So ends out tale... for now. I stopped writing this story half a year ago. I really did like it, but I never really figured it out. What tone was I trying to set? Who was the intended audience? What sort of plot was I going to use? Ghosts? Demons? ...Suicide?

I expect to reboot this sometime! Unfortunately, that time is not now.

Since I don't know what I will and won't be doing come reboot, I'll spin some extra notes out now about where this story was, in theory, heading.

Under the high school was Hell. All the administrators had stone related names to lead up to some devil like figure, who would be named Brimstone. Lorelei Alan was to be a succubus of some sort- nothing sexual would be mentioned, the idea was that it was her nature to copy the personality of whoever she was dealing with. Also noteworthy: her name means 'Stone stone'.

Future plots were to include:

-Rival boy gang
-The local tree society has been acting very suspicious!
-Lloyd's new girlfriend might actually be a creature planning to kill him
-Werewolves trying to pin the blame on vampires
-A freak black hole opens briefly in town- possibly revealing the fate of Sandy's parents.
-Strange, grotesque monsters have been spotted around town, triggering Nicki's deepest fears
-Lloyd's been acting very strange- could he be possessed?
-ghosts of other supernatural creatures
-psychics causing mayhem

It is weird I chose to start with the 'serial suicider' idea, which looking back, was really a not good choice when it comes to middle grade fiction.

I'm looking forward to picking this up again... someday. Maybe next Nano? It will have to be when Umbel and the Termi rewrite is done