The sound of something crashing to the floor rang throughout the wooden halls of the Ravenmore guild. Instantly, all eyes in the hustling, bustling, building went towards a suspicious looking duo. The first was a pale Orc, whom the most seasoned members would recognize as Sargulg. A hulking, intimidating sort of man who really, on the inside, was more of a sweetheart. The second person whose eyes were drawn attention to was a lanky human boy, whose face was framed by messy dark hair. Childlike gray eyes peeked out from beneath that unruly mop, and his face was starting to turn a bright red color with embarrassment. Not many people recognized him, and that was because he was relatively new to the guild.

The source of the noise, which appeared to be a heavy brown box, now laid on the floor, with its contents spilling out. Sargulg looked more amused than displeased at this turn of events.

"I told you, boy, that you shouldn't practice your levitation spells with something so heavy! It'll only fail and cause a scene!" The boy in question only laughed lightly, obviously trying to play it off as something of a joke.

"Oh, it's no big deal. I can just pick it up- see?" he bent down and swept the box's contents back inside, his face still the color of a cherry despite his nonchalant demeanor. Sargulg rolled his eyes.

"Yeah. Sure. Anyways, Aiden, if you're going to be a successful mage in this guild you're going to need to try harder. Let's attempt this exercise again with something a little...lighter. Like that goblet sitting on the table next to you." Aiden groaned softly.

"But I don't want to! Doing this is boring! I'd rather hang out with your dog than do this!" Cue the second eye roll from Sargulg.

"You can spend some time with Cheyda after you finish working on this." Aiden rolled his eyes.

"Fine," he muttered, groaning softly with boredom. It was rather obvious that he'd rather be doing, well...anything but this. Sargulg chuckled.

"Is that my box of paintings?!" A soft and feminine voice called out, sounding more than a little bit annoyed. Aiden turned and instantly, his pale face turned the color of a cherry once more. Sargulg stifled a laugh and patted the boy on the back in order to calm his nerves a little more.

"Don't worry, Kia, none of them are harmed. I placed a protective spell on them before this fool attempted the levitation spell." The woman rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, sure, but now they have dust on them from the floor! That's bad for the paint, even if the canvas hasn't cracked!" Sargulg opened his mouth to say something more but was cut off when there was a loud noise of an explosion coming from just outside the guild hall. The sound of someone swearing loudly and then picking up a bunch of small objects could be heard through the door, before a knocking came. When no one answered, the door flung open to reveal a young man with a ridiculous purple hat.

"I am Denthony Ericant! I seek to join this group of fine people!"

Sargulg looked to Kia and Aiden, while they looked to the boy who had just burst in. A sigh could be heard.

"Get Shana..."

End of Chapter Three

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