A/N This is my very first attempt at writing fiction. Hate or love it please let me know, I'd love to know what you think about it.

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There was blood everywhere.

That was the first thing Alex noticed.

Blood stained the floor, it was splattered on the walls. What had happened here, it had been violent. The victim had never had a chance. Detective Alexander Newson stood in the doorway of the tiny one bedroom apartment.

Alex was a beautiful woman, and tall at 5,9, appearing even taller from the heeled ankle boots she had on tonight. The jeans she wore hugging her slim hips. She fought the urge to gag at the overpowering smell of death. Her sharp piercing green eyes, some would say they were her best feature, took everything in the room.

The victim, a woman who Alex had to guess was no older than her own 30, lay murdered in a pool of her own blood in the centre of the room, her eyes, an eerily green similar to Alex's own held nothing but a blank stare that would never see, focus or blink ever again.

Alex stepped in the room, nodding to the woman medical examiner who stood over the body. The room was incredibly small, no furniture and bare brick walls, just one small window on the wall, that showed what looked like it overlooked the nearby train station, the open plan kitchen to her right that looked like it needed a good clean, and another door to her left which was open and the room Alex could see was empty, she guessed it was the bedroom, and she also guessed there had to be a bathroom somewhere, possibly on the other side of the bedroom. The front door Alex had come through held a small hallway that led to more apartments that Alex really hoped where in better states than this one was, the dead victim not counting. Even the floors weren't carpeted, just a bare wooden floor.

Alex glanced up to address the medical examiner. "Hey Dr Scott."

Dr Scott looked up. "Alex."

Alex crouched down, careful not to disturb the crime scene and any evidence got a closer look at the body. Cause of death was clear enough to tell. Her throat had been torn out. Horribly. The girls mouth lay open in unspeakable horror, Alex could picture her screaming in those last seconds as she died. Alex closed her eyes in remorse. After 12 years as a cop she had seen everything, but there was something partially gruesome about this one. Whoever this woman had been, she hadn't deserved such a violent death.

Alex kept her eyes on the girl. "Time of death?" She asked Dr Scott.

"Roughly 12 hours ago. Cause of death seems to be loss of blood. I'll know more when I get her to the lab."

Alex nodded.

"Hey Alex, what we got?"

Alex heard the voice and looked up, her long-time partner, best friend and fellow Detective Adam Smith, stood in the doorway looking in at the scene. Some would admit Adam was a handsome man, Alex one of them, a well built man, a head full of blond hair and a smile that had been known to melt many of hearts. It was that smile that Sarah, his wife, had said she first noticed about him. Alex stood up while at the same time pulling her ever trusty gloves from her back pocket. While pulling them on she walked over to Adam who stood in the doorway, just like Alex herself had done moments before.

"Take a look." She told him nodding towards the girl, she looked out into the landing, most of the other apartments doors were closed, most people either asleep this time of night or just not caring. Alex knew they weren't in a good part of town and cops around here were often seen on a daily basis.

Adam stepped into the room fully, nodding a greeting to Dr Scott, and got a good look at the body on the floor, crouching down slightly, much in the same manner as Alex had moments before, to get a better look at the woman.

"Damn." He sighed.

Alex remained silent, watching. She saw uniform police moving about but ignored them.

He turned back to Alex. "Monster." He muttered standing back up, his face grim. Adam had been a cop as long as Alex had, they had grown up together and even enrolled in the police academy at the same time.

Alex just nodded. "The neighbour, a Mrs Brown who is in her 80's, complained about a smell coming from here, the landlord, a Mr Neil, checked it out, found her like this and called us right away."

"Any idea who she is?"

Alex sighed. "No clue, landlord doesn't recognize her, he says this apartment has been empty for months. Said he keeps it locked, whoever done this broke the door lock to get in."

"Let me guess, there were no witnesses. I hate this part of the job." Adam said. He pulled out his mobile and spoke quietly. Alex used the time to take another look at the victim and frowned. She had never noticed before but the woman, underneath all the blood and gore, looked an awful lot like Alex did herself, she realised. The only real difference was the victim had long blonde hair, now torn and matted in her own blood, compared to Alex's own natural mahogany colour.

She shivered.

Dr Scott paused in her work, glancing at Alex frowning.

Adam hung up his phone.

"It's uncanny." Dr Scott said. "She looks so much like you." She said to Alex indicating to the girl.

Alex just nodded still not saying anything, she kept her gaze on the woman.

"Hey, you ok?" Adam asked, noticing her silence. They had been friends for a long time, he knew when something was bothering her. He always knew. Alex both loved him and hated him for it.

"Fine." She muttered.

Adam didn't look convinced but didn't push it any further, for which she was glad. She didn't dare tell him how much the victim reminded Alex of herself. Of how it could of been her laying dead in this very room.

Thankfully neither Adam or Dr Scott pushed it.

Alex pushed the thought away, so the girl looked a like her herself it didn't mean anything, this was a victim like any other, she told herself. She wasn't about to let that stop her from doing her job.

A uniformed police man stepped into the room, a welcome distraction, Adam quietly talking to him. Dr Scott got back to her work.

Alex just stood there staring at the girl. "I need some air." She murmured. Adam nodded.

She was glad to have a moment to escape, the smell of death almost making her eyes water, no matter how long she done this job, she would never get used to that smell. But it wasn't the smell or the amount of blood that was affecting her. Taking a moment Alex stopped just outside the apartment. A bannister was there leading to a small flight of stairs. Resting her hands against the bannister she stood still for a moment her head hung down, her eyes closed. She was faintly aware of Adam talking but tuned him out, and she saw a uniform police officer come up the stairs. Nodding to Alex he passed her silently and Alex just let him go. Alex allowed herself a couple more seconds before she pushed away from the bannister and walked downstairs, and through the double doors to the outside.

The building was a sorry sight Alex realised, it was a three story building, god knows how many apartments per floor, the whole thing could do with a lick of paint and it looked like no had touched the small patch of grass outside.

Reaching the street she took a deep breath, trying to clear her mind, but if she was honest with herself she had also left, knowing if she stayed in the room Adam would have noticed she wasn't feeling right, they had been friends for a very long time, after Alex parents had both died Adam was the closest thing she had to a family and he always seemed to know when something was troubling her, so she left before he could notice and then ask her. Alex stood alone one the sidewalk, but the unsettling feeling she had gotten upstairs stayed.

The girl looked so much like her.

It wasn't quiet dark yet but there was no sign of anyone about. There was her car, Adam's, and the forensics' van but the rest of the street was empty. A cool breeze ruffled Alex's hair. She brushed it back wishing for the hundredth time she could make time to get it cut, but something always came up.

Seeing a movement out of the corner of her eye Alex turned to look down the empty street and found it wasn't as empty as she thought.

A man stood still several feet away, not moving, just silently watching her. Alex frowned, she didn't know how she had missed him. Or how long he had been standing there watching her.

Alex returned his stare with one of her own, the type she reserved for suspects who she knew where guilty.

He didn't appear fazed by her stare. Dressed all in dark clothes and a head full of dark hair in stark contrast to his pale skin. Alex couldn't help wondered what colour eyes he had. Wondering where that thought had come from Alex forced it away.

Alex took a step closer. "Sir?" She called. He still stood there not moving, silently watching her.


Alex turned to the voice coming from behind her and found Adam standing behind her. She hadn't heard him approach. Dr Scott and the forensic team coming out behind him.

Adam raised his eyebrow in question to her.

"I...There was a man..." Alex told him, turning back around to show Adam the stranger.

But the street was empty.

Alex gasped, there was no sign of him, or indeed that he had ever been there in the first place.

She looked back to Adam. "I swear he was here." She insisted.

Adam didn't say anything, but Alex could tell he didn't believe her. "I'm not lying, or going crazy or..."

Adam stopped her. "OK, ok. Listen why don't you go home, get some sleep?"

"You don't believe me." Alex muttered. And could she really blame him? She thought to herself, but where had the man gone? She looked again to were he had been standing.

"I do," Adam insisted. "But he's obviously gone, and we've got a murder to solve. Alex, you know I love you."

Alex relaxed. "I love you too, you're like my brother." She said genuinely. Adam had been with her through a lot and she did love him. He was probably the only person she did.

Adam smiled and all was well between them again. "And you know your like a sister to me. Go home." He urged kindly. "We have a better chance of catching this guy if you get some sleep. I'll cover for you here tonight."

Had Adam noticed how she felt after seeing the dead girl?

"OK." Alex agreed, she didn't want to fight him, and if she admitted it to herself, she was tired. She had spent to many days lately surviving on just coffee and not enough sleep. She thanked Adam and waited until everyone had left and she was once again on her own.

Alex looked around making sure no one was about. Then she walked to where the man who had been watching her had been standing. Stopping Alex looked about, there was no sign of him. Alex drew her weapon as she looked about, but there was no movement.

Alex felt the hair's on the back of her neck stand on end. "Hello?" She called.


Alex holstered her weapon and walked back to her car, her senses on high alert. Alex got into her car took one last look around the street, and then slowly started her car and drove home. She was very unsettled tonight, she just needed to get some sleep, she told herself.

She never noticed the pair of eyes watching her go.