Thirteen Weeks by Shontelleiya Sherree SuarezShandi
A fictional story set in the central California city of San Luis Obispo, describing the growing pains and dental traumas of a very active and sensitive blind teen girl. Will her thirteenth birthday bring on more health issues or will she find that becoming a teen also opens up the possibility of romance ? How will Shantelle and her illness-ridden family cope, and what about her sixteen year old high school volunteer assistant, Sarah ? This is a story of disability and disease, but also of tremendous courage and deep love, capable of uplifting us all.

Cast Of Characters
Shantelle Sanzez 13 (born 20August 2001 Blinded by Eye Cancer Bald Incontinent Stutter) Sharrmayne Sanchez 28 (born 26October 1985 Mom Breast Cancer Survivor Toothless) Sharrlene Sanchez 44 (born 21September 1969 Gran Breast Cancer Survivor Diabetic Blind Toothless) Sarah Sahara Shillinghurst 16 (born 22November 1997 Injured Wrist Shoulder Back Hand) Various Others