I Thought You Were Fool's Gold

Chapter 1

Everything hits him at once. Reese slumps into the seat of his car; a grin bursting on his face. His stomach hasn't stopped doing flips since his manager told him the news inside the glass studio in front of him. A chart topping single.

And he still can't wrap his mind around it.

He tosses his head back and laughs. Who would have thought?

Pressing a hand to his mouth, Reese can't help but smile broadly. God, he's so lucky. Never in a million years would he have thought he could get this far. If someone told him he would win ICON Season 13 with his two best friends, he would have called them crazy. If they also said he would have a number one single on Billboard's Top 100, he would have politely suggested that it was unattainable.

Except he just did.

Naturally he does the next logical thing and calls his mom.


"Mom," Reese says as he finally turns his car on. "Hi. Hi. Hi."

"Are you alright?" His mother laughs. "Hi to you too. Your father is out walking Jack at the moment, if you want to talk to him as well."

"No, mom. I wanted to talk to you." Reese bites his tongue, trying to stop himself from blurting the news. "I'm alright. I can always call the house again when he's back. But I wanted to talk to you."

"So you mentioned," his mother says. "Well? What brings you to call?"

"Mom," Reese whines good-naturedly. "I can't call my beautiful mother whenever I want?"

A giggle filters through the speakers of his car. "I'll have you know that you used to only call when you needed something."

"Mom," Reese says. "I did not."

He should probably get going if he wants to be able to freshen up before he heads out with the group tonight. Easing the car out of the parking lot, he turns onto the road, eyes flickering from his mirrors and the street.


"I haven't done that in years!"

"So you haven't," she says, amusement lacing her voice.

He can't wait any longer. "My song, mom. 'Hurricane'. It's number one," pausing he lets it sink in, "Hurricane is number one!"

A fist-pump may have been thrown in there even though he knows she can't see. Who can blame him though? He stops at a red and drinks in the purple hues of the sky fading to the navy night. God, today has been such a good day.

A sharp intake of breath. "Oh my god. Oh. My. God. I'm so proud of you!"

"I got the call today when I was in the studio a couple minutes ago. We're meeting up with the rest of the crew for a drink."

His mother hums. "Well, the three of you certainly deserve it. Congrats, Hon. How's filming the music video for 'Firebird' coming along?"

He turns on his blinker as the light turns green. Everything is all right and anything wrong he can hold off until tomorrow. Let himself enjoy the sweet taste of success for a night.

By the time he sees the car running the red light, it's too late.

"It's going fine. Our director wants us to do a couple of scenes before and after-"

Diana pulls away from her cellphone when a dial tone erupts from the other end of the call. She dials her son's number. It rings and rings, and transfers her to Reese's voicemail a minute later.

"It's probably nothing," she assures herself. "It's probably nothing."

If It Storms duo dedicates award to songwriter

Valarie Kohfman and Owen Helms took home three awards this Sunday, May 1st, at the American Music Awards. The down-to-earth duo, however, did not forget to thank one important person for each award they won.

"This could not have been possible without everyone who has supported us," Kohfman said when they received the award for Artist of the Year. "But one person who we couldn't have made it without is Reese Weldman. This is for him."

Reese Weldman, 23, was the third member of the chart topping duo – back then, trio – when the three won the 13th season of ICON. After a harrowing traffic accident the night the group debuted their most famous song, "Hurricane", at number 1 in the United States and United Kingdom, Weldman has not toured with the band. The head on collision with a truck running a light left Weldman unconscious with severe injuries according to a statement released by a representative. Despite missing tours, Weldman has still remained one of the most important members of the songwriting team for the duo.

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When asked about Weldman, Helms told us that Weldman couldn't make it to the award show.

"He would have loved to be here," Helms said. "He's still a huge part of the band."

Rumors have swarmed the band for the past couple of years on Weldman's commitment to the band, but the duo maintained that they are stronger than ever. Especially Weldman.

"He's always been our rock," Kohfman said. "He's the first one we go to when we have an idea for a song, he's the one we both lean on when we're going through a rough time."

"Reese is as much a part of this band as Val and me," Helms said.

If It Storms also took home Best Single of the Year for "Silver Summer", Favorite Duo, and Favorite Pop Album for "Crystal Hands".

Whatever people say about eyes meeting across the room is a lie. It's probably one of Chase's biggest pet peeves. It's not real. Sure there are uncommonly blue eyes, but it's incredibly difficult to just look at one feature and think, "Oh my god. Those eyes are the most beautiful I've seen – I'vejustfalleninlovewithyou."

Snorting, he shuts his coworker's magazine containing the How to Tell You've Met Your Soulmate article and another about some weather band winning some award to address the incoming customer. It's not as if he doesn't know how he looks. Life isn't a walking cliché, yet in some aspects, he is uncomfortably conscious of how it feels like it is.

Seriously. He is a recent college graduate who works in a Borders book café, serving coffee to customers who wear beanies and large glasses without lenses.

Okay, that only applies to a few people. The majority of people just want their frozen mocha Frappuccino's, a fantastic best seller, and are on their way.

A hip bumps into his, snapping him out of his thoughts. "You have your dramatic face on again."

Chase hipchecks his co-worker back. "Thanks, Kate."

"I could call it your resting-bitch face," Kate says, jabbing chocolate skinned fingers into his side. She is all smiles for the next customers. "Hi, what would you like today? Chase will be happy to make you your drink."

The woman before them twirls a strand of bright turquois hair that escapes her black toque around her finger. "I'm not sure. What's good here?"

Chase is about to respond when the man beside her snorts. "You always get the same thing, what's the point? Hurry up and get something."

"Not in the same shop." The woman reaches over and wraps the man's hand tightly around her arm.

The man grumps, but doesn't say another word. Chase would say he's clearly upset, but the large Ray Bans obscure the man's face.

"I think I'll have." The woman pauses, then brightens. "I'll have a mango smoothie." She nudges her companion none-too-subtly.

"Always boosting my self esteem, aren't you?" The man says sarcastically. "Why don't you just order me something already, genius."

"Could I get you anything else?" Chase interjects, stepping on Kate's foot. Kate's hands are clenching the counter, her knuckles slowly but surely turning white.

"Sure. Candy Bar over here wants," the woman says and turns to the man, "what do you want?"

"Rude." The man says under his breath.

That's enough for Kate. Chase stomps harder on Kate's foot, but his coworker leans over the table and into the man's face.

"Hey," Kate says. "She's doing you a favor here. Who are you to go and say that she's being rude? You're the one who should be doing her a favor. Not the other way around."

"Kate!" Chase hisses, before addressing their customers. "Sorry about that. Your drink is on us."

The man cuts him off with a wave. "No it's fine. Surprise me with a drink?"

"Don't worry if he doesn't like it," the woman says. "He's a Sour Patch everywhere I take him. I'll pay for the drinks, since Sour Patch doesn't have manners. Here's a twenty. Keep the change."

"If you guys want to sit down, I'll get the drinks to you in a couple of minutes."

"Thanks!" The woman chirps before dragging the man away with her.

As soon as the two are out of earshot in the corner of the café, Chase rounds on Kate.

"What the hell is your problem?"

Kate waves her hand at the two. "Did you not see that? He was disrespecting her! Do you even know who the hell that woman is?"

Chase shakes his head. "No. It doesn't matter who she is. They could have been joking around – it's not our place to say something like that. And if they're important people, we are in even deeper shit."

"That's Valarie Kohfman," Kate says as she waves her hands around. "She's amazing at what she does. Like hell am I going to let someone walk over her. Plus, what kind of guy wears sunglasses indoors? Douchebags. And for someone who hates clichés you're certainly not breaking any of them."

"At least I'm not going to get our asses fired," Chase says, grabbing the yogurt and the mango juice. "Make yourself useful. I'm going to get the green tea mix."

"You're making him a green tea Frappuccino? That's either a hit or miss."

"Yeah well, we're already a pretty big miss for this guy, so it can only go up from here."

Chase ends up bringing the frozen drinks to the table since he apparently can't trust Kate to keep her mouth shut. Especially since Valarie seems to have evaporated into thin air, leaving the grumpy stranger alone.

The man must hear him approach, but he doesn't address Chase. Chase stares back at him, unsure of what to do.

Clearing his throat, he places the drinks on the table. "Here are your drinks, sir."

The corner of the stranger's mouth tips up. "Thanks. And please don't call me sir. I doubt I'm much older than you. If that."

"Sure. The next time you come back, I'll remember that," Chase says. "But I'll need another name to address you. Don't think I can just call you 'Stranger' in my head."

The stranger snorts. "That's not the worst thing I've been called. Re-," he cuts off and frowns.

"Reed?" Chase says.

"Reed works fine."

Frowning, Chase shifts his weight back and forth. That's definitely not the stranger's real name, but if he thinks about it, he gets it. If Kate's right about the woman that was around him, 'Reed' probably doesn't want to get stuck in the tabloids.

"I got you-" Chase says.

"I'm sorry—" Reed says.

They both pause, Chase tucking his hands into the pockets of his apron.

"You go first," Reed offers.

"You sure?" At Reed's nod, Chase begins again. "I got you a green tea frap, but with raspberry syrup. If you don't like it, I'll get you a new one without it."

"I'm sure it's fine," Reed assures him, but makes no move to pick up either drink. "I – uh – I'm sorry for earlier. It was just a bit of banter."

Chase turns to look back at the counter to raise his eyebrows at Kate, who is a nosy human being and probably eavesdropping on the conversation. "It wasn't our place to say anything."

"It's a bad habit of ours, provoking each other," Reed says, long fingers tapping a rhythm against the table.

"I get you." Chase nods. "Kate and I could probably get a degree in it."

Reed's lips tick upwards again. "I'm going to assume you're not Kate."

Chase looks down at his nametag; surely Kate didn't switch tags without him noticing again. "Yeah, no. I'm Chase."

"Who would've thought you would have decided to conversate willingly without me here," the woman's voice interrupts.

Before Chase can excuse himself from the table, Reed smirks. "Who would've thought you didn't know 'conversate' wasn't a word?"

"Shut up, Candy Bar," the turquoise haired woman says.

Candy Bar? Chase stares at the woman before him with his eyebrows raised, searching his thoughts for the woman's name. Kate said something like Valarie? Mallory? Someone important?

She turns to Chase, scooping up the perspiring mango smoothie. "Do you happen to know your way around here?"

"I – yes."

"Fantastic," she says. "If I were to go to a bar, which one would I go to? Any suggestions for a good time?"

"Cornerstable on Fifth Street is pretty good," Chase says after a moment's hesitation. It's a question he's never been asked since he started working here a couple years ago. "Depends on what you want. Mikey's on Abbey Street is also decent. A little more expensive, but they've got quality music."

She takes a sip of the smoothie and hums in surprise. "You certainly know your stuff."

"Flattery doesn't get you everywhere," Reed mumbles.

Flicking his eyes to the other customer, Chase watches as Reed shifts his hand until it bumps into the frappe he had left on the table.

"Whatever. You ready to run?"

"I've been ready to leave since before we came down here."

The woman rolls her eyes. "Sorry about Sour Patch over here. I'd say he's usually not like that, but then I'd be lying. Thanks for the drinks and the recommendations."

"Sure," Chase manages. They sweep out of the café; Reed's hand balanced in the crook of the woman's elbow. "Weird."

"You got to have a legit conversation with Val – holy shit." Kate appears by his elbow.

"How come you weren't fangirling this hard when you were taking her order?"

Kate scoffs, pushing a rag into his hands. "That would have been unprofessional."

"Unprofessional," Chase repeats, eyebrows raised. "Says the girl who chewed out her customer's companion."

Rolling her eyes, Kate points at the table. "Shut up and wipe the table."

"Yes ma'am," Chase says cheekily. Then he remembers. "I got a gig at Mikey's on Friday. Pete wants to know if you want to go?"

"Pete can go shove his invitation elsewhere."

"Come on, Pete's not that bad." Chase bites his lip to prevent himself from grinning. It's not as if he doesn't know that Kate and Pete have been hooking up for the past month. He doesn't know how these two go from tearing at each other's throats to making out behind the bar. It's a vicious cycle.

"He's a conceited, selfish, pompous, grade-A, useless cactus."

He probably shouldn't point out that she no longer calls him a grade-A dick, but that's neither here nor there. "So does that mean you're going?"

Kate purses her lips, so Chase smiles winningly at her. She'll break; he knows it.

"Yeah, okay."

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