Holiday Essay

S is for the many silly sayings, like "A double-barreled shotgun would make him a pair of pants" or "That's a step-ant; pee on it!"

H is for her honesty- I honestly don't know of a time that she's told a lie

I is her innate motherliness that made a California cousin extend road trips to West Virginia to visit us (principally her) in Paintsville, population 4106

R is right and right her politics will always be

L is for her lovableness and longevity (She's still thirty-nine)

E is for eyes with Lasik correction

Y is why in spite of and because of these things I've modeled my maternal self on her

Put them all together, and they spell Shirley, a word that means Mom to me…and Rob…and Carla…and Mindy…and…