimic people like that? Are you some kind of supernatural psychic creature?" Sandy asked.

"What, someone has a quirk and suddenly they're a monster? Rude."

Lawrence was both looking and feeling faint, and both Nicki and Sandy had to support him as he leaned towards the ground.

"Why do we have to support a ghost again?"

"What, you want him to fall?"

Sandy looked up to Lorelei for help. "Is he going to pass on now that he knows how he died?"

"No. He's not ready for that."

"What do you mean?"

"Ask him yourself."

Sandy looked into Lawrence's pale eyes. "Well?"

Lawrence wasn't feeling well. And he was glowing more than usual. But he wasn't feeling light or even particular vague, like he usually did. He just felt heavy.

"If Lorelei has it right, I know how I died." He said. "But I don't remember how I died. Sometimes I think of the past and something seems to come to me- but it's gone the next second."

"So what can we do?"

"Hope he remembers something."

"What if he doesn't?"

"Hope for another way out. This isn't that hard, ya? Now why don't I take you kids upstairs and you can all head home. Lawrence, I expect for you to either have moved on to the afterlife, or to be here at seven thirty five sharp."

He was quiet.

"You can stay with me again." Sandy said with a smile. She tried to take his hand and lead him out of the room, but her hand went right through his.

He sighed. "Sorry. I don't like being grounded in reality all that much. Or the prospects of my future. What, I have to stay alive in this unknowable world until I regain my memory? How is that going to happen? Is it ever? I hate being a ghost. I don't need to move onto a better afterlife. I just need to cease this one."

"You'll- you'll be alright. You made it through today just fine, didn't you? And we weren't even sure that'd be possible. But look at you! You made it. And no one knew you were dead. If we work through this a day at a time, I'm sure you'll remember your life." Sandy said. His hand still hadn't solidified, so she stuck to smiling.

"Yeah, this morning you were talking about being able to recognize things you had seen before- that's off your memory, isn't it? So if you just see more and more things, you're sure to remember something. Trust me man, it's going to be a lot better to stick through this than to roll the die and try your luck with death."

"No one wins at death." Sandy said, though she wasn't sure she was being all that helpful.

"That's lovely. Sweet, even." Lorelei smiled. "Let's go." It wasn't really clear whose personality she was copying now- her own?

As they ascended the steps back to the vault, Lawrence paused. "What's wrong?" Sandy asked. She wasn't quite asking what was wrong, as that had already been established a minute before, but really, what was wrong now.

Lorelei, who was second-to-last before Lawrence, shook her head. "Almost forgot!" She drew a pistol from somewhere- it was impossible to tell- and shot Lawrence square in the head.

He fell over immediately. Lorlei stepped aside as the girls came running over to fading his body.

Nicki made a sound that represented surprise, fear and disgust. "You shot Lawrence! Why did you do that?"

"That- That doesn't even make sense!" Sandy exclaimed.

"Relax guys. He's a ghost." Indeed, his body soon faded entirely away. "He's not harmed."

"Why would you do that though?"

She patted the red-painted steel of the walls like one might pet an award-winning cow. "Trust me, this place is meant to keep people like him in. He couldn't move up the stairs at all. He might be a bit phased with me, but he'll be fine. And thankful that he wasn't trapped here for an eternity."

"I guess... we can just track him down again."

"He might even find us at this point, honestly." The girls weren't sure if they could continue being mad at Lorelei, as she had provided a likely explanation for her actions, but they still had adrenaline in them.

"I'll do it. Don't worry."

They did worry. But they were also pretty tired from the last few days, and indeed, this very afternoon. So neither of them had much to complain about when Lorelei shooed them away from the school.

And indeed, the next morning they both found their troubles were taken care of. Sort of.

Nicki found a jacket and a barely readable note from Lorelei, of which Lloyd seized immediately. Nicki took this to be a good sign.

Sandy found a note as well, but not technically; it was just the drawing Lawrence had been working on in art class. It had been finished, and Sandy hung it on her fridge. Looking it over now, it was a pretty good abstract portrait of her.

And at school, they met Lawrence. He had on new clothes, oddly enough, and was glad to see them.

"I'm going to live with Lorelei, if that's okay?"

And they were fine with that.