I'm stuck here burning in civility,

Surrounded by unknown hostility.

All I want is to rend and tear,

Shed the cloak they make wear.

I'm sick of this long-time deception,

Tortured by my own defection,

I can't stand this any longer,

Betraying everyone, even father.

I know I say I pretend for good,

That it's safer to live in this falsehood,

But my soul is crying out,

I need a touch to take me on a different route.

These imbeciles rant every day,

Like putrid oil spilling into the Bay,

I stay quiet, my eyes don't stream,

But inside I scream, I scream, I scream.

I'm caught between freedom and security,

It's far too late to think of purity.

I'm torn between my desire to do what is right,

And my need to sleep soundly at night,

Booby trapped freedom beckons me,

I can see it, as if I already hold the key.

The choice is mine, I'm not in slavery,

Self-preservation wars with bravery.

Do I disappoint everyone who loves me,

Or expose myself entirely?

It's been a long time since I've posted anything here; most of my work has been on prose. Yet this was the result of me trying to resist the call of distractions while in the middle of writing an essay.

Happy reading!