Sorry for the funny format! Helped me keep things brief.

Celena has no recollection of the woman she once was.

No idea where she came from.

Of those she loved, and those who loved her in return.

But she has a secret.

She's special, and she is in danger for it.


In this world of tradition drowning in thriving advances in technology, they are at war.

People are fighting their way into a brand new future,

Where all are equal and none hold privilege over the other.


The world is shifting,

And they are falling.

People with abilities

Those who can sense the elements.

Those who can bend them to their will.

Once revered, praised, and idolized

Now they are hunted.



What she does not know,

Is she was once those she now fears most.

With friend and family;

The most important people in her world

She would hunt those like herself.

Part of an organization that despised these people,

These creatures, they called them.


She meets a person who knows of her past,

A person she fears most.

He is the key to unlocking her past,

But will he be the one to unlock her future?

This is a totally spur of the moment prologue to a story of mine, Rising Waters, which I am currently in the process of rewriting. I plan on writing in first person, something I haven't done for years for a bit of a change of pace, and in hopes of better understanding my characters' personalities and character traits.

It would mean the world to me if you'd review with your thoughts on any and all aspects of the story.

Thanks much, and hope you enjoy it!