A Picture Project

Chapter Three

It took me five days to think of something that might make Nix uncomfortable, and another two to work it all out. It wasn't going to scar him, or involve him breaking the law (unlike his challenge!) What it was going to do was make him squirm a little.

Nix didn't go to church. He didn't so much as believe in a higher power. I found that out when I called his sister, Kateri, to confirm my suspicion. He didn't judge people who believed in God, but he wasn't about to walk into church all dressed for mass.

I was sitting on the steps that lead to the biggest cathedral in our city when he pulled up in his familiar blue van. I hadn't talked to him since our last photo shoot, other than to tell him to meet me at the church.

He didn't look too impressed when he got out. "So, you gonna get me baptised?" he asked dryly with a raised brow.

"Oh, Nix, I think you're too far gone for saving," I joked, grabbing his arm and pulling him inside. Unlike our last get together, today we were meeting during lunch break while the sun was at its highest. We walked into the church, and the stain glass beamed wonderful colours.

"Damn son, not bad," he said with a low whistle. I had a couple cameras set up to look at the same spot from different angles.

"The suit might be a little tight on you, but nothing too bad—"

"Suit?" he deadpanned.

I decided to give his clothing the one-up he'd done to me the week earlier. "Yeah, well your clothing doesn't exactly work for this. We need to make you look every bit the gentleman you aren't," I said sweetly.

He glared at me. "Fine. But I'm not doing the tie." He pulled the suit from my hands and stomped to the washroom to change. I couldn't help the giddy feeling I was getting from making him feel uncomfortable. Serves him right! He made me feel the same and laughed at me when my awkwardness showed.

I quickly went to the bathroom to put the last pieces together for myself. My dark hair hung in a neat wave down to the centre of my back. The red dress I wore reached past my knees, but dipped a little to show a small amount of cleavage. I had a black sweater over my shoulders and a pair of black flats. This I was comfortable in.

When I came out he was looking over my cameras. The suit was only a little too tight, but he still looked good in it. Actually, he looked pretty damn hot. It hugged his toned body, and—what was I thinking? I was in a church! I shook my head, trying to rid of the image that burned itself into the back of my eyelids.

"Okay, so we're going to pray. It's simple, and legal, and something you'd never do." I said, getting to the point.

"What, you're not even going to remark on how good my ass looks in these pants?" He pouted.

I rolled my eyes then made a big motion to get him to turn around. His ass did look find.

"Why thank you." I looked up, realizing I had said those words out loud. Recovery time!

"You know, as fine as any flat, suppressed ass could look." I cleared my throat awkwardly and made my way to the pew. I had a wireless devise to make the cameras go off when I wanted to, so I clutched the small thing in my hand.

"Well, let's get to it, I guess." He kneeled beside me awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck.

I stayed there in silence, praying, while he continued to squirm awkwardly beside me.

"So you just talk to yourself in big brick places? I don't get it."

I shrugged. "Even if you think you're just talking to yourself, sometimes all your problems just seem to vanish, if only for a moment. There's something calming about letting out all your life worries on some big invisible guy. Give it a try. I need to capture some good pictures here." I then added, "Lunch break won't last forever, and neither will this sunlight."

I heard him grumble something before falling silent beside me. We were silent for the next ten minutes as I snapped pictures. This wasn't clever like his idea had been, but nothing seemed to scare Nix. Like he'd said, life was a whirlwind of unpredictability. Only, he seemed to be in the middle of it.

"Alright, let's get going." I stood up, making my way to cameras and collapsed the stands. I had to download them onto my computer before we could see any. Nix was getting dressed back into his normal clothing. He hadn't said a word yet.

I sat in the back of his van, looking through the photos. They were good. The angles caught the stain glass and we were just less than silhouettes. You could see our facial expressions and they spoke a lot. Nix's especially.

"Alright, please tell me this church was good for something and we got some good clips." Ah, back to old Nix.

"Not bad," I said grinning. He took the seat next to me as I scrolled through. In the first few shots, you can see Nix fidgeting, but suddenly his eyes are closed and he has a fierce look on his face.

"I get it a little better now, I guess," he said, once we'd picked the picture. I was only a side character in the photo. Everything in it spoke of Nix. You could see some sort of battle happening in his head. It looked kind of fierce.

"What do you mean?" I asked while crawling into the passenger seat.

"You have to face issues when you talk to yourself. There are no distractions in there to keep me from facing everything." He shrugged as he pulled onto the highway.

"I guess you do."


We pulled into the school and made a run for the math class we shared together. The teacher, Mrs. Spew (yes, her name sounded like a world to describe throwing up. Rightly so) well, she wasn't exactly the nicest lady. After her husband died a few years back, she'd turned into a kind of recluse cat lady. A snappy one at that. Basically, she was on the opposite of the teacher spectrum from the Preacher. So showing up late was going to get us both a life-time of detention.

We ran through the halls franticly. People cast weird looks at us as we shouted at them to clear the path. We reached the door a minute after the second bell. If she wasn't in her spewy mood (a school joke), then maybe she'd only glower at us and make us answer every question she asked rather than sending us to the principal's office.

"So, care to explain?" she glared once we'd finally plucked the courage to open the door and quickly run to our seats.

Nix and I shared a look before he let his cool façade cover over him. "We got a little lost on the way here," he shrugged as if it were nothing.

I set him with a glare before grittily saying "what he means to say, Mrs. Spew, is that we are really sorry we're late. We were trying to fit a project into our lunch break and go stuck behind slow traffic on the way back.

He gave me a WTF? kind of look. Was his school status as a delinquent that important? I rolled my eyes.

"What kind of project?"

"A phytography one," I said, while Nix grinningly stated "We were kissing in the janitor's office."

My eyes widened and I shrieked at him. "No we were not! Shut up, you ass wipe!"

That made Spew's glare get even darker.

"Enough! See me after class the both of you." Without another glance to the either of us, she began her lecture. I grabbed a piece of paper and ferociously wrote a note,

Kissing? KISSING? You'd be lucky if you could kiss my grandma, let alone me. I repeat, YOU ASS WIPE. I swear if I have to cancel something because of the detentionS (yes, big 's' because your stupid attitude undoubtedly got us more than one) then I will cut your balls off with my nail file and force you to eat 'em. I repeat, you ASS WIPE.

I three it at him and watched as he laughed—laughed!—at what I'd written. He thought it was a joke? My parents were going to kill me. But not before I got to kill him.

A note flew back at me, landing on my desk,

Do you kiss you ma'am with that mouth, church girl? I figured since we were already in the hole, I'd have a little fun embarrassing you at it. HAHA! Please, leave my private parts alone. They don't just grow back. And look on the bright side, at least you'll get to spend all that time with me. ;)

I was so going to kill him.

Hope you guys liked it! Let me know what you think, eh?

Love from Happy!