Another novella done! Here's a preview of Anything You Want Me To, my Young Adult story for the #BuqoYA class. It's currently available on Buqo, both via the app and on .

This was inspired by a major high school party that my barkada and I threw. The funny thing was, I spent practically the entire night at the nearby playground with my best girlfriend, singing the entire Spice Girls album, while our other friends met guys and did the things you typically do at a high school party. So yeah, we didn't stay right smack in the middle of the action, but we had so much fun!

She's in the States now, and writing this just made me miss her.

I never dated a friend's brother, but I do remember one or two pals crushing on my own kuya (older brother). Eww, right?

Ooh, I just remembered something. The kids from Crushboy from Hell (Jessica, Mark, Chloe and most especially Cliff) are back in this novella! That short story is also here in FictionPress.

Special thanks go to Mina V. Esguerra, the Buqo team, my beta readers Briz, Farzy and Zen, and my graphic artist King.

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