Her internal struggle captured her

It winded her heart up in thick steel

And buried it deep within her soul

Within her memories, she'd found the reason

A painful used-to-be that had resurfaced once more

There was no going back, she'd told herself

No more tears for someone else's sake

But she ate her words when he looked her in the eye

And she realized all of her mistakes

Why these things happened, she had no clue

She was a fool once, twice, and thrice at most

But a fourth time was something foreign to her

An avalanche of emotion grabbed her by the throat

She coughed up her feelings and they spilled out in a rage

The way he searched for her soul through her eyes showed that he knew

The everlasting bond could not be broken

Nothing would snatch her up and carry her away

Like a thief in the night, they ran forwards, not looking back

The world was beneath them

Thoughts echoed within her and she screamed to her demons

"Not this time, I have remembered"

Rushing back, her heart pumped in rhythm to her feet

The steel fell as did her internal struggles

She would not let their false opinions belittle her

They would be them, and only them

Lights flickered in her mind, reminding her

"I have remembered and I won't let him go"

His smile brightened her day and her night

Banishing evils back to which they came

Together they could achieve the unforeseen

And nothing could stop them this time